Who Is Nicole Curtis Boyfriend Ryan Sawtelle & What Is His Net Worth?


executive director of the White Heart Foundation, Ryan Sawtelle, dated Nicole Curtis for four year ( Source : instagram )

Ryan Sawtelle, the boyfriend of HGTV star Nicole Curtis, is the executive director of a non-profit organization.

Sawtelle is the executive director of the White Heart Foundation. The foundation was founded in October 2010 and committed to presenting for needy people. He created the organization to respone to the growing demand for assistance by serving injured military veterans. 

Some Quick Facts

NameRyan Sawtelle
Birth DateJanuary 17, 1983
Zodiac SignCapricorn
GirlfriendNicole Curtis
BrotherJonathan Sawtelle

Who Is Nicole Curtis's Boyfriend, Ryan Sawtelle?

Ryan Sawtelle is well known as the boyfriend of Nicole Curtis, star of Rehab Addict. He is an executive director in Heber City, Utah, United States.

The executive director of the White Heart Foundation even worked as an actor in several movies. 

Sawtelle is known for his work in Absolute Killers, Charlamagne & Friends, and According to Plan. In 2011, the actor made his first debut in a thriller movie as detective Regan. Also, in 2013, he appeared in the short film Share the Dare. 

 Ryan Sawtelle and Nicole Curtis are spending time in Nashville, Tennessee
Ryan Sawtelle and Nicole Curtis are spending time in Nashville, Tennessee ( Source : instagram )

In 2014, Sawtelle appeared in the short movie Game Night as James, Chaelamagne & Friends as James. Recently, the actor worked in the short movie Brace as Conner. In July 2009, the actor joined Celebrity Military Charitable Foundation as administrative director. 

Sawtelle has also  worked in various national commercials, feature productions, and comedic sketches. The actor has been in the entertainment field for more than 21 years in Los Angeles, CA. 

Ryan Sawtelle Is 39 Years Old

Ryan Sawtelle is currently 39 years old. He was born in the United States on January 17, 1983. Perhaps, there is six years gap with his girlfriend, Nicole. The reality star is currently 46 years old. She was born on August 20, 1976. 

Sawtelle joined Pepperdine University in 2006. He studied economics & non-profit management and completed his graduation in 2009. 

 Ryan Sawtelle shared his childhood memories on his 39th birthday
Ryan Sawtelle shared his childhood memories on his 39th birthday ( Source : instagram )

On August 21, 2019, Sawtelle wished his girlfriend on her birthday. He pinned, 'For over a year, I've been blessed to be the personal piggybacker of @detroitdesign.' On December 2018, the actor celebrated the 9th birthday of his niece Arden.

Sawtelle shared numerous pictures of his childhood on his social platform. He was interested in sports from his childhood. However, he cho a different profession in his life. He even shared his mother, father, sister, and family members. 

Is Ryan Sawtelle Married?

Ryan Sawtelle may not be married yet. He is currently in a relationship with reality star Nicole Curtis. The couple started dating in 2018. Curtis mentioned her happy relationship with Ryan with People

Curtis opened up about her new man in 2019. She said she had been dating Sawtelle for more than a year in 2019. So the couple had been together for four years. 

Moreover, Curtis mentioned Rayn made her happy and calm when she was near him. The couple first met after Sawtelle posted about his niece Arden who battles with DIPG. After Arden's demise, she connected with Ryan. 

 Ryan Sawtelle celebrating Nicole Curtis's birthday
Ryan Sawtelle celebrating Nicole Curtis's birthday ( Source : instagram )

After some days, Ryan and Curtis appeared during the filming of a Rehab Addict Promo. Her boyfriend helped him to take a ride. Although Curtis was not ready for a relationship, the couple supposed it was the first date.

Curtis had a 25-year-old son Ethan from her previous relationship, and Harper, with her ex-husband Shane Maguire. 

What Is Ryan Sawtelle's Net Worth? 

Ryan Sawtelle's net worth may be around $500 thousand. He makes money from his foundation and acting. He had worked in short movies Brave, Game Night, Share the Dare, and Absolute Killers. He received six credits as an actor. 

Besides this, Sawtelle has been in the business line for more than 23 years. He started his work at Celebrity Military Charitable Foundation in Studio City, CA. He had organized multiple volunteers for fundraising events.

 Ryan Sawtelle riding in his car with his dog
Ryan Sawtelle riding in his car with his dog ( Source : instagram )

Sawtelle has worked at luncheons and organized the programs as annual galas. The director contacted the places, venues, entertainment, staging, and audio during his time at the foundation. He has even been involved in managing Fundraising and money donated to event funds.

Moreover, Sawtelle was appointed at Butch Walker Foundation as executive director in January 2020. He currently serves in the company in Nashville, TN. His foundation provides a free resource for families and individuals with pancreatic cancer. They help to decrease the financial stress of the individual to fight cancer.

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Who is Nicole Curtis's Boyfriend?

Ryan Sawtelle is the boyfriend of Nicole Curtis.

How old is Ryan Sawtelle?

Ryan Sawtelle is currently 39 years old.

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