When Does Holiday Gingerbread Showdown 2022 Come on Food Network? Cast, Release Date and Judges


Holiday Gingerbread Showdown will air on Food Network ( Source : foodnetwork )

On Monday, November 7th, Food Network will premiere Holiday Gingerbread Showdown, which has three teams of gingerbread artisans competing in seven independent one-hour episodes for a $10,000 prize. 

On November 6, the Food Network will debut its holiday lineup, which will include six new specials, one of which will include Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman! Ree completely stole the show in Candy Coated Christmas.

Food Network's first-ever scripted TV movie, so we are confident that she will continue to be the holiday queen when she hosts the Christmas Cookie Challenge this year.

Are you curious as to what makes the "Holiday Gingerbread Showdown" unique? Stay with us as we walk you through the show's basics, and provide you with additional information on the judges, hosts, and contestants from this season.

When Does Holiday Gingerbread Showdown 2022 Come On Food Network?

"Holiday Gingerbread Showdown" has a lot in common with some of the most well-known cooking competition programs out there, such as "Master Chef" or "Next Level Chef."

Similar to the other competitions, there is prize money up for grabs, and chefs from all over the country vie for it. However, as determined by the judges, the best chef ultimately prevails.

Holiday Gingerbread Showdown's trailer is out on Youtube
Holiday Gingerbread Showdown's trailer is out on Youtube ( Source : youtube )

The show starts off with a group of candidates; the number of contestants has changed across seasons, and there are two rounds in each episode.

The bakers make straightforward desserts or sweets with a festive theme in the "Preliminary Heat," which is the first round. Examples include ice cream, marshmallows, cookies, white chocolate, and toffee.

The Show Will Come On Food Network, on November 7, 2022

The new season of Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown on Food Network will debut on Sunday, November 7 at 10 p.m. ET.

Though they certainly weren't as good as the ones produced on this episode, you've definitely had some nice gingerbread cookies in your time.

Seven episodes are all that three teams of gingerbread artisans have to demonstrate that they are the best at what they do.

Holiday Gingerbread Showdown has feature on IMDb
Holiday Gingerbread Showdown has feature on IMDb ( Source : imdb )

The winner of the pre-heat stage enters the second round, where the bakers produce a larger confection with an advantage. Normally, all entrants go to the second round, known as the "Main Heat."

The baker considered to have produced the worst dish at the conclusion of the second round gets disqualified from the competition.

This procedure is repeated until only three bakers are left to compete for the cash in a final "Main Heat" episode where the judges determine the winner.

What Is The Grand Prize Of “Holiday Gingerbread Showdown?”

The "Holiday Gingerbread Showdown" competitors compete for a delectable $10,000 prize. One must acknowledge how much of a push and assistance the prize money and recognition was given to the career of the Holiday Gingerbread Showdown.

Even though some may say that this isn't too much money, especially when compared to what the winners of certain other cooking competitions get.

Holiday Gingerbread Showdown 2022 Cast

Aaron Davis

Arizonan cake decorator Aaron is experienced in the kitchen. He began baking when he was just four years old, and after graduating from high school, he enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America.

Aaron wants to win this contest, six years into his professional career, not just for the confidence boost it would bring, but also honor his younger self.

Christine Herelle-Lewis

Christine is a pastry chef from France who was born and raised on the outskirts of Paris. When she was 40 years old, she made the decision to pursue her love and enrolled in a pastry school in Paris.

Christine is a French pastry chef
Christine is a French pastry chef ( Source : buddytv )

She now lives in New York and has been a professional pastry chef for ten years. For the benefit of herself and her family, Christine intends to utilize the prize money from this competition to assist in the construction of her own professional kitchen.

Antoine Hopkins

Antoine, a single father and pastry chef from Pennsylvania, looks forward to the holidays. His children have witnessed his advancement in the baking industry, from attending culinary school to currently competing in the show.

In addition to himself, he wants to succeed for his kids so they can see that they can succeed in anything they put their minds to.

Rachelle Hubsmith

Meet Rachelle, a home baker, appraiser of real estate, wife, and mother of three from Utah. Despite being self-taught, she has garnered recognition for both her complex artwork and her recipes across the nation.

Bill Makin

New Yorker Bill began baking while he was in college and now takes pleasure in cake decorating. Bill is not simply a baker; he is also a musically educated violinist who has performed in numerous orchestras.

