Why Did Tiffany Jenkins And Her Husband Drew Jenkins Get Divorced?


Tiffany Jenkins is an American comedian. ( Source : instagram )

American comedian and motivational speaker Tiffany Jenkins reportedly divorced her husband, Drew Jenkins.

There have been rumors lately that the mommy blogger has been separated from her husband. So naturally, this drew concern from her fans, who wished her well-being and raised curiosity as to why she got separated from the father of her children.

She is known for her hugely successful book, High Achiever. The book chronicles Tiffany's life as an active opioid addict, her time spent in a Florida jail where every officer despised her, and her eventual recovery.

Jenkins is a well-known comedian with millions of fans worldwide. Her sense of humor about her life experience and struggle with addiction has made her one of the most relatable comedians in America.

She shares her comedic tales of motherhood on her parenting blog "Juggling The Jenkins." In the blog, she also often shares her experience with rehabilitation and her sobriety journey of almost a decade. Apart from stand-up shows, she also used to run a successful podcast, Take it or Leave it, with Meredith Masonry.

Please don't get confused and note this Tiffany is NOT the British sociologist, cultural commentator, and author of the book Keeping Their Marbles, Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections. 

Why Did Tiffany Jenkins Divorce Drew Jenkins?

Tiffany Jenkins has reportedly divorced her husband, Drew Jenkins, for undisclosed reasons. 

Tiffany Jenkins and her husband Drew Jenkins.
Tiffany Jenkins and her husband Drew Jenkins. ( Source : instagram )

However, it does not seem true, as there has been no evidence that she has separated from her husband. We could not find any mention of the best-selling author getting divorced from her husband, Drew.

Jenkins has been posting about mental health and well-being on her social media. However, she has not clearly said whether or not she and her husband have been separated. 

Concerns about her personal life and relationship grew when she posted an update on her Instagram saying that she is "a new person as of today." She seems to talk about her busy schedule, performing stand-up shows away from home, and the burnout that ensued, rather than her married life and differences with her husband.

So, until an official word from the comedian, we cannot confirm that she divorced her husband, Drew. But let's hope things are good between our favorite mommy blogger and her spouse.

Tiffany Jenkins And Drew Jenkins Children

American blogger Tiffany Jenkins has three children with her husband, Drew Jenkins.

Tiffany Jenkins with her family.
Tiffany Jenkins with her family. ( Source : instagram )

The couple married in February 2014 and is the parents of a son named Kaiden (age 7) and a daughter named Chloe (age 6). In addition, Tiffany is the stepmother of Drew's daughter Aubrey (age 12).

After completing her rehab, Tiffany met her future husband, Drew Jenkins. Soon she became pregnant with his child and assumed that he would run. Instead, he married her, and six months later, she gave birth to Kaiden. Sixteen months later, the couple became the parents of a second child, Chloe.

Two weeks after Chloe's birth, Drew's daughter from another relationship, Aubrey, started living with the couple. The three children share a strong bond, as Tiffany has often mentioned that Aubrey has been a loving elder sister to her two step-siblings.

Learn More About Tiffany Jenkins

Tiffany Jenkins is a successful stand-up comedian who regularly performs in different venues around the United States.

Recently, she embarked on a "My Name is Not Mom" tour along with fellow comedians Meredith Masony and Dena Blizzard. The comic trio shares their take on motherhood through sleepless nights of raising children through their toddler years to middle school to high school. 

Tiffany Jenkins, Meredith Masony, and Dena Blizzard embarked on
Tiffany Jenkins, Meredith Masony, and Dena Blizzard embarked on "My Name is Not Mom" tour. ( Source : mynameisnotmom )

Jenkins and her journey to sobriety and motherhood have been featured in national media outlets, such as Good Morning America, Daily Mail, Today, People Now, The Doctors, Right This Minute, and FabFitFun. Tiffany is also an entrepreneur who has a line of merchandise. She sells customized hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and other accessories through her official store

The comedian has millions of followers across her social media platforms, and her videos have amassed over a billion views. She can be reached through her Instagram account, @jugglingthejenkins, which has over 1.1 million followers. In addition, she has over 5 million followers on her Facebook, but recently she deleted her profile without mentioning any reason.

She also has a Patreon where she posts exclusive content and updates about her personal life, such as images of her and her family. Subscriptions to her exclusive profile cost from $5 to $39.99 monthly.

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