Sophie Cachia and Basketballer Maddie Garrick Split and Apparently Cheating Was Involved, Here Is The Tea


Sophie Cachia pictured at Liptember 2017 Campaign Launch Lunch on August 29, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. ( Source : gettyimages )

Sophie Cachia and Maddie Garrick have split following cheating accusations made news.

The split happened after seven months after their engagement. 

Sophie announced the news in late October and opened up about the heartbreak on Tuesday. However, the basketball player has not commented on the issue yet. 

There are also cheating rumors going around on the internet. But, Sophie has not accused her ex-partner of cheating but mentioned not being able to trust anyone anymore, which causes people to speculate that cheating was involved.

Quick Facts About Sophie Cachia

NameSophie Cachia
Age32 Years old
HusbandJaryd Cachia (divorced)
ChildrenBobby and Florence

Sophia Cachia and Maddie Garrick before their separation
Sophia Cachia and Maddie Garrick before their separation( Source : instagram )

Sophie Cachia and Basketballer Maddie Garrick Split

Sophie Cachia and basketballer Maddie Garrick have split after seven months of their engagement.

Sophie Cachia and Maddie Garrick had got engaged seven months ago. However, in late October, Sophie, the 32-year-old businesswoman, made the shocking statement on Instagram, hinting at her breakup with her fiance. 

She had not mentioned any reasons for her breakup at that time but talked about a breach of trust and how she made a choice because she wanted to be a "good example" for her two children, Bobby and Florence. 

Sophie Cachia is a businesswoman and a sleepwear designer
Sophie Cachia is a businesswoman and a sleepwear designer ( Source : instagram )

Maddie had moved to Italy to play for a local basketball women's team. In fact, Sophie had recently visited her. They shared pictures of them traveling together before the separation announcement. 

Before starting to date women, Sophie married retired AFL player Jaryd Cachia. Although she shared two kids with him and said he was good to her, she realized that she wanted more, and thus, she started to date women. 

Rumors Say Cheating Was Involved In Sophie Cachia and Maddie Garrick Separation

When Sophie announced her breakup last month, she did not go into detail. However, on Tuesday, she shared her sadness on Instagram following the breakdown of her engagement to the basketball player and said she is "sick to death" of requiring people's support, writes Daily Mail.

She shared how she cried and did not eat for many days following the separation. She wrote on Instagram about how she proposed to Maddie with the "guarantee of loyalty, trust, honesty and respect" from her end. 

She also added that it would be difficult for her to trust people again. Then, she had an emotional breakdown and wrote, "I didn't ask for this. I don't want to be here. 2 weeks ago, I was traveling the world, the happiest I've felt in my life for so many years".

She added that she does not want to believe in anyone again or have trust issues. According to Kidspot, two sources close to Sophie claimed that cheating was involved, and Sophie's sister KJ Austin is telling people that Maddie cheated on her. 

Sophie Shaw with her two children posing with Sara Blicavs
Sophie Shaw with her two children posing with Sara Blicavs ( Source : instagram )

On the other hand, the second source said that Maddie was seeing another teammate, and Sophie found out about it. And the couple was not in an open relationship which caused Sophie to split from Maddie. 

At the end of the IG post, she said she had not expected the relationship to end so soon. However, although she is hurting, life must go on, and she has to show up for her work and continue her role as a mom. 

She requested everyone to provide privacy for her and her children for the sake of her mental health and allow her to heal in peace and move forward. 

Some FAQs

How many kids does Sophie Cachia have?

Sophie Cachia has two kids named Bobby and Florence. Bobby is eight years old and Florence is five.

Is Sophie Cachia married?

Sophie was married to Jaryd Cachia but she got divorced after she found out she liked women.

Did Sophie Cachia and Maddie Garrick split?

Sophie Cachia announced her split with Maddie Garrick on her Instagram on October.

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