Who Is Louie On Love During Lockup Season 2? Facts To Know About Him


Melissa participated in Love During Lockup despite her parent's disapproval of the love of her high school lover Louie ( Source : distractify )

Louie, a prisoner, is the season 2 inmate in the television reality show Love During Lockup.  

Louie is one of the cast members in Love During Lockup. However, he gets more freedom than other inmates. Louie is their boyfriend of Melissa. She wants her felon boyfriend from a distance while working at the prison. The prisoner is in custody at the Phillips Transitional Center in Georgia. 

Melissa toured out of state to visit her boyfriend in Georgia. She spies on his move while at his work. The couple had known each other for several years since high school.

In the show, the contestant maintained a committed relationship with a prisoner who served a prison sentence. However, the prison wall septate the lovers, but they express love via phone calls, tattoos, and even marriage proposals.

Melissa called Louie's mom Donna about her visit to Georgia
Melissa called Louie's mom Donna about her visit to Georgia( Source : monstersandcritics )

Some FAQs

Who is Louie On Love During Lockup Season 2?

Louie is a prisoner sentenced to 20 years for robbery

Who Is Louie On Love During Lockup Season 2?

Louie works on trucks in prison. He is the contender in Love During Lockup Season 2. Also, he appeared as the boyfriend of Melissa in the series. She visited Louie at his work, and the offender had worked at a large-scale mechanic shop. 

Louie served in the Phillips Transitional Center and helped the felon make success move back to society by providing social and employment skills.

Moreover, Louie hap spotted in a parking lot with trucks working. According to Distractify, Louie worked on a vehicle. Nonetheless, the faculty may be for welders. In the factory, there was a release program for a criminal in Georgia for inmates.

The working program included pain and body shops for government vehicles. Louis may be involved in other mechanics work for gas, diesel cars, and trucks. Even they may work in road construction and maintenance.

 Louie is contender in Love During Lockup Season 2
Louie is contender in Love During Lockup Season 2 ( Source : starcasm )

Melissa had failed to see her boyfriend Louie since high school in person. The couple had separated the time when Louie served for armed robbery. He has a set of rules while doing his job for the work release program. 

Louie had been given privileges in jail because of his behavior. The prisoner had a cell phone, and they had to call directly. Also, the Georgia Department of Corrections allowed inmates to have cell phones in May 2022. 

The prisoner was given cell phones in Transitional Centers to help inmates. The prisoner could find their house and work after release through the prior conversation with their approved visitors.

Facts To Know About Louie

  1. Louie is a convicted felon who went to jail for armed robbery. According to sources, he received more freedom than other inmates due to his good behavior. Louie had a sentence of 20 years for his crime.
  2. Louie is working in several places for his prison work release program. He had stopped in the parking lot with semi-trucks. So he may handle the work related to trucks in prison for his work release program. The possible release date from him is maximum November 29, 2022.
  3. Louie served in The Phillips Transitional Center, which provides a minimum-security facility for adult male prisoners. The department takes the felons into custody near the end of their sentence. They worked with the Georgia Department of Corrections.
  4. Louie had to follow a set of rules during his job for his work release program. Notheless, he has been given a cell phone to communicate with his loved ones. Louie may have used the cell phone purchased by Melissa or an outside member. 
  5. Melissa is his girlfriend of Louie. They were high school sweethearts who separated due to her lover's involvement in a robbery. Afterward, she has not met Louie in person. She even came to see Louie in prison. 
  6. Melissa flashed Loie in the clip, which upset him. He even thought he would get in trouble after his girlfriend's impromptu visit to the prison. Despite this incident, Louie remained narrow until his release. 
  7. Donna is the mother of Louie. Melissa had heard about Donna from the felon. Also, his mon is a self-professed tough Italian woman.

Melissa participates in Love During Lockup for her high school sweetheart Louie
Melissa participates in Love During Lockup for her high school sweetheart Louie ( Source : tvinsider )

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