What Is Jeopardy's Rowan Ward's Real Name? Why Do Fans Think They Are 'Annoying'?


Rowan Ward is known for her appearances in Jeopardy ( Source : instagram )

Rowan Ward's previous name was Nicolle Neulist, which they later changed after coming out as nonbinary.

The "Jeopardy" second-chance tournament finals were won by Rowan Ward, a Chicago racing journalist who also works as an Equibase chart caller at Hawthorne and freelance editor for Horse Racing Nation.

An early all-in wager in Double Jeopardy that involved a $10,000 risk led to the victory. It earned Ward a spot in the two-day final of the current invitational event, which featured some of the most talented athletes who had lost in their inaugural matches the previous two seasons.

The fact that Rowan's name differs from the one they used during their initial seasons has come up in some online discussions that followed their second appearance on the show. Let's explore it.

Quick Facts About Rowan Ward

Full NameRowan Ward
Previous NameNicolle Neulist
Known ForJeopardy
ProfessionRacing journalist

What Is Jeopardy's Rowan Ward's Real Name?

Prior to using the name Nicolle Neulist, they went by Rowan Ward; this is their real name now. Matt Amodio, one of the leading champions of the 2021–2022 season, was Ward's opponent the previous year. 

Ward and other contestants who fell to notable victors like Amodio, Amy Schneider, & Mattea Roach have until Friday to enter the Second Chance Tournament to qualify for the Tournament of Champions premieres on Monday and features all of the season's top champions.

Rowan Ward staked everything on a $10.8K Daily Double.
Rowan Ward staked everything on a $10.8K Daily Double. ( Source : instagram )

They competed under the same name they used before coming out since Ward, a reporter focused on horse racing, didn't come out until after their first Jeopardy! participation.

Rowan Ward paid the costs associated with officially changing from their deceased name (Nicolle) to their true name (Rowan) with the $1,000 third-place prize from their first appearance on the game show.

Why Do Fans Think Rowan Ward Are 'Annoying'?

Rowan Ward garnered followers on the show on their original appearance for their unique personality and peculiar line of work.

While some fans find Rowan Ward annoying, most of them believe the attitude and pleasure they provide to people around them are very real off-screen. 

They were already nonbinary when the Reddit AMA began on August 23, 2021, ten days after Ward's appearance on Jeopardy. There may not be many non-binary people, or at least none, who are out, but those who are glad to be such are Ward.

Regardless of whether Ward advances to the Tournament of Champions, that event will feature Schneider, and Roach, a homo. So that others won't have to face such formidable opponents in the opening round of the competition, Schneider, Amodio, & Roach will play in an exhibition game that will show on November 8.

Rowan Ward Job 

Ward, a sportswriter and editor from Chicago focuses on horse racing. Ward had $26,800 going into Final Jeopardy, which was $19,600 more than their closest rival.

Only Rowan's answer, "What is: The Trevi Fountain," was accurate, adding $10,000 to an already exceptional showing and bringing the total to $36,800.

They cheered as the competitors applauded and will now compete with Sadie Goldberger and Jack Weller in the finals of the once-in-a-lifetime challenge. However, Double Jeopardy's opening round completely dismantled the game. Ward made the first Daily Double in the genre Law Slaw on the fifth clue of the competition. 

Rowan Ward does free-lance editing for Horse Racing Nation
Rowan Ward does free-lance editing for Horse Racing Nation ( Source : instagram )

Before the special comeback challenge aired, two Jeopardy! figures exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun their prediction that Rowan will be one of the two Second Chance winners. According to a source, Rowan feels that they can defeat anyone because of the way they play.

In the last game of Season 37, Rowan gave Matt Amodio a tremendously tough game, setting up the first round. 

In 2021, Rowan competed against Matt Amodio and took the lead in the first round with 22 correct answers and three erroneous ones, challenging the eventual 38-time victor.

Some FAQs

What is Rowan Ward's previous name?

Rowan Ward's previous name is Nicolle Neulist.

When was Ward’s first appearance on Jeopardy?

On August 13, 2021, the season 37 finale of Jeopardy featured them for the first time.

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