Where Was Crown For Christmas Filmed? Romania and Slovenia Filming Locations


A new movie called Crown For Christmas has been released on the Hallmark channel. ( Source : hallmarkchannel )

The movie Crown For Christmas was filmed in Romania and Slovenia. This is different from many other Hallmark movies that are filmed in and around United States.

A Christmas movie called Crown For Christmas has recently been released, among many of other Hallmark movies. The movie has a great lineup of cast, and the storyline might be cliche, but it is still very fitting for Christmas movies.

Filmed in a foreign location made the movie even better, and it has great scenes and a filming location to it. 

Hallmark Christmas movies are designed to make audiences feel festive, down to the fairy-tale romances, clich├ęd storylines, and ideal locales. These cherished Christmas flicks have graced our television screens for more than 20 years, solidly cementing their place as the comfort food of movies.

Where Was Crown For Christmas Filmed?

The entire movie "Crown For Christmas" was shot on location in Slovenia and Romania. Part of the movie Crown For Christmas was shot in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and the legendary "Paris of the East."

Unlike many other Hallmark movies, Crown For Christmas was not filmed in the United States.

The cover for Crown For Christmas.
The cover for Crown For Christmas. ( Source : youtube )

The Nun, Borat, What Happened to Monday, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance are a few of the other films that were shot in Bucharest. Filming for the "A Christmas Prince" trilogy took place in Bucharest as well.

A significant portion of "Crown for Christmas" was shot in Busteni in the neo-Romanian Cantacuzino Castle, which was constructed in 1911 and is located on Zamora Street in Prahova County.

Only one other movie, the 2018 TV movie "Royal Hearts," was filmed in this castle. One of Slovenia's most stunning locations is Lake Bled, which lies tucked away in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan area. In "Crown For Christmas," a key sequence involving a late-night horse ride, was shot here. Lake Bled served as the backdrop for the 1977 horror thriller "Dark Echoes."

The movie appeals to the audience more because of the beautiful filming locations the movie has. The scenery is beautiful and it is also new for a change from other Hallmark holiday movies.

Who Is The Cast Of Crown For Christmas?

The movie's main actors are Danica McKellar and Ellie Botterill. Likewise, the list of the cast from the movie are:

  • Danica McKellar
  •  Rupert Penry Jones
  • Ellie Botterill
  • Pavel Douglas
  • Alexandra Evans
  • Colin McFarlane 
  • Amy Marston

In contrast to Rupert Penry-Jones' King Maximillian, Danica McKellar portrays the leading girl, Allie Evans. In addition to being a well-known voice actor, McKellar has appeared as an extra in such films as "The Wonder Years," "The West Wing," "Inspector Mom," and "How I Met Your Mother."

Although Penry-Jones is most recognized for his role as Adam Carter on "Spooks," he has also been in "Whitechapel," "Black Sails," and "The Strain."

The character of Princess Theodora is played by Ellie Botterill. She has also appeared in the films "Jamie Johnson" and "The Demon Headmaster." Fergus is portrayed by Pavel Douglas (King George from "The Princess Switch") and Chancellor Riggs by Colin McFarlane, Batman Begins, "Outlander".

Judging from the trailer it appears that the movie has a great lineup of cast and crew.

What Is The Plot For Crown For Christmas?

 After losing her position as a maid at a posh New York City hotel, Allie unwillingly agrees to take a temporary position as the governess of a little child who is a member of a wealthy family in Europe that owns a real castle. This is the story that Crown For Christmas revolves around.

One of the scenes from Crown For Christmas shows Danica McKellar and Ellie Botterill.
One of the scenes from Crown For Christmas shows Danica McKellar and Ellie Botterill. ( Source : tib )

Allie finds that the girl's name is Princess Theodora and that Maximillian, the King of Wilshire, is her father when she arrives. The Princess has a propensity to intimidate authority personnel, a propensity that has gotten worse since her mother's passing, the King warns Allie. 

However, the governess and Princess get along, and Allie and Max start dating. Will Max stand up for his love for Allie and ensure that everyone has a really happy holiday?

To find out more we can watch the movie on the Hallmark channel. The Hallmark channel has not been slacking when it comes to holiday movies, and it has been delivering every year. 

Even though most of the holiday movies are similar, they still deliver the same ambiance and the holiday feel in each movie.

Some FAQs

Where was Crown For Christmas Filmed?

The film Crown For Christmas was filmed in Romania and Slovenia.

When did Crown For Christmas Release?

Crown For Christmas released on November 27, 2015.

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