Simpsons Thanksgiving Episodes List and Ranking


Bart, Lisa, Marge and Homer during Thanksgiving dinner ( Source : screenrant )

Five episodes of Thanksgiving of The Simpsons have been released for over thirty years. And viewers can always go back and watch those in the holidays. 

The holiday season calls for some fun, and what else could be better than watching your favorite show and its holiday episodes? One of the shows that the viewers could watch is The Simpsons, as Thanksgiving is around the corner. 

But, it is quite surprising that The Simpsons have been running the show for many decades now, but only a few times have they celebrated Thanksgiving, writes Screenrant. There are 19 Christmas specials, but very few episodes for Thanksgiving. 

The season where the Thanksgiving episode premiered is Season 2, Season 12, Season 13, Season 23, and Season 31. Here are the list and ranks of the Thanksgiving episodes. 

The Simpsons family in the picture
The Simpsons family in the picture ( Source : variety )

1. Bart Vs. Thanksgiving

Bart Vs. Thanksgiving is the seventh episode of the second season of The Simpsons. In this episode, Bart ruins Thanksgiving as he destroys Lisa's centerpiece. Then, he runs away from home after Homer and Marge blame him for the incident and ask him to apologize to Lisa. 

Bart and Lisa fight for space in dinner table to place their things during Thanksgiving
Bart and Lisa fight for space in dinner table to place their things during Thanksgiving ( Source : pastemagazine )

But, the siblings reconcile as Bart returns home after seeing the meager lives of the homeless men at the breadline. The reconciliation of the siblings after the wreck is bittersweet and touching.

Likewise, the brief glimpse of Thanksgiving in a soup kitchen also portrays a bitter reality, but at the same time, it shows that there is still kindness in the world and holiday is for all to celebrate. 

2. Homer vs. Dignity

In Homer Vs. Dignity episode, in the 12th season, the Simpsons family tries to dine and dash as Homer's credit card gets rejected. Instead, the family is made to perform and entertain the guest to work off their bill. 

As the Simpson family reaches the point where they have to announce bankruptcy several times, Homer tries to ask his boss for a raise. But his boss asks him to become a prank money and makes him do things that harm his dignity. A panda even assaulted him in the zoo. 

Homer turns into a panda as his boss commands him
Homer turns into a panda as his boss commands him ( Source : reviewnebula )

His daughter, Lisa, finds out about it and asks her father to stop doing those things as his dignity is more important than money. So instead, he spends the money he earned being prank money for donations. 

Later, he was offered to become a Santa Claus to distribute toys to kids, and he rejected his boss's one million dollar offer to become prank money once again, saying his dignity is more important. 

3. Homer The Moe

Homer The Moe may not sound like it is related to Thanksgiving at all, but the tone of the storyline is similar to that of Bart Vs. Thanksgiving. Moe returns to bartending school in the third episode of the 13th season to rekindle his passion for the craft. 

And, as he returns, he renovates his tavern, which does not fit with Homer's and other regular's tastes. Homer feels unwelcome and decides to open his own hunting lodge as an excuse to serve liquor to him and Lenny, Carl, and Barney.

Homer visiting Moe's tavern turned post modern nightclub
Homer visiting Moe's tavern turned post modern nightclub ( Source : tvtropes )

On the other hand, Moe regrets changing his tavern into something bizarre and feels bad for ignoring his regulars, who are like friends. At the end of the episode, the Simpson family returns to Moe's tavern to attend a Thanksgiving dinner, and Homer reaffirms their relationship. 

4. Holidays of Future Passed

Holidays of Future Passed is the ninth episode of the 23rd season. It shows a leap of thirty years into Simpson's family's life. 

After ending the thanksgiving dinner, it is time to take Christmas pictures, and as Bart is complaining about his mother's words about him having kids, the family takes the photo, a complication of the Simson family's Christmas follows, and the episode jumps thirty years into the future. 

In the future, Bart is divorced and has two sons, but he does not meet them much. Lisa is married and has a daughter named Zia. Maggie is a singer and is pregnant with a child. 

The Simpsons take Christmas card family photo
The Simpsons take Christmas card family photo ( Source : simpsons )

It is mostly a Christmas episode that ends with Homer, Bart, and Lisa forgiving their loved ones and reconciling with them in the end. Homer forgives his grandpa for his flawed parenting, and Lisa and Bart reconnect with their children.

It is a heartwarming episode that shows families should forgive each other's flaws and redeem their mistakes. 

5. Thanksgiving of Horror

The Thanksgiving of Horror version of Treehouse of Horror showed from Turkey's point of view. The writer Dan Vebbel said that he wanted the audience to know how it feels at Thanksgiving if you are a turkey. 

In the 8th episode of season 31, some of the family members of the Simpsons and some other Springfield residents are shown as a turkey. The pilgrims hunt down Turkeys for thier Thanksgiving dinner, and Homer is among them captured. 

Simpsons as Turkey in the Thanksgiving of Horror
Simpsons as Turkey in the Thanksgiving of Horror ( Source : bloody-disgusting )

He watches other turkeys in horror as they are slaughtered but luckily, as his turn comes, people start to run off in panic as the Grampa version of Turkey runs around with his head off. 

Homer manages to escape the hunters and reunite with his family while commenting that the times will turn dark for them as Thanksgiving becomes a human tradition. 

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