When Does Moonshiners Come Back On For Season 12? Filming Locations and Where To Watch?


The official poster for 'Moonshiners' ( Source : crusystems )

Moonshiners was back on screens for its twelfth season on 9th November 2022.

Since the Whiskey Rebellion in the 1790s, there have been moonshiners in the United States. Unexpectedly, some Americans continue to brew moonshine, an illicitly made distilled beverage, primarily in the Appalachian portion of the nation.

Even though it is against the law to make moonshine, the members of Moonshiners continue the long-standing custom by slipping into the woods. The distillers in the Discovery Channel docudrama are followed as they strive to create a better product.

The people who make their glow, frequently in the shadows of nearby woodlands, and the authorities who try to keep them in check are the subjects of this docuseries. Viewers can watch customs rarely seen on television on the show, such as the first-time fire-up of the still, which is a moonshiner rite of passage.

When Does Moonshiners Come Back On For Season 12?

Moonshiners is already back with its season 12, and fans cannot wait for how it unfolds in the coming episodes of their favorite.

Prices were soaring in anticipation of the season 12 debut. Mark and Digger learn that the police are looking into them. When a fire marshal finds the source of Josh's house fire, Mike and Jerry enlist Popcorn Sutton's son, and Josh flees.

In season 12 of Moonshiners, the shine economy is on the rise as Appalachia is struck by inflation and supply chain disruptions, putting America's favorite outlaws to the ultimate test. In order to survive the growing cost of goods, moonshiners must delve deeply into their shared histories while also coming up with inventive new ways to produce America's favorite backwoods drinks and make a tidy tax-free profit. 

Behind the shooting moments of 'Moonshiners'
Behind the shooting moments of 'Moonshiners' ( Source : crusystems )

Moonshiners have flourished in the face of adversity throughout the Great Depression and other periods of economic uncertainty, so there is some good news for them in looking to tradition.

Innovators Mike and Jerry enlist Solomon Sutton, son of notorious moonshiner Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton, to help them create new liquor recipes and stay ahead of the competition; to find a larger market for his popular spirits, Louisiana moonshiner Richard moves his operation to Tennessee; and in Viet Nam, moonshiners Mark and Digger battle a determined law enforcement officer hell-bent on shutting down their operation.

The ultimate alcohol-making competition series MASTER DISTILLER will premiere on the Discovery Channel on Nov. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by a real-life look at the world of backwoods moonshining and the distillers who make some of the best-tasting spirits in the U.S.

It is the stories of people who brew their shine and the authorities who try to keep them honest.
It is the stories of people who brew their shine and the authorities who try to keep them honest. ( Source : tvinsider )

Where Was Moonshiners Shot? Filming Locations Explored

One of the main locations where Moonshiners was filmed was in Tennessee, United States.

The Appalachian Mountains are to the east, and the Ohio Rover to the north of this state, respectively. It is among the most beautiful places. One of the most well-known tourist destinations is the Mammoth Cave National Park. Here, scenes for movies like The Insider, Stripes, and Raintree County were captured.

Virginia, United States, is yet another important place where Moonshiners was filmed. A Long Atlantic shoreline can be found in this state.

It is among the most beautiful places. The two principal historical museums in the state are Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Settlement. Here, scenes from movies like Harriet, Homeland, and Mercy Street were captured.

Outdoor locations of Moonshiners at Virginia woods.
Outdoor locations of Moonshiners at Virginia woods. ( Source : thecinemaholic )

Where To Watch Moonshiners?

Right now, you can stream "Moonshiners" on fuboTV, Discovery+ Amazon Channel, DIRECTV, or Discovery for free with advertisements. Moonshiners can also be purchased as a download via Vudu, Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Google Play Movies.

The first episode of Season 12 of Moonshiners will air on November 9, 2022. High Price of Success is the name of the episode, and at 8 o'clock Eastern Time, it will air on the Discovery Channel. Every Wednesday, there will be a new episode.

As for the first episode, we will learn that they are looking for these unlawful locations, precisely as we have seen in previous episodes of the series. But this time, something is different since the law is helping them at every point to do so.

When the show airs on The Discovery Channel at the specified day and time window that we have listed above, it is simple to watch. Later, viewers will be able to watch these episodes online through Discovery Plus, the channel's official streaming service. These platforms have a low recharge fee of just $4.99 per month. The somewhat more expensive, 6.99 dollars per month, ad-free version grants access to all of the channel's content.

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