Who Plays Kayla In Netflix's Blockbuster? Meet Actress Kamaia Fairburn


Kamaia clicked on the streets of Mexico while on a trip with her friends ( Source : instagram )

Actress Kamaia Fairburn plays Kayla in Netflix's TV series, Blockbuster, at the age of 18 years. 

Kamaia Fairburn is a professional actress best known for her role as Kayla in the film Blockbuster. Moreover, she was born in Canada. However, she is currently pursuing her acting career in the United States.

Furthermore, the series is based on the Blockbuster brand and is set in the last Blockbuster Video store and explores what and who it takes for a small business to succeed. Randall Park stars as Timmy, the manager of the Blockbuster Video store, in the Netflix series, which premiered on November 3, 2022.

Quick Facts About Kamaia Fairburn

NameKamaia Fairburn
Known forNetflix's Blockbuster
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Who Plays Kayla In Netflix's Blockbuster?

Kayla Scott in Netflix's Blockbuster is played by the young actress Kamaia Fairburn.

Moreover, Canadian actress Kamaia is best known for her role on the Nickelodeon comedy series Star Falls as Diamond Brooks.

In addition to this, she also appeared in the biopic Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B and the television series Supergirl as a younger version of the late R&B singer Aaliyah.

Well, Kayla Scott is Blockbuster's youngest employee. She embodies the younger generation with a social media addiction and a cool-than-you attitude. She is also fashionable and is frequently (if not always) judging some of her older millennial and Gen X team members.

Likewise, Percy's astute and gloomy adolescent daughter works at Blockbuster with her father's best friend, Timmy. She is snarky, admitting that she dislikes her job and seemingly despises everything and anything.

Additionally, she is known for her roles in the Daytime Emmy-nominated family series Holly Hobbie and the Overlord and the Underwoods. Fairburn can be found on Instagram.

5 Facts About Actress Kamaia Fairburn

  1. Kamaia Fairburn is currently at the age of 18 years old according to her Instagram bio. Moreover, she was born in the year 2004. 
  2. Fairburn was born to supportive parents. According to the reports, she was born to her parents in Canada. She seems to be close to her parents as she often shares pictures with her parents on her social media accounts.
  3. She is portraying the character of Kayla in the Netflix Tv series called Blockbuster. The show is coming to Netflix on 3rd of November 2022. 
  4. According to her Instagram profile, she seems to be a vegan girl. In fact, she has also written her caption "go vegan". She is from the east coast and her nationality is Canadian as she was born in Canada.
  5. Talking about her Instagram account, she is available under the handle - @kamaiafairburn. She currently has over 32.5 K followers on her Instagram account. So far, she has shared 212 posts and is currently following 594 other users.- 

Kamaia Fairburn goes out with mother for vegan meals on Sundays
Kamaia Fairburn goes out with mother for vegan meals on Sundays ( Source : instagram )

Some FAQs

Who Plays Kayla In Netflix's Blockbuster?

Actress Kamaia Fairburn plays Kayla In Netflix's Blockbuster.

How old is Kamaia Fairburn?

Kamaia Fairburn is 18 years old.

What is Kamaia Fairburn known for?

Kamaia Fairburn popular for her role as Kayle in Blockbuster.

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