Were Laney Chantal and Violent J Dating? Rapper's Girlfriend and Dating History


Violent J and Laney Chantal were in an on and off relationship. ( Source : reddit )

A YouTube video claims that Laney Chantal and Violent J were supposedly dating for the longest time.

The make-up artist passed away at quite a young age bringing all her past into the media. 

She was a makeup artist who participated in SyFy's Face Off but left before the end of the episode. Her Instagram account, @laneychantal, has more than 50,000 fans, and everyone is mourning her demise, currently expressing their love and admiration toward her. 

In 2009, she relocated to California from Michigan to pursue her makeup career. When she initially arrived, she was employed by a Halloween retailer.

As the new of her passing reached the internet, fans have started a conversation about her supposed relationship with Violent J.

Were Laney Chantal and Violent J Dating?

A YouTube channel named 'Bartleboss and The 'Dead' Guy Show' put out a shocking video six months ago where he talked about Laney Chantal and Violent J's relationship. 

She put out a video saying that she was left all alone in a hotel room, unable to do anything or get out of the horrific situation. She further added that the rapper cheated on her with musical artist Blahzay Roze. Even though nothing could be confirmed then, everyone started making it a serious issue resulting in J's serious backlash.

The YouTuber hoped that the rumors were untrue as he believed that Chantal had done a lot for Violent and she deserved better. Totally heartbroken, Chantal was feeling really bad after whatever happened between the two. It was declared that Laney and J were not dating anymore after being in an on-and-off relationship for a very long time. 

Laney Chantal in Bloody Valentine.
Laney Chantal in Bloody Valentine. ( Source : flickr )

However, J's latest post on Instagram was 14 weeks ago, which was actually an appreciation for the artist's Halloween look. It is quite unusual that there was even a conjecture about the two breaking up in the past.

Now that we hear the sad news concerning the makeup artist, in no time, her social media accounts are filled with tributes and condolences. A fan writes, 'My heart is at pieces now. I'm so sorry, dearest Laney; rest in no pain.

Violent J's Girlfriend and Dating History

Last year, around the same time, it was speculated that Violent J had a new girlfriend who was around 20 years younger than him and was a makeup artist. Like a blind item, people were busy playing the guessing game when finally, the news got official that the girl was revealed to be Laney Chantal. 

Before dating Laney, J was even said to be with musical artist Blahzay Roze, a rapper from the United States who was the first female rapper to sign with Psychopathic Records' primary label. Violent J was dating Pulsifer. Broken, Blahzay Roze's debut EP was released in 2016, and the following year, she was let go from her contract.

Following his divorce, Violent J is currently single
Following his divorce, Violent J is currently single ( Source : nme )

They were even said to be in a relationship while J was still dating Laney, which got quite ugly back then. 

J was married to Sugar Slamm, from whom he has a child. The ex-wife of Violent J is an American singer. 2013 saw their wedding, and 2016 saw their divorce. Sugar was a vocalist with the Psychopathic supergroup Legz Diamond & the Purple Gang, which also included guitarist Legz Diamond and rapper Jumpsteady. Her voice can be heard on many Psychopathic records.

Currently, Violent J is not dating anyone, and he is completely single.

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