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Sophia Culpo is 25 years old. ( Source : instagram )

With a decisive Jets victory, Sophia Culpo, age 25, began what is sure to be a significant week.

On Sunday, Culpo shared photos of the snowless snow angels her boyfriend Braxton Berrios' teammates made on the field to mark the Jets' 20-17 surprise victory over the Bills at MetLife Stadium.

Apart from the match, another recent development in her life surrounds her elder sister. The Culpo Sisters, a reality television program on TLC, currently features Sophia and her sisters, Olivia and Aurora Culpo, as the main characters. Fans will gain a deeper understanding of how they genuinely conduct their personal and professional life through the show.

'The Culpo Sisters' premiered on 7th November on TLC.
'The Culpo Sisters' premiered on 7th November on TLC.( Source : pennlive )

Olivia Culpo and her sisters Aurora and Sophia are the subjects of The Culpo Sisters. The former Miss Universe and her sisters are now leveraging their stunning beauty and upbeat personality to find success online and in California after relocating from a sleepy little hamlet to the buzzing celebrity mecca of Los Angeles.

On 7th November 9 p.m. and 8 c., a brand-new TLC reality series debuts. Join The Culpo Sisters as they explore the dynamic LA content industry. Get a free trial of Philo, FuboTV, and discovery+ to stream episode 1.

Quick Facts About Sophia Culpo

Age25 years
BirthdateNovember 15, 1996
Zodia SignScorpio
Birth placeUnited States
Height1.67 m
Weight55 kg
ParentsPeter Culpo, Susan Curran Culpo
BrothersPeter Culpo Jr. Gus Culpo
SistersOlivia Culpo, Aurora Culpo
ProfessionNutrition specialist
Net worth$2 million

Who Is Sophia Culpo? Age And More

Sophia Culpo, a US model and influencer, uses her platform to provide her fans with helpful nutrition advice. She has created a recipe collection called "Simply Sophia's" for the Health Bar app.

Olivia Culpo's younger sister has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition, so it should come as no surprise that she enjoys posting pictures of her fitness and health journey, which frequently feature her in her short dresses. 

She experienced migraines and digestive problems as a child. She soon understood that what she put into her body had a direct impact on how she felt and her general health. She was motivated by this to pursue a degree in nutrition at Boston University and aid others in leading the healthiest lives possible.

The Rhode Island native prioritizes a balanced diet despite leading a generally healthy lifestyle. 

Sophie says, 'Shades of Brown'
Sophie says, 'Shades of Brown' ( Source : instagram )

Sophia Culpo Is 25 Years Old

Sophia Culpo was born on November 15, 1996, which makes her 25 years old. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and her personality matches it perfectly. With a powerful presence and demanding personality, the nutritionist is mysterious.

She was an extremely shy child. Culpo would never have believed it if you had told her that she would be well-known in her childhood. Ironically, facing her fears enabled her to overcome her shyness. She began modeling in high school and acting in primary school, which helped her become more outgoing and get over stage fear and social anxiety.

Even though she still gets anxious and has days when she doesn't want to use social media, she's developed methods to help herself get through those feelings.

Sophia Culpo Has A Hefty Net Worth

Even though Olivia is the richest of her sisters, the others struggle with money, either. Sophia, the youngest of the group, reportedly makes between $1 million and $2 million annually, according to Life & Style. Fans should anticipate that after the Culpo sisters' new TLC series premieres, her bank account will likely expand somewhat.

Sophia pursued a career in academia, but she discovered that social networking increased her income more. She made the decision to use her platform as a B.S. in Nutrition graduate to promote self-care and a healthy diet. She most recently began modeling and serving as a brand ambassador for many businesses, such as Savage X Fenty and Beautycounter, taking her sister Olivia as a role model for herself. 

Sophia Culpo has a bachelors degree in Nutrition.
Sophia Culpo has a bachelors degree in Nutrition. ( Source : instagram )

For the fans, it seems like they are following in the footsteps of the Kardashian family with her similar reality show of their own family. Olivia said that her sisters followed her when she left her family home in Rhode Island for Los Angeles in a trailer for their show, which was set to premiere Monday night on TLC.

