Netflix's 1899 accused of plagiarising "identical" Black Silence comic

Netflix's new series 1899 is being called out for purportedly stealing from Brazilian comic author and artist Mary Cagnin.

Last week (Nov 17), 1899 appeared on Netflix and promptly became perhaps of the most well known show on the stage. The multi-lingual series recounts the narrative of a gathering who make a trip from the UK to the US on a steamer. So far so typical however it before long becomes obvious that they might in all likelihood never arrive at their objective and everything may not be as it appears.

Fans have commended 1899 for its stunning exciting bends in the road yet it's presently experiencing harsh criticism for purportedly ripping off a comic.
Caution: 1899 SPOILERS Beneath
Netflix's 1899 blamed for stealing Dark Quietness comic
Netflix's 1899 blamed for stealing Dark Quietness comic. Picture: Netflix
Taking to Twitter yesterday (Nov 21), comic creator Mary Cagnin straightforwardly got down on the series and expressed: "I'M IN SHOCK. The day I figured out that the 1899 series is only Indistinguishable from my comic Dark Quiet, distributed in 2016." Mary then posted a string in which she included screen captures contrasting her work with edges and storylines from the Netflix show.

Mary then, at that point, added: "It's for the most part present: The Dark Pyramid. The passings inside the boat/transport. The worldwide team. The clearly abnormal and unexplained things. The images in the eyes and when they show up. Codes composed. The voices calling to them. Unpretentious plot subtleties, like the characters' very own shows, including their strange passings."

Mary proceeded to make sense of: "I've been on boards and appropriated the Dark Quiet comic to endless distributers and individuals in the business. It's not hard to envision my work connecting with them. I conveyed the actual comic as well as made the deciphered form accessible in English."

She likewise expressed: "I've cried a ton. My fantasy has forever been to be perceived for my work broadly and globally. Furthermore, to witness something like this truly makes me extremely upset."

You can peruse Mary's Dark Quietness comic: HERE.

Mary's unique tweet has since been enjoyed north of 300,00 times with many individuals getting down on Netflix.

One individual tweeted: "So yeahhh the new Netflix show "1899" only directly up took a Brazilian comic book called Dark Quiet and they are going about as though it's the most unique stuff of all time. The creator wasn't reached, credited or even referenced in any part of this. This crap is simply copyright infringement."
One more added: "Netflix "unique" 1899 counterfeited a Brazilian comic named Dark Quiet (2016). Such a great deal the plot, characters, and in any event, outlining shots were lifted. The creator I'm QRTing was taken from: no authorization, no compensation, no credit. The main just thing changed: dark protag became white."

In any case, others who've perused the comic have additionally contended that the likenesses are minor.

One individual expressed: "All of you ought to peruse the comic and watch the show prior to making any ends. This comic isn't about a recreation or boats by any means. Also, 1899 has referenced no outsiders yet so could we at any point if it's not too much trouble, read the comic and watch the show to make a few ends?"

Another person tweeted: "Such countless individuals are qrting the tweet around 1899 and Dark Quietness claims they counterfeited the her story and… no genuine proof other than a couple comic boards. Just from the outlines the narratives are ridiculously unique."

The way things are, Netflix and the group behind 1899 are yet to address the correlations.

What is your take? Does 1899 sham Dark Quiet?

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