Where Was Lights Camera Christmas Filmed? Hallmark Movie Cast, Crew, and Release Date


Light Camer Christmas Premiers on Saturday November 5, 2022 ( Source : hallmarkchannel )

Light Camera Christmas is a famous American Comedy and romantic movie scheduled to be premiered on Hallmark Channel on November 5, 2022, at 8/7c.

This movie was directed by David Weaver and written by Gary Goldstein. According to IMDb, David has directed numerous films, such as The Samaritan (2012), Moob Palace (2000), and Siblings (2004).

Moreover, many viewers are waiting for the release of this movie. After watching the teaser, many fans expect romance, light-hearted comedy, and family drama in the film. In Trailer, the movie is set in a beautiful town covered with snow and trees. 

Where Was Lights Camera Christmas Was Filmed?

Light Camera Christmas was filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The movie makes its premiere on November 5, 2022. 

Light Camera Christmas is a comedy and romantic movie
Light Camera Christmas is a comedy and romantic movie ( Source : startattle )

The sneak peeks of Light Camera Christmas shows a beautiful wooden house covered with snow in the middle of the jungle. As this movie is related to Christmas, numerous colorful lights and trees are shown in the movie.

Kerry, an owner of a nearby store, accepts the position of costume designer when a holiday rom-com film being filmed in her community needs one. She rediscovers her love of costume design while working on the movie and starts to fall for Brad, the movie's well-known leading man. with John Brotherton and Kimberley Sustad in the lead roles.

Light Camera Christmas was directed by professional director David Weaver. According to the source, IMDb David Weaver is best known for The Samaritan (2012), Moon Palace (2000) & Siblings (2004). He has Directed almost 38 movies as of 2022, which indicates that he has a good experience in the movie industry.

After watching the trailer, many fans expected the movie to be full of romance, comedy, and fun. 

Meet The Cast Member Of Light Camera Christmas

In the movie Light Camera Christmas, Canadian Actress Kimberly Custard and actor Bohn Brothon play lead roles in the movie. Numerous artists Jamie De Palme, Jill, Kimberly, John, Jana Berengel, Nik Andrews, and Marrisa Leong also star in the movie.

1. John Brothon

American actor John Brotherton plays the read role of Brad in the movies. The actor is currently 41 years old and has played in several movies.

Brotherton is best known for his roles as Matt Harmon on Netflix's Fuller House and Jared Banks on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. "Surprise, Surprise," One Life to Live, True Love, The Conjuring, Furious 7, Precious Cargo, and The Undertaker's Wife are just a few of the movies that appeared. He had a role in the Hallmark original film The Christmas Contest before.

John Brothon played lead role in Lights Camera christmas
John Brothon played lead role in Lights Camera christmas ( Source : imdb )

2. Laura Soltis

Laura Soltis is an American actress and dancer. She portrays the role of Nance in the upcoming movie Light Camera Christmas. She is well known by the audience for her performance in Dark Sash, Hiccups, and Step up all in.

Laura has appeared in numerous Hallmark movies as of 2022. Her recent Hallmark movie was Autumn in the City. The movie is about Piper, who moves to New York City during the autumn seas to discover her passion. At that time, she meets Austin, an inspiring writer who wants to make it on his own without the help of others. Later on, Piper and Austin teamed up and created a children's book project together.

3. Jamie De Palma

Jamie De Palma Portrayed the Role Of Kallie Hu in the upcoming movie Light Camera Christmas. Kallie is famously known by the audience for her role as Emma in the Tv movies 'Our Christmas Journey,' Bethany in the TV Movie' Just One Kiss,' & Micah in the Movie 'Love, Guaranteed (2020)'.

4. Leila Harrison

Jill played the role of Leila Harrison in the upcoming movie Lights Camera Christmas. Talking about Jill is a well-known and talented actress from America. She is best known for her roles as Leila in the TV Series Convos with My two years Old ', Lousia in the Television series 'Nesting & Eve Tennant in the Television Series Faultline.'

Jill Played The Role Of Leila Harrison
Jill Played The Role Of Leila Harrison ( Source : imdb )

5. Kimberley Sustad

Popular Canadian actress Kimberly Sustad portrays the role of Kerry in the Light Camera Christmas movie. She is best known for her role in television shows Travelers, Unspeakable, Spooksville, and the Twilight Zone. She played the lead in several Hallmark television films, such as "Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen," "All Things Valentine," "The Nine Lives of Christmas," "Hearts of Christmas," and "Walking the Dog."

Kimberley Sustad as Kerry in
Kimberley Sustad as Kerry in "Lights, Camera, Christmas!" ( Source : wnypapers )

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