Who Is Brendan Penny Wife Lisa Gerrard? Age Gap & Parents


Brendan Penny co-starred on Hallmark Channel’s family drama “Chesapeake Shores” for six seasons. ( Source : hallmarkmoviesandmysteries )

Canadian actor Brendan Penny is married to his wife, Lisa Gerrad, who is a marine biologist. They live happily with their children in Canada, but the spotlight, they've gained due to Penny's work constantly takes a toll on their private life.

He features as features Brendan as Kevin O'Brien, in Chesapeake Shores, a family drama on the Hallmark Channel that debuted on August 14, 2016. Additionally, he has starred as the protagonist in a number of Hallmark original movies.

The actor's other works include Love You, Beth Cooper (2009), The A-Team (2010), and John Tucker Must Die (2006). He is particularly well known for his work on John Tucker Must Die. Additionally well-known in Canada, he is well-known for the television series Whistler, which aired from 2006 to 2008.

Since he attracted the attention of reviewers and fans who think he's worth watching and nominating for awards, his efforts in film and TV haven't been in vain. Although he has only received approval twice so far, there is no guarantee that this pattern will hold going forward.

Quick Facts About Brendan Penny's Wife Lisa Gerrard

HusbandBrendan Penny
ProfessionMarine biologist
AgeAround 40 years old

Who Is Brendan Penny Wife Lisa Gerrard?

Brendan Penny is happily married to his wife, Lisa Gerrard, who is his former girlfriend. They seem to be truly in love and are the ideal couple. The actor becomes extremely defensive while discussing his personal life. He values private time with his loved ones away from the limelight of the media.

There is little information available about his past dating life. He never acknowledged it, despite the fact that his name has been connected to several of his co-stars. The same goes for any prior partnerships he may have had. 

The star of "Chesapeake Shores," wed Lisa Gerrard in August 2010; the couple will mark their 12th wedding anniversary in 2022. Mrs. Lisa is currently silent, which suggests that she doesn't like being the center of attention. But the couple gets along great and has a lovely marriage. The boy and girl that Penny and Lisa have are both really stunning.

Brendan Penny with his child.
Brendan Penny with his child. ( Source : pinterest )

At the moment, the family resides in Tofino on Vancouver Island. Brendan doesn't frequently publish private information on social media, although she occasionally shares pictures of his kids. He seems to be a kind husband and father who values his wife's support.

Speaking about his children, they are both adorable and have been seen on their father's Twitter account. Penny added in a tweet from May 2015 that he does not share photos of his family but was compelled to share a picture of his adorable infant boy. He tweeted, "I never tweet family pics...but come on," after posting a photo of himself and his child on May 31.

Brendan Penny And Wife Lisa Gerrard Age Gap

Lisa Gerrard is a marine biologist who seems to be similar to her husband, Brendan, in age. Forty-three-year-old Brendan's wife's date of birth might be missing from the web, but the pictures say she is in her early forties too. 

The two are so much in love that it can be easily seen in Penny's first Instagram post. On October 24th, 2013, he added a screenshot of the conversation between his wife and himself in a text message. It had Lisa saying, "I'm going to bed with bubs. The house is messy, there's no food, and I don't care. To this, Brendan replies, "Ha, Ok, I Love you.' The caption said that he loved his wife.

One has to wonder if she actually works in the field and if he ever gets to accompany her on assignments. Don't you think this would be the ideal moment for a family vacation? Bring the kids and dad along as mom conducts her study at a certain beach. Without knowing what area of marine biology she is most interested in, it does sound ideal, but it also sounds like something that might not be fully practical.

Who Are Brendan Penny's Parents?

Penny was born in Ottawa, Ontario, on November 9, 1978, to his parents. He spent her formative years there as well as in London. He received a BS in Accounting from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. Later, in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he had moved in 2002 to seek a career in acting, he attended the Lyric School of Acting.

Brendan James Penny was his name at birth. However, he rarely discusses his parents and siblings in public. Being a reclusive individual, on August 26, 2018, he only once shared a photo of his mother taken while on vacation.

On 26th August 2016, he put out a picture with his mother on his social media. He wrote, "Nothing like putting mom into some fish." Further, a fan commented, "This is awesome. Good on her for having a go."

With the exception of the fact that they separated when Brendan was a young child, little is known about his parents. As a result, he spent his childhood splitting his time between Ottawa and London, Ontario, and his mother and father, each of whose identities, ages, and professions are still unknown.

Brendan Penny's mother.
Brendan Penny's mother. ( Source : instagram )

Brendan Penny's Family And Supposed Connection With Joe Penny

Actors with the same last name are frequently connected physiologically according to a pattern. Similar to the conflict between Justice Smith, a younger actor, and Will Smith, a more senior actor, there has been rising debate over Brendan Penny's relationship with Joe Penny.

Joseph "Joe" Penny, a seasoned actor in Hollywood, is best known for his roles as Nick Ryder and Jake Styles in the television series "Riptide" (1984–1986) and "Jake and the Fatman" (1987-1992).

Brendan and Joseph are often mistaken for brothers, but in reality, they are not related biologically. Joe Penny is of Italian-American descent, whereas Brendan Penny is Canadian. It is merely a coincidence that they have the same last name.

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