Who Are Sheku Kanneh-Mason Parents? 23-Year-Old Cellist Has Six Siblings

Sheku Kanneh-Bricklayer was brought into the world to his folks in Nottingham, Britain. Additionally, he is one of seven kin in his loved ones.

Sheku Kanneh-Bricklayer MBE additionally got the BBC Youthful Performer Grant in 2016. He was the opposition's first black_winner since its origin in 1978. The cellist has since delivered widely praised collections on the lofty Decca name.

Besides, on May 19, 2018, he performed at Ruler Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. Christopher Warren-Green coordinated the presentation. Kanneh-Bricklayer is as of now playing the cello by Matteo Goffriller, model 1700.
Allow us to learn about their age hole in the following area.

Sheku Kanneh-Bricklayer Guardians On Instagram
Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Artisan was brought into the world to his folks, Stuart Bricklayer and Dr. Kadiatu Kanneh. His folks grew up playing instruments however never sought after music expertly.

His dad, Stuart, is a lavish inn business supervisor from London, and his mom, Dr. Kadiatu Kanneh, is from Sierra Leone. She is likewise a previous speaker at the College of Birmingham. She is likewise the writer of the forthcoming book Place of Music: Raising the Kanneh-Artisans.

Then again, regardless of being well known on the web, Sheku Kahheh Bricklayer's folks don't have an individual record of Instagram. Indeed, Sheku Kahheh Bricklayer, including his kin, has a standard Instagram page under the ID @thekannehmasons, where they frequently share their melodic excursion. They are skilled artists, and the seven splendid kin structure the music bunch The Kanneh Bricklayers.
Additionally, the profile addresses the seven melodic kin, and the record likewise includes their folks some of the time. In any case, their folks' assertions have not been labeled or referenced anyplace. Subsequently, Sheku's folks, Stuart and Dr. Kadiatu Kanneh don't have an Instagram account.

Sheku Kanneh-Artisan Kin And Their Age Hole
Isata Kanneh-Bricklayer, the oldest of her kin, is 26 years of age. She was brought into the world in May 1996. With her collection of Clara Schumann's music, Sentiment, the youthful piano player endorsed with Decca and appeared at the highest point of the UK Official Old style Craftsman Outline.

Like his sibling Sheku, violin player Braimah, 24, additionally learned at the Imperial Institute of Music. Besides, he was brought into the world in 1998. He likewise performs with the Regal Institute Ensemble Symphony and the Chineke! Symphony. Isata Kanneh and Braimah are two years separated in age.
Furthermore, as recently expressed, Sheku Kanneh-Artisan, brought into the world on April 4, 1999, has delivered two collections, Motivation (2016) and Elgar (2017). He is the third of seven youngsters and started learning the cello with Sarah Huson-Whyte at six, having played the violin.

Konya Kanneh-Bricklayer, the fourth oldest Kanneh-Artisan, is a piano player and violin player learning at The Regal Foundation of Music, where she got the Gilling Family Grant. She is right now 21 years of age.

Jeneba, the more youthful sister, acquired Grade 8 Differentiation on the piano at nine and won the Related Board's Nellie Greenhill Dedication Prize for the best grades in the Nottingham region.

Aminata Kanneh-Bricklayer, 16, is an individual from The Regal Institute of Music's Essential Foundation, having accomplished Grade 8 Differentiation on the violin and Grade 8 Qualification on the piano when she was 11 and 12.

Mariatu, the most youthful Kanneh-Bricklayer, is 12 years of age and has a Grade 8 Differentiation on the cello. She studies with Ben Davies at the Essential Illustrious Foundation of Music close by Fiona Harris, a piano instructor.
Realities To Be aware of Sheku Kanneh-Bricklayer
Sheku Kanneh Bricklayer was brought into the world to his folks, Stuart Artisan and Dr. Kadiatu Kanneh. Sadly, his folks are not on Instagram.
Sheku Kanneh Bricklayer is the third among seven kin. His more established kin are; sister Isata Kanneh-Bricklayer (26), a musician, and sibling Braimah (24), a violin player. Then again, his more youthful kin are Konya (21) and Aminata (16), who both play the violin and the piano. In the mean time, Jeneba (19) and Mariatu (12), the most youthful Kanneh-Bricklayer, succeed at cello and piano.
The greatest age hole among the kin is 14 years which is between the oldest and most youthful kin. Similarly, the seven kin were brought into the world in a hole of around two to four years.
The kin structure a melodic band name The Kanneh Bricklayers.
Their Instagram handle is under the username @thekannehmasons.


  1. Sheku's Dad has an Instagram account. His name is Stuart Mason. I believe his Mum does too but that one is private


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