Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest? Who Killed Grace Stone In Manifest?


Athena Karkanis will not be a part of the upcoming seasons of Manifest ( Source : cinemablend )

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) passed away at the conclusion of Season 3 after one of the passengers stabbed her and took the toddler from Ben and Grace.

Athena Karkanis left Manifest after her character Grace Stone was killed off in Season 3 finale.

For everyone who watched, the Season 3 finale of N.B.C.'s plane-centric mystery drama Manifest was a lot to take in. The episode's last few minutes dropped bombshells, including the demise of a beloved character, Grace Stone.

With the good news that Netflix has picked up Manifest after N.B.C. canceled it, we now know which characters will return for the forthcoming fourth season and which ones will leave. The loss of Athena, one of the most beloved characters in the series, is, nonetheless, the most heartbreaking.

Athena Karkanis Has Left Manifest After Her Character Was Written Off

According to sources, Athena Karkanis, who portrayed Grace Stone in the supernatural series, left because her character passed away after season three.

Even though we know that not every demise in Manifest sticks, Grace appears to be one of the few unambiguous demises in the universe of Flight 828.

It would be tragic to lose Grace at this time, especially considering how much of this season has focused on her realizing the significance of her calling and the bigger goal. However, based on showrunner Rake's assertion, we regretfully have to assume that she is no longer alive. 

He said that she passed away in a way that wasn't careless. Their story included this, and she still has a significant role in Manifest. Rake claims that Ben, who is trying to go on without Athena, Cal, Olive, and infant Eden are all examples of how Athena's persona continues to live on.

What Happened To Grace In Manifest?

The Stone family started a new chapter on Manifest Season 3 once the mother and daughter were both healthy and safe following delivery. As if it were possible, the addition of a new child fueled Ben's desire to find solutions and protect his family.

Grace no longer felt the callings, but she was still very involved in what was happening and was inspired by the expansion of their family. Additionally, their newborn infant Eden began to have callings of some kind.

Grace Stones was stabbed back during the season 3 of Manifest
Grace Stones was stabbed back during the season 3 of Manifest ( Source : netflixlife )

But Season 3 stood out because it gave Grace a tale that wasn't about her husband or kids. Grace brought Cal (Jack Messina) to her brother's house when he was in danger, where they reconnected and patched up their troubled relationship after being apart for a long time. Sadly, he passed away immediately after that, but this sparked something in Grace.

Grace decided to create a restaurant using her family's recipes to commemorate her side of the family, especially her dad and brother. After two seasons, Grace discovered a new goal and was moving forward with it. For the most part, her family remained intact and content.

Look At Grace's Iconic Moments With Ben During In Manifest 

In the first season, Ben tried to win Grace over to his side while Grace was busy seeing someone else. Ben's love for Grace was evident during Season 1, while Grace's love for Ben was not evident until Season 2.

For the pair, the beginning of the season with Grace's pregnancy & her introduction to the callings was a fresh start. The episodes examined the depth of their connection, and Grace's callings made it clear to her how important it was for Ben to find the truth and safeguard their family.

The scene at the end of the season, when Grace's pregnancy was causing issues, and both lives were in danger, solidified their bond as the strongest on the program. Ben persuaded a dozing Grace that he would choose to save her over the child, going against her desires.

Grace and Ben were together until her demise in Season 3 of Manifest
Grace and Ben were together until her demise in Season 3 of Manifest ( Source : cdn )

His love for her had become so strong that he could not function without her. This was an obvious choice because of the season's abundance of growth and reconnecting.

Fans had witnessed their love rekindle and grow. The Stone family was together, content, and prepared to face any challenges that might arise while overcoming their impending deaths.

Who Killed Grace In Manifest?

Holly Taylor's character, Angelina, stabbed Grace, and Eden was taken hostage.

Grace's demise negates everything the Stone family has worked to ensure that, at the end of everything, they will be united and live happily ever after. 

Grace was not the only victim of the incident; Cal was by her side as she passed away from her injuries after being stabbed. The character Cal vanished in the early half of the finale when he touched the mystery plane's tailfin, and only a 17-year-old Cal showed up after that.

That wasn't the only twist; after the tailpin's subsequent disappearance, 828 pilot Captain Daly, who vanished during a test flight in the first season, reappeared. At Eureka, he briefly reappeared in the cockpit of the salvaged plane before blinking away once more, this time taking the entire aircraft with him.

Grace's Passing Put An End To Her Most Loved Connection With Ben 

Her passing implies that Ben, who stayed up late searching for connections and hints, missed out on a lot of special times with his beloved because he was too busy trying to help those who didn't care enough even to try to save themselves.

Grace Stone, played by Athena Karakanis and Ben Stone played by Josh Dallas
Grace Stone, played by Athena Karakanis and Ben Stone played by Josh Dallas ( Source : telltaletv )

Ben battled to win Grace back over the whole first season in numerous ways. Making sure his family can live a long, happy life has always been Ben's driving force to seek answers, which leads him to become preoccupied and neglect other things.

Ben might have been forming a relationship with someone else during this entire time, perhaps fan favorite Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), to ensure that Ben genuinely receives a happy ending, including romantic love, at the end of it all.

Even though the series' life was cut short by the N.B.C. cancellation and the Netflix final season renewal, even if Ben does find love once more, it won't seem like a happy ending. Grace was Ben's true love, as the show often affirmed. Grace was his happy ending.

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