Why Is Doon Mackichan Leaving Two Doors Down? Who Is Replacing Her On The Show?


Doon Mackichan as Cathy in 'Two Doors Down' ( Source : co )

Doon Mackichan, who played the drunken neighbor Cathy in the popular comedy, has left the show, and fans want a favorite from Still Game to take her place.

The actress decided to go on to other projects, and the show's producers have announced that she won't be in the sitcom when it returns to television later this year.

The actress has gained cult status as a result of the wild actions of the perennially drunk neighbor from Latimer Crescent in the popular BBC sitcom.

And while Doon acknowledges that she has borrowed some of Cathy's personality traits from pals, she claims that her own wild partying has had a more significant influence.

Two Doors Down is back with its sixth season.
Two Doors Down is back with its sixth season.( Source : radiotimes )

There are three or four people who, when they've had a few drinks, are unquestionably her go -to-Cathy friends. However, there's also herself; she said that she'd undoubtedly humiliate herself on the dance floor after a few too many of those drinks.

The fictional Latimer Crescent is the setting for the Scottish sitcom, which centers on a group of dysfunctional neighbors and their large families. Elaine C. Smith, a former Rab C. Nesbitt actress, plays the brutally honest Christine O'Neal, while Alex Norton, a favorite of Taggart's, plays the family man Eric Baird. 

Doon's persona is at the center of several memorable sequences, such as the famed hot tub party and Cathy's birthday celebration for Colin's irate father. She does, however, appear entirely different in a few old-school photos, which is out of character.

Why Is Doon Mackichan Leaving Two Doors Down?

Doon Mackichan has left Two Doors Down because of her commitment to other projects.

In order to give viewers a better idea of what to expect in the upcoming episodes, which have already begun filming in Glasgow and at BBC Scotland's Dumbarton Studios, the BBC released the following statement: "Colin (Jonathan Watson) needs his neighbors more than ever this series as his wife Cathy has left him and now lives abroad."

Doon Mackichan will be missed in Two Doors Down.
Doon Mackichan will be missed in Two Doors Down. ( Source : thescottishsun )

Now that the release date is coming near, the anticipation of the fans is going even higher. Firstly, everyone's favorite show, but without their favorite character, this is a bit difficult to stay with the audience.

Over the years, Doon developed a devoted following for her portrayal of Cathy and her drunken, smoking, and envious tendencies, as well as for her caustic criticism of the other characters. Social media was used by show fans to express their surprise and dissatisfaction.

What Doon's plans are for the future are as of yet unknown. One fan, though, jokingly said: "Cathy getting her own spin off about her living it up in Spain single and ready to vape, drink, then mingle is the only logical excuse for Doon Mackichan leaving #TwoDoorsDown! opening a bar, but having someone else manage it. among them a Drag Queen who begins to imitate her.

Who Is Replacing Doon Mackichan On The Show?

For the upcoming season, Siobhan Redmond will be a part of the cast. The High Life and The Smoking Room can be seen in the actor's sitcom resume.

The role of Redmond, who will also be a new series regular, has not yet been made public. "It's such a pleasure and honor to be back making Two Doors Down," said Steven Canny, executive producer for BBC Studios Comedy.

Siobhan Redmond is joining the lead cast of 'Two Doors Down'
Siobhan Redmond is joining the lead cast of 'Two Doors Down' ( Source : comedy )

She has finished filming the second season of the BBC Comedy series 'The Scotts' and is presently filming the new Daisy May Cooper series 'Rain Dogs.' Acorn's detective series Queen of Mystery' just aired a new season in which Siobhan appeared. Beep, Grantchester, and The Nest are a few more television shows with a resume.

Twitter is quite excited to welcome her to the cast of the show 'Two Doors Down.' All set to hit the screens on November 9, the anticipation amongst its viewers is quite high. We hope that Siobhan will do justice to her character and maintain the legacy it has created. 

Some FAQs

Why Is Doon Mackichan Leaving Two Doors Down?

Doon Mackichan is leaving 'Two Doors Down' due to her personal reasons.

Who Is Replacing Doon Mackichan In 'Two Doors Down'?

Doon Mackichan will not be replaced by anyone, but Siobhan Redmond will be joining the main leads in 'Two Doors Down.'

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