What Is Marilyse Corrigan 'Married At First Sight' Net Worth? Her Job Details To Follow


Marilyse Corrigan is a wealthy personal trainer from England. ( Source : co )

Marilyse Corrigan from 'Married At First Sight' has a net worth of around $1 million dollars from her job as a personal trainer. 

Corrigan has demonstrated her deep bond with participant Matt Murray this year. The Beverley mother of two, who just traveled to sunny Turkey with her partner, posted a photo of the two of them looking cuddly on social media with just one word as a caption.

Currently, Matt and Marilyse, a participant in an earlier season of the E4 dating program, are close. Marilyse shared a picture of herself and Matt with the word "happy" in the caption.

Marilyse Corrigan as a fitness trainer.
Marilyse Corrigan as a fitness trainer.( Source : co )

Matt has been sighted with his wife Marilyse, who appeared in the 2021 series with Franky Spence, after revealing that he and Whitney have split up. The two recently traveled to Turkey and haven't been afraid to post pictures of their trip online, including one of them cuddling up while enjoying a late-night cocktail at a club.

Her high-profile connections over the years have been the major reason behind the intrigue around her wealth, profession, and her lifestyle. 

What Is Marilyse Corrigan 'Married At First Sight' Net Worth?

Marilyse Corrigan from Married At First Sight has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2022.

Marilyse Corrigan has a Linkedin account that says that she is a personal trainer at MEC personal training. Further, it is stated that she lives in Kingston upon Hull, England, Metropolitan Area, and the very place is her working area. 

Personal trainers living in the UK earn about $60,000 at most and around $15,000 at least. Assuming that a veteran like her would earn the highest amount, she is currently quite wealthy.

Further, she got divorced from Franky Spencer, who is a millionaire himself, she might as well have earned from alimony. Frank Spencer's current net worth is estimated to be $1,232,000, mostly based on his projected $372,900 annual salary and income. However, it is unsure if she has taken any. 

Marilyse Corrigan has appeared on TV before - starring in The Only Way Is Essex.
Marilyse Corrigan has appeared on TV before - starring in The Only Way Is Essex. ( Source : hulldailymail )

Corrigan is a renowned television personality whose face has great value resulting in her thousands of Instagram followers. Her other major source of income is brand collaborations as well. Apart from that, her coaching center benefits from her advertisement on her own social media accounts. 

The fitness influencer with the most earnings per post and most activity is Ross Dickerson, The Rock's personal trainer. 2.8 million individuals follow Mr. Dickerson's account, which makes an astounding $15,000 for every post. Corrigan is also on her way to becoming big. 

Marilyse Corrigan's Job Details And Lifestyle

Marilyse Corrigan's life revolves around her job as a fitness trainer. Recently she put out a video on her social media where she expresses her satisfaction with turning into a fitness trainer. Each client she has been able to reach, each heart she has touched, has been a journey in itself for her. 

She wrote, "It’s been such an incredible year since launching my online coaching business! I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of my clients who I have worked with over the past year & who have put their trust into me to help them work towards their desired fitness goals."

The video had screenshots of people thanking her for giving out the best service. There are literally people who have recovered from their health issues, and many have got to their desired body weight. The before and after pictures are quite motivating, to say the least. 

Matt Murray is reportedly secretly dating the 2021 show's bride Mariylse Corrigan.
Matt Murray is reportedly secretly dating the 2021 show's bride Mariylse Corrigan. ( Source : mirror )

What Does Her Partner Matt Do For A Living?

Matt runs a thriving barbershop in York. The most fulfilling aspect of his profession, according to him, is having in-depth, meaningful talks with clients while providing them with encouragement and life advice.

He is available on Instagram as @matt_b_murray and has over 103k followers. Being fitness freaks, Murray and Corrigan have a great bond, and they give everyone a major couple goals. 

The 32-year-old Matt gained notoriety with his on-screen spouse Gemma.

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