What did Julia Fox say about Kanye West on TikTok?

What did Julia Fox say about Kanye West on TikTok?
Julia Fox is focusing on her relationship with Kanye West in another TikTok video after a fan examined her regarding the relationship.

Kanye, who presently goes by Ye, had a public relationship with Julia, however the two wound up heading out in a different direction subsequent to dating for two or three months.

Presently, the model is getting serious about why she chose to date Kanye while revealing some more insight into their relationship.

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What did Julia Fox say about Kanye West?
On November 21, Julia chose to address a remark that guaranteed: "I simply wish you weren't dating a broadly fierce sexist and racist."

Following this, Julia approached and examined her relationship while conceding that Ye had forever been "typical" around her. Simultaneously, she just had thoughtful words for the Kardashians as she expressed the sisters purchased from her design line quite a while back and sold them at their store.

She proceeded to guarantee that at first, she would have rather not dated Ye on the grounds that he was a superstar. Notwithstanding, something in her purportedly changed when she figured it very well may be useful for Kim Kardashian, as per her own words.

Julia said: "I was like, 'wow, Kanye's hollering at me. What do I do?' However at that point I had this thought: I was like, 'wow, perhaps I can get him off of Kim's case.

"Perhaps I can divert him, simply inspire him to like me and I knew whether anybody can make it happen, it's me.' Since when I put my energy into something, I do it."

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She said it was "wonderful" dating the rapper

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Julia conceded she lived it up with the rapper and that it was "lovely" dating him. She further guaranteed they talked about youth, their fantasies and plans.

Be that as it may, the limit in their relationship was clearly when Ye got his virtual entertainment back, guarantees the model.
She asserted: "The second he began tweeting, I was out. What's more, that is the thing, it's like, the media covered our relationship finishing seven days after it worked out or something like that. So during that week, I think you all felt that we were together, however we weren't."

Julia Fox guards her assertions
A portion of the remarks made by the model recently were not cherished by individuals on TikTok and they rushed to communicate this in her remark segment.

Julia chose to call them out with one more video in which she said: "On the off chance that ladies truly didn't date men that maintained male centric qualities or didn't date men that were sexist or had dangerous perspectives or did risky things previously or expressed tricky things before, there would be no men passed on to date."

She further subtitled the video: "The glaring bigotry and sexism in my remarks is dishonorable and I'm leaving it up so that the world might be able to see. So wear it gladly, [because] I don't get compensated to tidy up your wrecks!!"

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