What Does Graystillplays Look Like? Face Reveal

Garystillplays is still active on YouTube with a new video every day ( Source : twitter )

GrayStillPlays is a popular YouTuber and a Twitch streamer who has revealed his face. 

In truth, he revealed his face long before the streamers made a big deal about it. He is a guy in his 30s who admit he is a dad-looking guy with gray hair and a beard. 

Gray joined YouTube in 2016 and his first video was "The Forest". He used to be very optimistic and celebrated every milestone he reached, such as his 100k 200k 300k subscribers.

In between these two ranges, he revealed his face to celebrate the achievement of 225k subscribers.

However, he has since stopped doing so.

Has Graystillplays Done A Face Reveal?

Yes, Graystillplays did a face reveal five years ago in 2017. 

He came out and uploaded a video revealing his face when there was not even a trend. The video was titled, "My Summer Car In Real  Life- My Summer Car Realistic Gameplay Highlights Ep Face Reveal which has over 1 million views. 
He said in the video that he never wanted to be a voice to go online without his physical body. He revealed his face when he had 225 subscribers and expressed his gratitude to all of his followers. 

Graystillplays called his fans his second family and home away from home because he is with them whenever he's not with his own family.

GrayStillPlays, when he had short hair
GrayStillPlays, when he had short hair ( Source : instagram )

Since then, he has always filmed himself on both YouTube and Instagram with his full body and face displayed. 

What Does Graystillplays Look Like? 

Graystillplays is an average looking guy with long, ash-blonde hair and a beard. It is not sure whether he has colored his hair or they are turning gray as he ages. 

One thing you'll always notice about his face is that he always wears goggles. Previously in his face reveal videos, he used to wear power glasses but he has since switched to goggles.

He may have opted for goggles to protect his eyes from blue rays and the screen time on his laptop. 

Gray has a long oval-shaped face, long ears, and a perfectly shaped nose. It is evident that he has changed drastically since he first revealed his face five years ago. 

Who Is Graystillplays On Twitch?

GrayStillPlays is a Twitch Streamer known for his quick and unusual actions while playing video games.

He describes himself as a dad-looking guy who plays video games live on YouTube. He has a unique style of playing, which is actually not supported because of which he rarely wins any games. 

Gray often uses non-game sound effects to spice up his videos.

An example of him where he has shown his creative side was the video titled Built a Smartphone That Gives People Cancer - Smartphone Tycoon.

This is a game where you can design your own phone and customize everything on the smartphone.

Gray is currently sporting long hair and goggles look
Gray is currently sporting long hair and goggles look ( Source : mobile )

In a video, he supposedly put the call button on the top of the phone, and sound buttons on the bottom right side. He also attempted to put his YouTube logo on the top of the camera and put the Marking under it.

He primarily uploads gameplay videos for GTA V, Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and Happy Wheels.

However, as of 2022 January, he has made a schedule of uploading two Happy Wheels videos, Two GTA videos, and two other games in a week. 

Gray is also quite active on Instagram as well with 41.2k followers.

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You can find a wide range of t-shirts with different prints that you prefer. 

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