Our Boy Band Dreams Came True — Big Time Rush Has Officially Reunited

Big Time Rush

The band Big Time Rush hasn't been performing together since their Program finished in 2013, except if you count that Zoom execution they did together during isolation in 2020. Yet, that was sufficient to give fans trust that the gathering would reunite.

Yet, what happened to Big Time Rush? What caused the Nickelodeon band to head out in a different direction? The response may not be what you expect, yet they might be getting together to perform as soon as possible. We know this.

What happened to Big Time Rush?

Similar as with One Course saying that they were on a split yet not separating, Big Time Rush sort of did likewise. However their Nickelodeon parody show of a similar name finished in 2013, the band didn't precisely end simultaneously.

In a meeting with HuffPost, Carlos PenaVega (neé Peña), Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson said that the show was to be sure finished and band was reasonable not putting out music for some time. Furthermore, they were really unpolished about it.

"We've all known for a considerable length of time that we're prepared for our singular vocations," Carlos said. In any case, he explained his idea, showing that it didn't mean the band couldn't at any point make new music together once more: "I think it'll simply help the band assuming we give individuals time to miss us — it's similar to a relationship. [...] I believe that we've been around for quite a long time is perfect. Presently, we're leaving for a smidgen."

Kendall bounced in to say, "Or won't return by any stretch of the imagination." While that sounds like he was saying that Big deal Rush was finished, he likewise made sense of his viewpoints somewhat further: "It's similar to a meager line to stroll on, on the grounds that we have a ton of fans who love Big Time Rush and we would rather not at any point frustrate them. We maintain that they should be fanatics of people at whatever point we proceed to do our own things."

"As far as new satisfied, it very well may be some time, yet probably won't be ever," James added. "We don't be aware right now and we've all sort of been saying, 'We are in general truly energized and truly restless to be our own singular craftsmen outside the band — and support one another.'"

Incredible news, Rushers! Big Time Rush is back in real life.

In 2014, Kendall talked with CelebSecrets and was inquired as to whether BTR was reuniting, to which he answered, "BTR hasn't at any point separated."

During this meeting and again in a 2016 meeting with Clamor, that's what kendall affirmed, in the event that the band were to rejoin, it probably won't be to put out new music, however it would incorporate a visit.

In 2018, out of appreciation for the band's nine-year commemoration, Carlos presented a recognition on the gathering on Instagram, saying, "Will we do a 10-year get-together visit for the following year?" Fortunately, in 2021, those visit hints reached a crucial stage when the gathering declared Big Time Rush Live, a progression of shows across the US.

Significantly really energizing, the gathering is performing at the 2022 Macy's Thanksgiving Day March and starting off a visit in June 2022. In the event that you're a BTR fan, 2022-2023 will be an extraordinary year!

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