The sisters say that in their family, there are no boundaries, there is no filter, and there is never a shortage of drama. Now that the show is getting enough hype, it won't be wrong to say Sophi and her sisters are the next billionaires in town. 

Her sister Olivia Culpo is worth $7 million. Her career began in 2012 when she has crowned Miss Rhode Island USA. After winning Miss USA and Miss Universe in the same year, she went on to receive distinction on a national and worldwide level. Another sister Aurora has a $200,000 net worth. She filed for divorce from her spouse, Michael Bortone, in April 2022, and their continuing divorce may have an impact on her money account, according to Life&Style magazine.

Meet Sophia Culpo's Husband

Anyone who is currently interested in Sophia romantically should get to rather unpleasant news. She has been taken by her other half Braxton Berrios.

Since they made their relationship on an Instagram official in 2021, Sophia has been expressing her love for him more than usual. On Valentine's Day, the world learned that they were a "thing."

The couple resides in New Jersey together and is enjoying their finest life there. Before deciding to become exclusive, they frequently encountered one another through shared friends and at events. 

Sophie and Braxton have been dating for quite a while now.
Sophie and Braxton have been dating for quite a while now. ( Source : nypost )

The two encourage each other's dreams, goals, and aspirations, which shows that they greatly appreciate one another. Sophia said that her life partner was a terrific instructor and had a lot of patience because she knew nothing about football before meeting him.

Who Is Braxton Berrios?

Braxton Berrios is a wide receiver in American football for the National Football League's New York Jets. Playing college football at Miami, he showcased his potential during his earlier days.

Berrios also played quarterback at Raleigh, North Carolina's Leesville Road High School, where he was a good athlete.

Braxton Berrios is a football player.
Braxton Berrios is a football player. ( Source : footballoutsiders )

He is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina's Leesville Road. A wide receiver with a four-star rating who chose Miami over Ohio State, Clemson, Oregon, and many other Power 5 institutions.

As a true freshman, Berrios participated and finished the year with 21 receptions for 232 yards and three touchdowns. Berrios helped Florida State defeat the Seminoles for the first time since 2009 in 2017 by catching two touchdown passes.

Sophia Culpo Shares About Her New Show, 'The Culpo Sisters' On Her Instagram

Sophia is present on Instagram as @sophiaculp with a verified account. Emerging as one of the most promising digital personalities, she is gaining followers on a massive scale on the platform. Currently, with over 200k followers, her reach is no less. 

Her bio says, "B.S Nutrition. I love food; it doesn’t love me. Gut health enthusiast who loves a good time and a cool pic." There is also an email id provided for people and companies that wishes to contact her.

Yesterday she put out a video showcasing the effort and fun moments that went by in creating her mega project, 'The Culpo sisters.' Her caption said, "It’s premiere day!!!! I’m feeling all sorts of emotions today. I’m excited, anxious, nervous, happy, grateful— you name it. At the end of the day, we’re so lucky to have these memories forever." 

The trio, definitely to watch out for.
The trio, definitely to watch out for. ( Source : instagram )

Parallelly, her fans are equally excited to witness the show and what it has to offer. The sisters definitely have come a long way to this, and every single person in the comment section acknowledges it. Her boyfriend put three heart emojis showing his support towards his girl. 

One of the best lines featured in the show's teaser is by Sophie. She says, 'They call her an influencer, but we don’t know because we’re not influenced.' With one-liners and punch-liners as such, the show is certainly booming in the future and how. Did we get another Kardashian on the block? Well, we'll have to wait and watch for it.

Some FAQs

How old is Sophia Culpo?

Sophia Culpo is 25 years old.

What is Sophia Culpo's net worth?

Sophia Culpo's net worth is around 2 million dollars.

Who is Sophia Culpo's husband?

Sophia Culpo's to-be husband is Braxton Berrios

Is Sophia Culpo present on Instagram?

Sophia Culpo is present on Instagram as @sophiaculpo

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