Who Is Sebastien Delorme Girlfriend In 2022?


Quebec comedian Sebastien Delorme had an amazing night after meeting colleagues from District 31 ( Source : instagram )

In early September, actor Sebastien Delorme disclosed his new partner via Instagram. 

Delorme separated from his spouse Julie Perreault three years ago. On September Thursday evening, a Quebec comedian shared his love life in public with the first picture on his timeline. The film, television & Theatre actor captured kissing in Grand Central Terminal in New York. 

Delorme is a Quebec actor known for Snake Eyes, La Promesse, and Gaz Bar Blues. He recently emerged in the 2022 TV series Indefendable as Me Leo Macdonald. Besides this, he worked in The Red Band Society as Patrick.

Actor Sebastien Delorme Reveals New Partner On Instagram

On September 10, 2022, the actor shared an adorable picture of kissing his girlfriend in the Grand Central Terminal in New York on his social page. After three years of separation from his long-term partner Julie Perreault, he finally seemed to find love again in 2022. 

Although the actor announced he is in a relationship, he has off the comment box. Before that, the actor posted a picture with some unknown girl in Centre Bell on March 27.

They were watching the sports in the stadium wearing a Delorme name jersey. The girl was wearing 87 number red jersey, and the actor had 71 white and red mixed jersey. 

Sebastien Delorme kissing his new girlfriend in Grand Central Terminal
Sebastien Delorme kissing his new girlfriend in Grand Central Terminal ( Source : instagram )

The actor pinned, 'Hello, Please, I need your help feeding our orphans. We are starving.' In the comment section, former professional football player & Canadian actor Peter Miller commented Partner and inserted a yellow heart. 

Delorme fan Nicole Dubé asked him, 'Who is the Lucky One.' However, someone mentioned it's a father-daughter date. The actor rarely seemed to share the picture with the girls. Nonetheless, on November 1, 2019, he posted the photo with comedian Camille Felton before walking in the rain in Saint-Eustache, Quebec.

The actor talks about his girlfriend being in the PA Méthot podcast for one time. He mentioned that his lover had made him discover the music of Jay Scott.

Sebastien Delorme Previosuly Married Actress Julie Perreault

Delorme was the ex-spouse of actress Julie Perreault. The couple was in a relationship for twenty years. The couple dated from 1999, engaged after several years. However, the couple separated in 2019, and the news had confirmed by 7 Days Magazine. Nevertheless, the couple is on good terms. 

Delorme ex-wife is a Canadian actress & Photographer acknowledged for Je voudrais qu'on m'efface, Minuit, le soir and Doute Raisonnable (Reasonable Doubt). The actress worked in thiller television series as Alice Martin-Sommer. 

Sebastien Delorme maybe with his partner in Centre Bell
Sebastien Delorme maybe with his partner in Centre Bell ( Source : instagram )

Delorme and his ex-partner had two children together. Thomas Delorme is the elder son of the pair, born on September 11, 2001; he is currently 21. After eight years, the couple had a beautiful daughter Elizabeth in 2009. 

Julie and Sebastein's younger daughter is currently 13 years old. The couple's son had taken the footstep of his parents. He is also an actor like them known for La vie compliquée de Léa Olivier as Thomas, Toute la vie as Tommy Perron, and District 31 as Olivier Carriere. 

Sebastien Delorme Family

Delorme was born to a supportive family in Outremont, Montreal, Canada, on February 18, 1971. The actor is currently 51 years old. Instead of his parents, he shared snaps with his friends and kids.

Delorme joined College Andre-Grasset in Montreal and completed his graduation in 1990. Afterward, the actor graduated from College Lionel-Groulx, studying a theatre option program in Sainte Therese in 1995. 

Sebastien Delorme enjoying 100 km of Gravel Bike, Little beers with his high school friends
Sebastien Delorme enjoying 100 km of Gravel Bike, Little beers with his high school friends ( Source : instagram )

The actor joined Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2019 with his friend Patrice Godin. The actor mostly spent time with the writer. He even shared the post with Michel Gémeaux Charette. On July 18, 2021, Delorme spent quality time with his daughter Elizabeth in Old Quebec. 

Delorme is active on Instagram under the username @delorme_sebastien and gathered 59.8k followers. The actor even posted his son and mentioned he had talent. 

Analyzing Delorme's profile, he semmed to be interested in sports besides acting. He loved cycling, skiing, hiking, ice skating, and more. On February 27, the actor participated in the Pentathlon des Neiges Sun Life of the snow in Quebec. 


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