Suzy Kolber Married Her Husband Eric Brady, A Look Inside Her Family

  Suzy Kolber is a sportscaster for ESPN. ( Source : sportscasting )

Suzy Kobler and her husband, Eric Brady, changed their wedding vows in 2008. The couple has a family of three.

The ESPN sportscaster and reporter Suzy married Eric 14 years ago. But they have disclosed very little information about their marital life online.

The Kolber family is into athletics, from college to national television. Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a Jewish family, the sportscaster won a spot on the school football team when she was only ten. 

However, she didn't pursue the sport because her family strongly disagreed with her playing football. She attended Sandy Run Middle School and graduated from Upper Dublin High School. Furthermore, after earning her bachelor's degree from the University of Miami, she worked for different television networks/stations and eventually joined ESPN in 1993.

Gene Kolber and Sandra Kolber are her parents, and she is the beloved mother of Kellyn Brady.

Suzy Kolber Husband Is Eric Brady

Suzy Kobler is a married woman who chose to spend forever with her husband, Eric Brady.

Suzy and Eric walked down the aisle in 2008 and have remained lowkey ever since. However, the sportscaster has remained very professional and never mixed up her personal life with her professional life.

 Suzy Kolber has shared pictures only with her work partners, not her life partner.
Suzy Kolber has shared pictures only with her work partners, not her life partner. ( Source : instagram )

Likewise, Brady has also rarely made media appearances or appeared on his wife's social media or workplace. He is also inactive on Instagram and other social media platforms.

However, she once shared in an interview that she is a single mother raising her daughter by herself, so fans speculated if they walked different paths.

Suzy began working at Dynamic Cable as a sports director while pursuing her undergraduate degree in telecommunications at the University of Miami.  After graduating in 1986, she joined CBS Sports as a videotape coordinator in New York City.

The reporter also worked for Fox Sports from 1996 to 1999 before returning to ESPN, which she previously left to join Fox.  However, unlike other television personalities/broadcasters who introduce their families on their social media, the sportscaster has never initiated to bring her loved ones into the spotlight so that they can enjoy their privacy and regular life.

Suzy Kolber Has A Gorgeous Daughter

Suzy is also a proud mother, blessed with a daughter named Kellyn Brady.

The reporter gave birth to her first child in 2008, and the little one turned 14 on the 5th of March, 2022. She tried to keep her pregnancy confidential from the public eye by hiding her baby bump, but the news broke on the internet.

The ESPN sportscaster Suzy Kolber has yet to introduce her family to the media formally.
The ESPN sportscaster Suzy Kolber has yet to introduce her family to the media formally. ( Source : instagram )

Like her father, Kellyn has also marinated a safe distance from the media and focused on living her everyday life, going to school, and having fun. Furthermore, Kolber has preferred not to post pictures of her child on her social networking site.

However, among the 12 followers the sportscaster has followed on her Instagram, one user's name is Kellyn, who goes by the username @kel_0704_lyn. She is also a little girl with beautiful eyes but has maintained a private account.

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