Todd Chrisley played prank on Grayson in hospital after life-threatening car accident

Chrisley Knows Best star Grayson Chrisley was in a perilous auto crash on Saturday, November 12. The Chrisley family, who rose to distinction on their USA Organization show, aren't having the most ideal situation in 2022. Talking on their web recording, Chrisley Admissions, Todd and Julie said they're as of now going through one of the "hardest seasons" of their lives.

To exacerbate the situation, their most youthful child, Grayson, was owned up to clinic in the wake of being engaged with a car crash this month. Todd and Savannah raced to the clinic to be with Grayson and fortunately he's doing fine at this point.

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Grayson Chrisley in fender bender
On Saturday, November 12, Grayson Chrisley was in a fender bender on I-65 in Nashville, TMZ reports.
Grayson, 16, was taken to Vanderbilt Youngsters' Emergency clinic following the accident and his vehicle was towed away.

No captures, charges, or references were given out, Tennessee Police said.

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Todd makes sense of what occurred
During Todd and Julie Chrisley's web recording, they frequently discuss late occasions in their day to day existence. Furthermore, in Thursday's episode they made sense of what has been going on with Grayson.

Talking on episode 209 of Chrisley Admissions, Todd said: "Grayson was in a horrendous auto crash on the highway and we got the call that we needed to get to him. I ran out of the house, hopped into the vehicle, and thought that he is on the highway. The rescue vehicle was there, the paramedics were there."

Todd added that traffic was arranged for "miles and miles" while Grayson's vehicle was "added up to."

Making sense of the alarming second further, Todd said he was so thankful to find his child alive.

He said: "I took a gander at Grayson on that cot toward the rear of that rescue vehicle and him crying and the police halting me to converse with me before they took me to him. All I could imagine was thank you, God, since he was alive and crying."
Todd and Savannah trick Grayson
Whenever tests had been run on Grayson and it was finished up he was alright following the mishap, notwithstanding, Todd got up to his old stunts.

Talking on his digital broadcast, Todd said understanding what the press can be like, he maintained that Grayson should have a toxicology screen completed to show he didn't have liquor in that frame of mind at the hour of the accident.

Todd said he pulled a medical caretaker to the side to tell her he needed to pull a prank on Grayson. The dad of five had the attendant tell Grayson his toxicology screen had returned showing he "tried positive for liquor."

Todd uncovered Grayson "bounced up and got out whatever? How?"

Grayson saw Savannah was recording the second and acknowledged it was a trick. Todd made sense of Grayson said: "No, there's absolutely not a chance since I've never had liquor in my life."

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