Who Is Matt Wright's Wife Kaia Wright And How Did They Meet?

Matt Wright (Left) and Kaia Wright (Right) at Governors Ballroom At Hollywood And Highland on January 28, 2017 in Hollywood, California ( Source : gettyimages )

Matt Wright met his wife on Rottnest Island in 2014. They had been together for eight years now.

The pair got married in 2017 and became parents for the first time in 2019. And, recently, they have welcomed another child into their family. Fans have been congratulating the couple on having another member in the family. And their son, Banjo, is ecstatic to be an elder brother to a beautiful baby sister. 

How Did Matt Wright Meet His Wife?

Matt Wright and his wife, Kaia Hammond, had a fairytale meeting. They met on Rottnest Island, and their meeting was a pure coincidence.

Kaia had just wished for an angel to fall from the sky when her friends had asked her about her dating life, and it was the same day when Matt arrived on the island on his helicopter. Finally, it seemed like the gods listened to her wishes. 

Matt Wright and his wife Kaia Wright visited Hallmark's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 24, 2018 in Universal City, California ( Source : gettyimages )

They hit it off quickly and kept in contact with each other after exchanging numbers on their first meet. They dated for two years before matt proposed to her in 2016 in a romantic setting. They got married after a year of engagement. 

And they welcomed their first child in 2019. Now, the couple owns three highly profitable tourist businesses in the Northern Territory: Top End Safari Camp, Tiwi Island Retreat, and Top End Safari Camp, alongside their appearance in Netflix's series Wild Territory.  

Matt and Kaia Met On Rottnest Island

If anyone hears about how Matt and Kaia met, it would sound like something that would either happen in movies or fairytales. According to Cinemaholic, Hammond had just finished her communications degree and was looking for a corporate job in London.

But she still had not made her final choice. So, one day, she was relaxing with her friends on a boat docked off the coast of Rottnest Island, and they asked her about her dating life since she had been alone for a long time. 

Kaia Hammond and Matt Wright Epic love story Shared on Daily Telegraph
Kaia Hammond and Matt Wright Epic love story Shared on Daily Telegraph ( Source : instagram )

After a few rounds of champagne, she said that she was done looking for a boyfriend and hoped that an angel would fall from the sky. On the same day, Matt flew to Rottnest Island to find one of his associates to handle an upcoming project. 

Wright's helicopter arrived near the place where Kaia was celebrating. They had a short conversation, but both of them felt an instant connection. They exchanged phone numbers, kept in contact, and soon started dating. 

Matt Had A Romantic Proposal For His Partner

After two years of dating, Matt made the relationship official. He chose picturesque East Point to propose to his partner to marry him in 2016. He flew his helicopter and parked it on Pee Wee Restaurant's lawn before getting down on one knee and asking the question. 

Kaia Hammond and Matt Wright photos from their engagement day
Kaia Hammond and Matt Wright photos from their engagement day ( Source : instagram )

Kaia Hammond, who was over the moon, happily wore the ring he proposed to her with. Then, the Outback Wrangler star took to Instagram and shared the news of his engagement with everyone.

He also thanked award-winning Sydney jewelry designer Musson Jeweller creative director Oliver Musson for the ring. And Musson thanked him for letting him be part of their special event, writes Ntnews

They Got Married In 2017

The pair got married after a year of planning on November 10, 2017. The wedding took place at the opulent Empire Spa Retreat in Yallingup, Australia. The beautiful location is within reach of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and some of Western Australia's top surf beaches, Hello Magazine

Kaia Hammond and Matt Wright on their wedding day
Kaia Hammond and Matt Wright on their wedding day ( Source : instagram )

 Kaia looked stunning in a custom-made lace gown designed by Pallas Couture. She wrote that she was the happiest girl alive Instagram announcing her marriage. She also wrote, "My heart is so filled with love, I have the best friends and family in the world and absolutely­ loved waking up this morning as Mrs. Wright." 

Likewise, Wright expressing his love for his newly wedded wife, wrote, "Got hitched yesterday to the most amazing woman in the world" on Instagram. 

Matt Wright And Kaia Wright Age Gap

Matt was born on August 29, 1979. He is 43 years old, but his wife is still in her 30s. She may be either 32 or 33 years old, and her date of birth is not mentioned on the internet. 

However, she grew up in Western Australia's beautiful Kimberley country and completed her high school education in Perth before moving to Sydney to study for her Bachelor of Media Communications in Journalism. 

She currently lives on a remote and expansive property in the outback of Australia's Northern Territory with her husband and children. 

Matt Wright Children With Kaia Wright

Matt Wright shares two children with Kaia Wright. They recently welcomed a baby girl into their family. Fans have been congratulating the family, while some even joked that the next thing they know is that the kid will ride crocodiles. 

It may not be impossible since Matt's son was once seen handling a giant snake. Although it was not venomous, his father was seen teaching him how to handle it in a viral video that surfaced online last year. 

Matt Teaches His Son About Snake Handling

In a viral video, netizens saw Matt's two-year-old son, Banjo handling the Olive Python in the Northern Territory in 2021. His father guided him while the kid was trying to pull the python across the grass, but it wrapped itself around a wooden pole. 

Matt Wright two year old son Banjo handling a snake in a viral video in 2021
Matt Wright two year old son Banjo handling a snake in a viral video in 2021 ( Source : canberratimes )

While it may look extremely dangerous for people who saw the video for the first time, some may not find it weird as he is the son of the man who captures and relocates dangerous animals such as crocodiles, snakes, and wild buffalo, as mentioned in Canberra Times.

In addition, the snake was not venomous, and their bites are harmless to humans, although they are often killed because many misunderstand them as venomous King Brown Snake. 

They Welcomed A Daughter

Matt and his wife, Kaia, have become parents for the second time. They welcomed a beautiful daughter a few days ago. Her name is Dusty Faith Wright. 

Matt Wright and his wife Kaia welcome a daughter
Matt Wright and his wife Kaia welcome a daughter ( Source : instagram )

Kaia shared some videos and pictures of her baby girls on Instagram. The three-year-old brother, Banjo, was seen holding her and talking to her.


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