Thekla Reuten Partner Gijs Naber - Age Gap & Wedding Details


Thekla Reuten and Gijs Naber used to make frequent public appearances together ( Source : photoshelter )

Thekla Reuten is dating Gijs Naber, an actor, but they haven't gotten married yet. The duo is well-liked by the public.

Thekla Simona Gelsomina Reuten is a well-known entertainer from the Netherlands. She's a native of the Netherlands. She studied acting, and during her final year, she was offered her first principal leadership role in a Dutch movie.

 She has been crucial up until this point for various films and motion pictures. Thekla Reuten portrayed Jillian Salvius in season 2 of "Warrior Nun." Netflix's "Warrior Nun" has a compelling plot, explosive action, and high-octane drama that keep viewers hooked to their screens.

The Ben Dunn comic book character Warrior Nun Aralea inspired Simon Barry's fantasy drama series. The tale's protagonist is a teenage girl named Ava Silva who is an orphan with tetraplegia.

She abruptly awakens one day in a morgue, equipped with superpowers, and given the responsibility of serving as the Halo Keeper of a legendary order of warrior nuns.

Quick Facts

NameThekla Reuten
Real NameThekla Simona Gelsomina Reuten
Birth Date16 September 1975
Age47years old
Birth PlaceBussum, North Holland, Netherlands
BoyfriendGijs Naber

Gijs Naber and Thekla Reuten attend the Het Verlangen premiere
Gijs Naber and Thekla Reuten attend the Het Verlangen premiere( Source : photoshelter )

Thekla Reuten Partner Is Gijs Naber, Their Age Gap

Thekla Reuten is partnered with Gijs Naber, who is also an entertainer, although they haven't tied the knot yet. It has been established that the couple started dating in the latter part of 2011.

In 2015, they welcomed their first child. In the middle of 2018, they also invited their second child. However, it is still unclear how their offspring will develop.

The two collaborated on several other undertakings. The couple has been together for the past eight years and continues to have a wonderful relationship. It has not yet been made known if the couple is indeed married, engaged, or just dating.

Who Is Her Partner Gijs Naber? His Age

Gijs Naber is a Dutch actor. Since 1998, he has made more than thirty cinematic appearances. The actor was born in Vinkeveen, Netherlands, on August 9, 1980.

Gijs Naber in nieuwe film van Oscarwinnares Marleen Gorris
Gijs Naber in nieuwe film van Oscarwinnares Marleen Gorris ( Source : parool )

He is currently 42 years old. The actor hasn't yet divulged any private information to any of the mainstream, though.

As a result, Gijs Naber's handsome portrayal of the valiant but damned Captain Jakob Störr in The Story of My Wife follows him as he bets a friend that he will wed the first woman to enter the café where they are seated.

Thekla Reuten Age Gap With Gijs Naber, How Old Is She?

Thekla Reuten, who was born on September 16, 1975, is currently 47 years old. Thekla is six years older than her partner Gijs Naber when their ages are compared.

Despite the fact that she is older, their age difference will not cause any problems in their relationship because they are both devoted to one another.

Thekla Reuten and Gijs Naber both work in the film industry
Thekla Reuten and Gijs Naber both work in the film industry ( Source : ad )

They have been in a long-term relationship. They care about and adore each other equally. Even their affection is shared.

Thekla Reuten Family Backgroud

Thekla Reuten was born in Bussum, Netherlands, to an Italian mother who was born in Benabbio, close to Bagni di Lucca, and a Dutch father, Joost Reuten. She studied acting at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam.

She took on leading roles in Dutch cinema and theater plays during her last year of study.

Her depiction of Lotte in the movie Twin Sisters, which was up for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, earned her the Berlinale's "Shooting Star Award" at the beginning of her career.

Later roles included The American with George Clooney, In Bruges with Colin Farrell, Hotel Lux with Bully Herbig, and the political thriller Waffenstillstand ("Ceasefire").

Does She Have Any Siblings?

Thekla Reuten does not currently have any siblings, according to her information. She is her parents' obedient daughter. Every parent would be pleased to have a child who works so hard and achieves achievement, as is common knowledge.

Nothing is more satisfying for an actor than having others in the field appreciate their performance. Even though most creatives work because they love it, it's comforting to hear that their efforts are appreciated.

Thekla Reuten is fortunate to have a nice family close by
Thekla Reuten is fortunate to have a nice family close by ( Source : instagram )

Thekla can rejoice in the fact that her efforts have been noticed. She has received two Academy Award nominations. French, Italian, German, Dutch, and English are among Thekla's five native tongues.

Her ability to do so has greatly aided her career and provided her the chance to act in several languages throughout various nations.

"The skill," she asserts, "is to be able to speak and act in the other languages without coming across as an alien. In the future, at least, I think we'll see more people doing this.

Some FAQs

What is the net worth of Thekla Reuten?

Thekla Reuten has net worth of around $4million.

Is she still in relationship with Gijs Naber?

Yes, she is still in relationship with Gijs Naber.

Who is her boyfriend Gijs Naber?

Gijs Naber is a Dutch actor.

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