Sofia Boutella Parties With Madonna and We Are Practically Jealous


Sofia Boutella attends the CAA pre-Oscar Party on March 30, her looks by BLAZÉ Milano, and makeup by Aurora Bergere ( Source : instagram )

Sofia Boutella had parties with American singer Madonna in London and hung out together while working together. 

Boutella boosted her career after working alongside the singer Madonna in the 2000s. She was part of the pop star Confession Tour. Even the actress credit Madonna for helping her learn English and her work. 

Boutella had gathered knowledge in the acting field. She starred in Atomic Blonde as a French secret agent alongside Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, and Toby Jones. The actress collected experience after playing supporting roles in movies.

Sofia Boutella Partied With Madonna In London

Boutella partied with Madonna in London. On April 15, 2016, Madonna and Boutella hung out in London. The actress was a pop star dancer. She had worked on Confessions Tour and the Hung Up video with Madonna. 

Boutella used to invite Madonna to her birthday parties. On August 18, 2013, she had the best birthday party with Madonna, where they had a grand party with firecrackers. At that time, they had started working separately after the actress realized her passion for acting. 

Madonna and Boutella shared fond memories of their years on the entertainment road. In September 2021, Madonna and actress Boutella joined at VAMS After party.

Boutella was the dancer in the 2009 music video Madonna: Celebration. Also, it was the promotional video of the pop star's single. The actress worked alongside Lourdes Leon, Jesus Luz, and Mowii in the video. 

Singer Madonna at her birthday party with JR and former dancer Sofia Boutella
Singer Madonna at her birthday party with JR and former dancer Sofia Boutella ( Source : twitter )

In 2005, Boutella was part of a music video for the Confessions On A Dance Floor album. She appeared in Madonna Sort in 2006. The music video was the second single from her album. 

Boutella, Mihran, Miss Prissy, and Daniel were the dancer. Besides this, she appeared in Madonna: Celebration- The Video Collection. They last worked in 2009 with Madonna. 

Boutella auditioned for Michael Jackson's This Is It concerts, but she could not attend the show because of the Madonna tour. Nonetheless, in February 2011, she secured the lead character in the Hollywood Tonight music video of Michael Jackson. 

Boutella used to work with the dance of Madonna, and these days she hired her employees and had her glam on the red carpet in designer clothes with a brand level like Valentino, Vera Wang, Chanel, and Dior.

Are Sofia Boutella and Madonna Friends?

Boutella and Madonna became friends after she led to work with her on Confessions Tour. It was the seventh concert tour by Madonna. The actress used to work with the singer in her work. 

Besides this, Boutella credits Madonna for her English improvement. According to the actress, her French was poor, and she was two years behind in high school. She had to adapt situation, and it was mentally difficult for her. Even the actress had bullied for her language. 

Sofia Botella and Madonna enjoying firecrackers in 2021
Sofia Botella and Madonna enjoying firecrackers in 2021 ( Source : twitter )

Boutella had a poor sense of clothes, and she wore the same pair of shoes until they had a hole. However, Madonna gave her guidance for her. The actress loves and admires the pop star.

Boutella mentioned Madonna was hilarious during their years together. She used to do sound checks and lyrics. She even talks about them and never takes them seriously. The Queen of Pop gifted the previous tomboy her first heels. 

Madge asked Boutella if she had ever danced in heels. She replied no, gave her heels, and said there was being for everything. 

Sofia Boutella's Journey From A Dancer To SAS Rouge Heroes 

Boutella was the former dancer of Madonna. After the actress started dancing in films and television shows, she played a lead role in StreetDance 2 as Eva in 2012. The actress had rehearsals for Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl halftime show which was her last professional gig as a dancer. 

Afterward, Boutella decided to devote herself to acting. She mentioned she did not want to dance anymore. The actress emerged in French movies and shows before she told Madonna. 

Sofia Botella in Dubai with Virginie Viard..., makeup by Makeup Artist Toni Malt, and hair by Kiril Vasilev
Sofia Botella in Dubai with Virginie Viard..., makeup by Makeup Artist Toni Malt, and hair by Kiril Vasilev ( Source : instagram )

Boutella had served in a dancing career for 12 years and finally sought an acting career. She auditioned for supporting roles instead led characters in the movies to collect experience. 

Boutella made $100 per house, which was good cash for her. Her life changed after she booked Kingsman: The Secret Service as Gazelle in 2014. She had built her fame in the seven featured movies. 

Boutella recently worked in the mini-series SAS Rogue Heros as Eve Mansour in 2022. The actress also starred in the pre-production movie Rebel Moon as Kora. 

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