Who is Sonja Kohn, Net Worth, Career and More?

  1. Introduction
  • Sonja Kohn is an Austrian businesswoman who has been involved in the financial industry for over three decades. She is known for her connections to Bernard Madoff, the former investment advisor who was convicted of running a massive Ponzi scheme.
  1. Career and Involvement with Bernard Madoff

  • Sonja Kohn began her career in the financial industry in the 1980s and eventually started her own investment firm, Bank Medici, in Austria.
  • Kohn is known for her close relationship with Bernard Madoff and has been accused of being involved in his Ponzi scheme. She has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the case.
  1. Legal and Financial Issues
  • In the years following Madoff's arrest, Sonja Kohn has faced a number of legal and financial issues. She has been sued by the Madoff bankruptcy trustee for her alleged involvement in the Ponzi scheme and has also been the subject of numerous regulatory investigations.
  • In addition to these legal issues, Kohn has also faced financial problems, including the collapse of Bank Medici and the seizure of her assets by authorities.

  1. Personal Life

  • Sonja Kohn has been married and divorced twice and has three children.
  • Very little is known about Kohn's personal life, as she has largely stayed out of the public eye in recent years.
  1. Sonja Kohn's Net Worth
  • It is difficult to accurately estimate Sonja Kohn's net worth as it is unclear how much she may have earned or lost through her business ventures.
  • In the past, Kohn has been reported to be worth millions of dollars, but it is possible that her net worth has changed significantly in recent years due to the collapse of Bank Medici and the legal and financial issues she has faced.
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