Unperfect Christmas Wish Cast: Where To Watch and Stream?


Unperfect Christmas Wish will premiere on UPtv. ( Source : tmsimg )

Alys Crocker and David Pinard star as the lead cast in UPTv's Unperfect Christmas Wish.

According to a press statement from UPtv, 17 original movies will be premiered, making this the greatest programming announcement in the channel's history.

You'll care about the actors and their fate as you see them cultivate their connections and provide each other with unwavering support in the feel-good, well-cast UnPerfect Christmas Wish.

The story emphasizes the value of fostering friendships, giving thanks, and realizing that a perfectly imperfect love has been by your side all along. It is a very sweet movie that will make you happy inside. 

Meet Unperfect Christmas Wish Cast

Alys Crocker As Madison O'Hara

Alys Crocker plays Madison O'Hara in Unperfect Christmas Wish
Alys Crocker plays Madison O'Hara in Unperfect Christmas Wish ( Source : turkcealtyazi )

Alys Crocker plays the protagonist in the movie by playing Madison O'Hara. May the Best Wedding Win (2022) and Big Gold Brick are two of Alys' well-known works.

David Pinard As Cooker 

David Pinard plays Cooker in Unperfect Christmas Wish
David Pinard plays Cooker in Unperfect Christmas Wish ( Source : wealthyspy )

David Pinars plays Cooker, who is madly in love with Madison. David was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada's hub for the car industry. He earned a Human Kinetics degree from the University of Windsor. 

Despite being an athlete and spending most of his childhood playing soccer, he has always loved to amuse others. After relocating to Toronto, David studied acting with Dean Armstrong, Lewis Baumander, and Harmon Walsh, in addition to attending the Second City school of improv.

Ish Morris As Luke 

Ish Morris plays Luke in Unperfect Christmas Wish
Ish Morris plays Luke in Unperfect Christmas Wish ( Source : jnnyn )

Ish Morris portrays Luke, Madison's successful boyfriend in the movie. Actor and singer Ishan Morris, known by his stage as iSH, hails from Canada. He occasionally receives the Ish Morris name credit for his acting appearances.

After graduating, Morris began an acting career, making appearances in TV shows, movies, and advertisements. He co-starred with Keshia Chanté in the TV show "Soul." Additionally, he was cast in Saw 3D, the final installment of the Saw horror series, and won a regular part in "Baxter" on The Family Channel.

He released the song "Rollin'" with Stef Lang in 2013. He appeared in Cody Simpson's smash song "Pretty Brown Eyes" after that triumph.

Bukola Ayoka As Jackie 

Bukola Ayoka plays Jackie in Unperfect Christmas Wish
Bukola Ayoka plays Jackie in Unperfect Christmas Wish ( Source : informationng )

Bukola plays the character of Jackie in the movie. She was raised in Canada by parents from Nigeria and Jamaica. When she was nine, she transitioned from competitive dancing to community theater and improv.

Bukola originally tried her hand at screenplay and video editing in high school, and she eventually earned a specialist's degree in cinema studies at the University of Toronto.

At the age of 15, Smith offered Bukola her first actual TV screenplay to serve as a writing sample and continued to invest in her artistic growth, always encouraging her to nurture her natural storytelling abilities. Bukola considers Smith to be both one of her greatest mentors and a personal hero.

Adam Langton As Brett

Adam Langton plays Brett
Adam Langton plays Brett ( Source : imdb )

Adam started pursuing film and television jobs in 2013 after years of playing in classical theatre. He presently resides and works as a writer and actor in the Greater Toronto Area.

He has a blue rose inked over his heart and a spider on his right forearm. He had a sternotomy when he was 13 years old, leaving a scar on his chest.

Marissa Orjalo As Hostess 

Marissa Orjalo plays a Hostess in Unperfect Christmas Wish
Marissa Orjalo plays a Hostess in Unperfect Christmas Wish ( Source : marissaorjalo )

Mariss makes an appearance in Unperfect Christmas Wish as a hostess. Filipina Marissa Orjalo is a biracial, multidisciplinary performer from Canada who is based in Toronto.

She is dedicated to promoting ethnic inclusiveness within the art business and beyond. She is of Scottish, Irish, French, and Filipino ancestry. She was raised in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Marissa was exposed to the arts from a very young age, with a focus on musical and theatrical performance. She is well regarded as an actor, composer, vocalist, dramaturg, and sound designer in the Toronto theater world thanks to a variety of flexible training and priceless experiences.

Other Casts 

  • Valerie Boyle As Grams
  • Stephen Davis As Santa
  • Presley Allard As Young Maddie
  • Troy Blundell As Waiter
  • Rhoslynne Bugay As Mrs. Connelly
  • Josh Carrier As Photographer
  • Ivano DiCaro As Young Cooper
  • Simon Henderson As Store Manager
  • Brooke Harmony Jeanveau As Sally
  • Kerri Kamara As Jeannie
  • Masa Lizdek As Lila
  • Norm MacQueen As Mr. Bon Bon

Unperfect Christmas Wish Streaming Platform & Release Date 

On November 4 at 7 pm Eastern Time, Unperfect Christmas Wish makes its television debut on UPtv.

The movie portrays the story of Madison O'Hara, who is happy that her highly wealthy boyfriend Luke is flying in only to see her for dinner tonight after another successful day of playing as a singing elf for a holiday party.

Maddy is certain that there will be more on the menu than just food, and she is prepared for when the big question is asked. But when Maddy's aspirations for an intimate evening are dashed by dinner with a bunch of affluent friends, she is upset and calls it quits with Luke.

Luke doesn't give up and impresses Maddy with a lavish meal in a private studio and gives her a stunning diamond necklace. Cooper, who is deeply in love with her, recognizes his opportunity.

Don't forget to watch Unperfect Christmas Wish on Uptv
Don't forget to watch Unperfect Christmas Wish on Uptv ( Source : uptv )

Maddy is perplexed, but after a brief conversation with a wise Santa, she realizes that what we ask for might already be in front of us and starts to see her life and the people in it differently.

Unperfect Christmas Wish Filming Location

Unperfect Christmas Wish was filmed in Canada.

Together with Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has earned the moniker "Hollywood North" thanks to its significant film and television production sector.

In addition to being used as a stand-in for Toronto-based scenes, Chicago and New York City are frequently used as substitute locations. In reality, Ontario (the province where Toronto is located) is the third-largest television and film production hub in North America, behind New York and California. 

Don't forget to watch this movie since it will perfectly capture the spirit of Christmas, which is just around the corner.

Some FAQs

Who are the cast of Unperfect Christmas Wish?

Alys Crocker and David Pinard star as leads in Unperfect Christmas Wish.

When will Unperfect Christmas Wish premiere?

Unperfect Christmas Wish will premiere on November 4 at 7 p.m. ET.

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