'Pawn Stars Do America' Was Filmed In Many Cities Across America


Pawn Star Do America got premiered on November 9, 2022 ( Source : history )

The History Channel show Pawn Star has a new wonderful titled Pawn Stars Do America, and this series was shot in a beautiful location in California.

Fans have been entertained since 2009 by the reality television show Pawn Stars, which stars three Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison & Austin "Chumlee" Russell. However, the ensemble is moving their company on the road after years of filming episodes in their renowned gold and silver pawn shop.

Pawn Star is Leftfield Pictures' production of an American reality television series shown on History &. The new spin-off show, Pawn Stars Do America, follows the cast member on an adventurous road strip. The show was originally presented to HBO, but the network preferred a Taxicab Confessions-style series set in the night window of the Gold & Silver.

'Pawn Stars Do America' Was Filmed In Many Cities Across America

The TV show Pawn Stars is not what it first appears to be to the uninitiated. It centers on a pawnshop in Las Vegas where the Harrison family members use their knowledge of real and phony items to determine which. They come across a wide variety of items.

Pawn Stars three Harrison brothers—Rick, Corey, and Austin
Pawn Stars three Harrison brothers—Rick, Corey, and Austin ( Source : looper )

They continue to do this in their new spin-off series, Pawn Stars Do America, but with a small variation. The group leaves their workstation and travels. They are departing from Las Vegas this time and will visit eight American towns.

Do America of the History Channel is traveling across the country in the new eight-part television series Pawn Stars, stopping in interesting locations between Seattle and Washington, D.C., in quest of historical treasures and spectacular collecting things.

The three Harrison brothers—Rick, Corey, and Austin "Chumlee"—are followed in each two-hour episode as they leave the legendary Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas to meet fans in eight different cities.

Here are all the Pawn Stars Do America filming locations disclosed by Distractify.

  • Austin, Texas
  • Denver, Colo.
  • San Francisco, Calif.
  • Savannah, Ga.
  • Valley Forge, Pa.
  • Seattle, Wash.
  • Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Washington, D.C.

Pawn Stars Do America Is A Spinoff Series

The HISTORY Channel released Pawn Stars Do America, an eight-part spin-off of the popular series Pawn Stars, on November 9.

The Pawn Stars team visits eight locales in the new series
The Pawn Stars team visits eight locales in the new series ( Source : tvshowsace )

The Pawn Stars team visits eight locales in the new series in quest of noteworthy collectibles and historical artifacts. Viewers will get a new perspective on the franchise with on-site restoration reveals and local road trip excursions.

It is similar if Pawn Stars Do America and sounds a bit like Antiques Roadshow. The latter show has aired on PBS for decades. The latter program has been broadcast on PBS for many years. It travels across the country, allowing individuals to bring in their heirlooms, treasures, and finds from thrift stores to be evaluated by professionals.

According to a news release from the History Channel on Wednesday, "The 'Pawn Stars' are recognized to distinguish between what's real and what's phony, as they disclose the frequently surprise answer to the questions on everyone's mind, 'What's the story behind it?' and 'What's it worth?'".

The Series Is like 'Antiques Roadshow,' But With Twist 

The newly released series pawn Stars Do America' is like Antique Roadshow with a twist.

There is a twist in the series to what will happen on the Pawn Stars Spinoff, though Rusell said there is a twist on the format which will give people a chance to turn those valuations into cash.

The first season of Pawn Stars premiered in 2009 and currently includes more than 600 episodes. Leftfield Pictures of ITV America is the producer of Pawn Stars Do America for The HISTORY Channel. The exclusive worldwide distributor is A+E Networks.

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