Bill values the holiday season greatly since it is then that he can turn his baked delicacies into presents for others.

Aishia Martinez

Aishia, a pastry chef from New Jersey who is originally from Puerto Rico, loves to incorporate classic Puerto Rican tastes into her baked goods.

Aishia, a passionate pastry cook from New Jersey
Aishia, a passionate pastry cook from New Jersey ( Source : buddytv )

She wants to create a Latin-style bakery that showcases the delectable dishes and flavors of her culture with the money she receives if she wins the prize.

Harshal Naik

India-born pastry chef Harshal works in the United States. After working aboard a cruise ship for twelve years, where he also met his wife, he made his home in Pennsylvania.

Harshal's exposure to a variety of desserts from different countries while working aboard the ship was essential as he got ready to compete in the Holiday Baking Championship.

Zakiya Newton

Mother of two boys and proprietor of a home bakery from Florida, Zakiya, hopes to win the contest so she can expand her enterprise. She enjoys seeing how joyful the holidays make people and wants to spread even more cheer this year.

Sumera Syed

Sumera, a home baker, and businesswoman originally from London who now resides in Texas are thrilled to participate this year.

Sumera is a master of all trades who has worked as a heavy metal band singer, a licensed private investigator, and an ordained preacher, but her favorite pastime has always been baking for the holidays.

Dru Tevis

Delaware-born Dru is a corporate pastry chef who is in charge of 16 restaurants' dessert menus. In addition to showcasing his talent, he wants to win this challenge to demonstrate that he is capable of handling anything.

Dru is a corporate pastry chef from Delaware
Dru is a corporate pastry chef from Delaware ( Source : buddytv )

Back at home, Dru's husband and two dogs are waiting for him; they enjoy spending the holidays together and creating memories.

Jessica Wang

Jessica, a pastry food stylist from California, has just graduated from college and holds degrees in baking and pastry as well as in food business and management.

As a stylist, Jessica creates the items that are photographed, but she finds adorning desserts to be her favorite part of the process. Jessica is the youngest contestant, but don't overlook her—fiercely she's determined to win!

Kristen Weidlein

Executive pastry chef Kristen is passionate about the Christmas season because of its joy. She is from New York.

She has vast experience, which she believes will give her an advantage over rivals, working in a 2-star Michelin restaurant as well as numerous bakeries and chocolate shops.

Who Are The Holiday Gingerbread Showdown 2022 Judges?

Gingerbread Showdown, a spinoff of the Holiday Baking Championship, is back for another season. As she leads viewers over mountains of gingerbread, Carla Hall transitions from the judges' table to hosting responsibilities.

Each week, three brand-new teams of gingerbread artists compete to create the most impressive gingerbread structures in an effort to win the title of Gingerbread Champion.

Judges Kalen Allen and Stephanie Boswell will join her in her endeavor. The new season of Holiday Baking Championship airs at 10 PM on November 7 before the seven-episode holiday extravaganza.

The judges for the Holiday Gingerbread Showdown are really sweet and helpful to the entire group
The judges for the Holiday Gingerbread Showdown are really sweet and helpful to the entire group ( Source : foodnetwork )

You can watch the series on Food Network and Discovery Plus, and you can keep up with it on social media by using the hashtag #GingerbreadShowdown.

They'll prepare a dessert using freeze-dried berries, a fairly advanced product, to make their displays as futuristic as possible. Carla decides whose presentation is deserving of a contemporary $10,000 prize with the assistance of judges Stephanie Boswell and Kalen Allen.

Carla Hall Is The Host Of The Show

In season seven, Carla Hall took Lorraine Pascale's place. She is well-known for both her participation in "Top Chef" on Bravo and her role as co-host of "The Chew."

American chef, TV personality, and former model Carla Hall. The fifth and eighth seasons of Bravo's food competition series Top Chef featured her.

She cohosted The Chew, an ABC one-hour conversation show that focused on food from different perspectives, and debuted in September 2011.

Some FAQs

When will Holiday Gingerbread Showdown premiere?

Holiday Gingerbread Showdown will premiere on November 7,2022.

Who is the host of the show?

Carla Hal is the host of the show.

Who are the judges of the show?

Kalen Allen and Stephanie Boswell are the show's judges.

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