RHOChesire's Lystra Adams Reveals Pictures Of Girlfriend Ashleigh and We Have Questions


Lystra Adams appear at Stock Exchange Hotel Manchester ( Source : instagram )

RHOCheshire mother of one Lystra Adams further announced her relationship with girlfriend Ashley via Instagram. 

The recent declaration of love from Lystra is not the first time as she previously talked about being in love and wanting to keep it to herself. She believes that she would like to preserve the sanctity of the relationship by keeping it between the two of them.

She also revealed details about her name and the stage of their relationship on the season 15 reunion episode, which did not have any dull moment. 

The Real Housewives of Cheshire ensemble was revived and reassembled for a glittering Halloween spectacle like no other last night. It was predictably enchanting and horrifying in equal measure, much like the Sanderson sisters before them.

The evening was dramatic, nasty, frightful, lovely, emotional, and full of surprises, as is tradition. The most significant of these came from icon Lystra Adams, who revealed more information about her newest, off-screen relationship.

Quick Facts About Lystra Adams

NameLystra Adams
Birth Date23 March 1977
Age45 years old
Current AddressHalifax in Yorkshire, UK
ProfessionModel, Entrepreneur, Property owner
Known ForThe Real Housewives of Cheshire
Zodiac SignAries

The Real Housewives of Cheshire has welcomed new member Lystra Adams to the ITV series
The Real Housewives of Cheshire has welcomed new member Lystra Adams to the ITV series( Source : co )

RHOChesire's Lystra Adams Shares Pictures Of Girlfriend Ashleigh

Lystra Adams admitted to having a girlfriend on the RHOChesire reunion episode and later shared pictures of her.

Lystra Adams has reached both professional and personal milestones this year with a new love interest. 

She hasn't yet indicated that any brand-new projects are in the works on her social media accounts. After her surprising statement, she simply shared a photo of herself playing golf with other Real Housewives celebrities.

She had an outstanding appearance on the stage, and everyone was curious about who her girlfriend is right now.

As excited as the rest of the cast, Bryan kept pressing Lystra, "Tell us more about this person you've met." Lystra continued, "She... her name is Ashley. We met like a month ago, and we've been joined to the hip ever since. "

New Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lystra Adams is 'Naomi Campbell
New Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lystra Adams is 'Naomi Campbell ( Source : mirror )

We're honestly beaming to hear that our queen has finally found her queen. Lystra added, "She's 29, but she acts older than me."

Lystra further mentioned that Ashley is incredibly responsible and mature and that she is the only one who could discipline Lystra. 

Lystra said, "I don't want to hide it. I've decided to come forward with this new relationship. I don't want to keep her a secret." And she is being serious. Lystra seems to be gently teasing her new girlfriend ever since she revealed it during the reunion.

Lystra Adams on bringing Boujee bar to Manchester
Lystra Adams on bringing Boujee bar to Manchester ( Source : flipboard )

Does Lystra Adams Have A Partner?

Lystra said she was "free, single, and disengaged" before her debut episode aired. Lystra claimed that she was looking for love and would want anyone in her life to be on the show.

She stated: "You'll be informed if I find a mate. I want you to observe the development and course of my romantic relationships."

They would have to be able to deal with someone with a strong personality since she is quite a diva. Lystra also stated that she would prefer a person with clear goals.

And looks like our Lystra has found the one in the new partner, Ashleigh. Based on what she has talked about to the media, Ashley seems like a strong, independent woman who makes a perfect fit to Lystra.

More About Lystra Adams

Lystra Adams on RHOChesire is known for having a strong and bold personality. She is not afraid to say what she feels, which distinguishes her from other members of the cast.

Lystra is often the heart and soul of a party. When asked about herself, she once said, "I prefer to make a huge entrance." There's nothing like a little red dress and a dramatic twirl to draw everyone's attention to the new girl on the block, as viewers saw in a sneak preview of Lystra's grand entry into the housewives group before her first show.

Real Housewives star Lystra Adams announces she's 'stepping away' from Boujee restaurant business
Real Housewives star Lystra Adams announces she's 'stepping away' from Boujee restaurant business ( Source : manchestereveningnews )

She has an enormous personality and isn't scared to express her emotions to others. She said, "I won't back down. If I'm not happy with anything, I will be extremely loud.

What Is Lystra Adams' Job?

Model, businesswoman, property owner, and mother to Jasmine, Lystra Adams has one child. 

The Real Housewives of Cheshire frequently features Lystra's entrepreneurial side. Although she once owned 20% of Boujee and served as its spokesperson, Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lystra Adams now has other ambitions.

The eateries, including the newest location in Pepper Street, Chester, were created with Instagram users in mind and are supposed to be bathed in pink light.

Some FAQs

Does Lystra Adams have a new girlfriend?

Yes, Lystra Adams has a new girlfriend named Ashley.

How old is Lystra Adams?

Lystra Adams is 45 years old.

Is Lystra Adams dating?

Lystra Adams is dating and has a brand new girlfriend.

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