What Did Robert Berchtold Do - Where Is He Now? Case Update


Jan Broberg pictured at A Friend of the Family Premiere Event on September 28, 2022, at The Metrograph in New York City. ( Source : gettyimages )

The show series, A Companion of the Family, was delivered on Peacock, and many fans are discussing its actual story. They are interested about where the genuine Robert Berchtold is presently.

It was delivered on October 2022 on Peacock and had its finale on November 10, where Jan Broberg showed up as Dr. Carr, the genuine specialist the Berborg worked with. She referenced in a meeting that she wished her story would help other people.

Where Could Robert Berchtold Currently be?

Robert Berchtold had moved to Pocatello, Idaho, in 1972, where they met their neighbors, Brobergs. Robert was a dad to five youngsters, while Borbergs had three young ladies who were as old as Berchtold's children. In this way, the guardians became companions soon.

Nonetheless, the fellowship prompted control and appalling violations. Robert snatched a little kid from Brobergs named Jan in 1974. She was 12 years of age around then, however he pulled off the principal abducting, which drove him to do another also.

He captured Jan again following two years; this time, he refered to psychological sickness as the justification behind his wrongdoing, for which he spent something like a half year in a psychological organization. Jan talked about her hijacking and what had happened when she was removed a subsequent time.

Robert Berchtold was like companions with the three young ladies of Broberg's loved ones

Robert Berchtold was like companions with the three young ladies of Broberg's family ( Source : vanityfair )

After she shared her story, six different ladies reached her and affirmed that Robert had likewise attacked them. In 1986, he was viewed as at real fault for youngster misuse and invested one year of prison energy.

In 2004, Jan and her mom composed a book named "Taken Guiltlessness" where she discussed the sickening experience she and her family had gone through. From that point forward, they went on a cross country talking visit to bring issues to light about the "sexual maltreatment" yet were frequently hindered by Robert, who denied those cases openly.

Jan got a limiting request against Berchtold as he kept on denying her story and would tell the world that they did it to sell their books. He was subsequently viewed as at fault for attack and confused direct in the wake of getting into a fight with one of the Bikers Against Youngster Misuse demonstrators, fighting Robert's appearance at Jan occasions and criminal intruding.

Then, at that point, in November 2005, he ended it all, dreading jail. His sibling, Joe, said that his sibling had taken his entire being medication, drank Kahlua and milk, and died, reports NBC.

Realities About Robert Berchtold

Robert Berchtold was hitched to Gail Berchtold and had five children with her. They are Jerry, James, Joseph, Jeff, and Jill.

His significant other remained with him after the primary hijacking yet separated from him after the subsequent one and removed her youngsters with her.

He remarried Deanna Lou Wiley in Utah's Pineview Repository on July 17, 1990. After the detachment, his previous spouse settled down with a previous Marine, James Leslie Wadman.

He had a sibling named Joe Berchtold, who likewise showed up in Snatched On display.

His children James and Joseph were the ones in particular who kept in contact with him after the occurrence.

Robert ended his life dreading jail in November 2005.

Jan Broberg with her sisters and guardians

Jan Broberg with her sisters and guardians ( Source : theatlantic )

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