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Claudia Harrison is a British actress who will be starring in the fifth season of The Crown. ( Source : co )

As The Crown enters its fifth season, there will be yet another significant cast shift, with Imelda Staunton from the Harry Potter films taking over Olivia Colman's position as Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana are played by Jonathan Pryce, Dominic West, and Elizabeth Debicki, respectively; the roles of Charles' siblings Anne, Andrew, and Edward have also changed.

However, Claudia Harrison will also be joining the cast this season. Erin Doherty, who has portrayed Anne for the previous two seasons, will be replaced by Harrison. Harrison has been a staple on British television for many years.

It has appeared on several programs, including The IT Crowd and the acclaimed comic series Humans on Channel 4. Here we will look more closely into the actress's life outside the entertainment industry.

Quick facts

NameClaudia Harrison
Age46 years old
Date Of BirthJanuary 1, 1976
Birth PlaceBradfield, England.
HusbandJames Gray

How Old Is Claudia Harrison? - Her Age

Claudia is 46 years old and was born on January 1, 1976. Since entering the acting world in 2000, English actress Claudia Harrison has worked on over 22 different projects, including the acclaimed Netflix series "The Crown," in which she portrayed "Princess Anne."

Claudia Harrison plays the role of Princess Anne in The Crown season 5.
Claudia Harrison plays the role of Princess Anne in The Crown season 5. ( Source : consent )

Because she took over the role of Princess Anne from British actress Erin Doherty, who was the breakout star of the Crown's final two seasons, "Princess Anne" has represented a huge turnaround in her career.

After about three years, Claudia was allowed to work on The Crown Season 5 because, during the lockdown, she gave up acting, TV, and part-time teaching at Rada to spend time at her farm with her husband, James Gray, and three children. At that time, Harrison's agent informed her that the show's producers were interested in speaking with her.

In an interview with Dailymail, she explained that she finally got the role of Princess Anne and was delighted to go back home to her kids and share the news. Her kids were extremely happy for her. 

Who Is Claudia Harrison Married To?

Claudia Harrison is married to her longtime husband, James Gray. She has been with her beloved husband for over 15 years, and they are still strong.

Claudia Harrison photographed while she was filming for The Crown season 5.
Claudia Harrison photographed while she was filming for The Crown season 5. ( Source : people )

She currently lives with her husband in Essex, and runs a farm together. Claudia is a mother to two children, a son, and a daughter.

The couple's gorgeous North Essex, UK, timber frame farmhouse was awarded Best Timber Frame Home 2012 in 2012. Claudia's efforts helped the house win the Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards' Best Interiors 2012 categories as well.

The farm was once an airport used by the USAF 381st Bombardment Group during World War II. Some of the original buildings were preserved by Claudia and her farmer husband after they converted the airfield buildings into agricultural shops.

Harrison is madly in love with her husband and has talked about several struggles they had to face together. She is also very private regarding her kids and has not shared her children's names with the media.

However, she loves flaunting her husband and calls him "pointlessly handsome James." 

How Did Claudia Harrison Rise To Fame?

After she graduated from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Claudia Harrison landed her first acting gig in 2000's Attachments, where she played Lucy 'Luce' Jennings in just one episode titled Ohnosecond.

The following year, however, Harrison was allowed to play Margaret Livingston in The Cat's Meow and Annie in Murphy's Law, which helped to increase her confidence.

Her life changed when she landed the role of Annie Guthrie in the Murphy's Law series in 2003. Since then, her fame has continued with her work in Oyster Farmer, Little Britain, Archangel, The Only Boy for Me, New Tricks, Mutual Friends, Humans, and Delicious.

Throughout her acting career, Harrison has also worked as an Associate Teacher for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).
And the rest is just history. Today she has established a name for herself in the showbiz industry as a very reputed actress. The actress has also garnered a loyal fanbase throughout the years. 

What Does Claudia Harrsion Role Of Princess Anne Consist Of?

The plot of Anne's tale will follow her divorce from her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, as well as her marriage to Commander Timothy Laurence, to whom she has been married ever since. The fifth season of The Crown will take place in the 1990s.

Claudia Harrison gets into character of Princess Anne during her shoot.
Claudia Harrison gets into character of Princess Anne during her shoot. ( Source : thesun )

She was just the fifth royal to divorce since Henry VIII; thus, her divorce and remarriage to Laurence sparked controversy. Harrison has hinted elsewhere at how Anne will enter Charles' narrative when he experiences his separation and ultimate divorce.

Harrison revealed that she was a "superfan" of The Crown before landing the part of Anne, so beginning production on the program was "extremely scary" for her.

Claudia also mentioned that, although unable to meet the previous Anne actor Erin Doherty due to COVID, she could communicate with her. She was spotted filming a scene with her on-screen mother, Staunton, which is how her casting was initially made public. On a boat, the two actresses were captured in character for photos.

Some FAQs

How old is Claudia Harrison who plays the role of Princess Anne?

Claudia Harrison is currently 46 years old.

Where is Claudia Harrison originally from?

Claudia Harrison is originally from Bradfield, England.

Who is Claudia Harrison starring as in The Crown season 5?

Claudia Harrison is starring as Princess Anne in season 5.

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