Why Did The Little Couple Get Divorced? Jen Arnold and Bill Klein Split and Relationship Timeline


Jen Arnold and Bill Klein published their new book ( Source : glamour )

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein from The Little Couple are not divorced in 2022. 

Arnold and Klein took part in the American Reality television series on TLC debuted on May 26, 2009. This show features well-known Businessman Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold, neonatologists who both have skeletal dysplasia.

The couple is introduced as they recently moved to Houston, Texas, where the series follows their efforts to have a child and the custom construction of their home. Klein is a businessman who deals in medical supplies and telemarketing, and Arnold is a neonatologist who works at Texas Children's Hospital.

They were first featured in the TLC one-hour special Little People: Just Married. On May 26, 2009, the program's first season debuted. 

Did The Little Couple Get Divorced?

The Little Couple, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are still together and have not gotten divorced.

Many wondered that their marriage ended in divorce. This idea has been strengthened by The Little Couple's protracted break following the conclusion of the 14th season. Some individuals have connected the show's absence to the divorce. 

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein shared details about Jen's battle with cancer
Jen Arnold and Bill Klein shared details about Jen's battle with cancer ( Source : eonline )

If the fans of Bill and Jennifer are worried about their divorce, you can rest easy now. We want you to know that the couple is still together, and their marriage appears to be as solid as ever.

The source of the split rumors is still a mystery. The couple has been posting images of them together on their social media account. Numerous images of them together are available. Additionally, they have told each other a lot of stories. We do not doubt that Bill and Jennifer will remain husband and wife.

Jennifer shares pictures with her partner on her Instagram account. She is active on Instagram with the username @jenarnoldmd. She has collected 1.1 million Followers, 1,311 Followings, and 1,535 posts on her official Instagram account. Her Instagram Handle has already got verified with a blue tick.

Furthermore, Jennifer recently shared a picture with her partner Bill Arnold on October 20, 2022. This proves that both couples are still together and living their love life happily.

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein Relationship Timeline

Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold, TLC stars, became well-known when the 2009 season one of The Little Couple tracked their engagement and marriage. Since then, the program has followed their professional lives and the adoption of their two kids.

The Little Couple Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are happily married and have refuted the divorce rumors
The Little Couple Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are happily married and have refuted the divorce rumors ( Source : tvsoapvideos )

They first had a brief conversation at the hospital when they were younger. "Around the age of 10, we shared a room during one of our stays. He was there for physical treatment while I was there for surgery," Arnold told TampaBay.com.

Klein and Arnold ultimately linked on a dating website designed just for small people after years of coming close to doing so. According to Klein, Arnold received a message from him, but she didn't pay for a membership, so she didn't see it until two months later when she did.

He then decided to take a plane to Pittsburgh to meet his future wife. When you're a small person and meet someone, things like that frequently happen, Arnold told Glamour. The rest, as they say, is history. The grand gesture succeeded, and the pair persisted in their romance.

How Tall Are Jen Arnold and Bill Klein?

Bill Klein stands 4 inches tall, and his wife, Jen Arnold, stands 3 feet 2 inches tall.

They were raised in Long Island, New York's Port Jefferson. Bill Klein and his wife, Jennifer Arnold, suffer from skeletal dysplasia, also referred to as dwarfism.

Skeletal dysplasia is a category of rare genetic illnesses that cause incorrect development of a baby's bones, joints, and cartilage. While skeletal dysplasia affects different portions of the body in other children, the areas most typically afflicted include the legs and arms, ribs, head, and spine.

In 2014, Bill's dear Jen was battling cancer, and it appeared that he had lost hope. After suffering through so much, Jen miraculously overcame cancer, which made her and the family happy.

He turned 40 and wanted to spend time with her family and loved ones at the beach, claiming that this was what she loved the most, to commemorate her victory over cancer.

Bill And Jen Are Also Writers

Bill and Jen have written numerous books since their early days. 

Through the success of their book "Life is Short," Bill and Jen established themselves as best-selling authors. The delighted pair soon returned to their audience with "Think Big," their motivating book.

The main moral of the book is that everyone should pursue their aspirations and never give up, no matter their challenges. It encourages individuals to take a stand and fight for their goals in life.

Bill And Jen have won shorty awards for their show, The Little People
Bill And Jen have won shorty awards for their show, The Little People ( Source : thelist )

It is great to watch Bill and Jen succeed not only on TV but also as authors because there was so much going on in their lives when they wrote their book. When Bill was questioned about how he was able to publish his book despite everything, he responded that they needed to tell their fans the complete story.

Bill is the head of the family's pet supply company, which operates both an online store and a physical shop in Houston, Texas. Additionally, he consults large and small businesses on strategic direction, sales, and operational efficiency. He also helps start-ups avoid the common traps of being a "start-up."

Some FAQs

Did The Little Couple get divorced?

No, The Little Couple has not gotten divorced.

Are Bill and Jen still married?

Yes, Bill and Jen are still married.

How many children do Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have?

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have two adopted children.

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