Naomi Ekperigin Age - How Old Is She? Husband Family & Instagram


Naomi Ekperigin is 38 years old. ( Source : mn2s )

Naomi Ekperigin, age 39, is more prepared than ever to reach the next level of comedy stardom thanks to a furious new half-hour special that was released as part of Netflix's "The Standups" series. Now she is all set to woo us with her performance as an actor in Mythic Quest.

She is giving several interviews for reputed online portals resulting in many curiosities regarding her personal life. Talking about her character in the series, she said, It was really enjoyable.

Carol is adding layers. During this season, her character is on her own journey and she believes that over the first two seasons, we have seen her most clearly being imposed upon. They kind of roll up on her, sneak up on her, and start telling her about all their issues. She gains some agency in season 3 and is now making more of an effort to run the show.  

Playing what she got to play in this quirky comedy, she is paving the way to rule her niche.

Naomi Ekperigin Age - How Old Is She?

With a mother from Detroit and a father from Nigeria, Ekperigin was raised in Harlem. She was born on 8th December 1983, making her 38 years old in 2022. A complete Sagittarius by zodiac and personality, the comedian, is optimistic, hilarious, fair-minded, a lover of freedom, honest, and intellectual.

As she grew up, Ekperigin spent a year traveling with the National Theatre for the Deaf after earning her degree from college. She then came back to New York in 2007 and began performing stand-up while holding down a regular job at an art magazine.

When the publication ceased publication in 2013, Ekperigin managed to land a job as a writer's assistant for Broad City. In the second season of the program, she was elevated to staff writer, and she continued to write for the third season as well.

Naomi Ekperigin giving a stand up performance in the Late Night Show.
Naomi Ekperigin giving a stand up performance in the Late Night Show. ( Source : youtube )

The actress has appeared frequently on the WNYC podcast 2 Dope Queens, where she has distinguished herself as a fan favorite. Other endeavors include the Inside Caucasia TruTV pilot, which Ekperigin and comedian Andy Beckerman developed together.

She began contributing to the scripts of the NBC comedy series Great News in June 2017, which stars Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin, and John Michael Higgins. After that, she wrote for the second season of the CBS All Access series No Activity and the Kathryn Hahn-starring HBO limited series Mrs. Fletcher.

Currently, she plays Carol, the troubled HR representative of a video game studio, in the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.

Naomi Ekperigin Husband And Family

Naomi Ekperigin is yet to get married to her to-be-husband, Andy Beckerman. They just recently marked their 11th wedding anniversary, which has been revealed by the couple on their social media accounts. 

The couple also owns a dog whom they call their child. Mabel is so much special to them that they have addressed it as their birth son several times on several occasions. It would not be wrong to say that Naomi and Andy live with Mabel and the three of them are a family. 

On 31st August, Naomi says, "Today marks three years since we got Mabel!!!! Queen Mabelline has been through it all, and she’s stronger than I’ll ever be!!! Even after being bitten by another dog a couple of weeks ago, she shook it off and said, “let’s go shopping.”

Even though Andy and Naomi show more of their little dog on Instagram, they also have a cat who they equally love. The duo is die-hard pet lovers and is raising each one of them as a part of their family. 

By the time Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman launched their podcast, Couples Therapy, in September 2018, the Ekperigin-Beckerman brand was in full force.
By the time Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman launched their podcast, Couples Therapy, in September 2018, the Ekperigin-Beckerman brand was in full force. ( Source : vulture )

Who Is Naomi's To-Be-Husband, Andy Beckerman?

Since 2009, Andy Beckerman has been writing and performing stand-up comedy; he is currently located in Los Angeles. He is now working on a pilot for CBS Studios and a TV project with Pretty Matches Productions.

Prior to that, he worked as a consultant on Jessica Williams' Comedy Central pilot and co-created, and executive produced a humorous pilot about a race called INSIDE CAUCASIA for truTV.

Additionally, for the past 12 years, Andy has created and hosted the well-liked interview podcast BEGINNINGS, which explores the childhoods and creative beginnings of writers and performers.

Together with his fiancée, comedian Naomi Ekperigin, Andy co-hosts the popular podcast COUPLES THERAPY in addition to Beginnings. Part of the Acast Network, Couples Therapy is an interview/advice podcast about romance, therapy, and anything in-between. It has frequently appeared on the Apple comedy charts and been covered in publications ranging from The New York Times to New York Magazine to Entertainment Weekly.

Andy studied for his Ph.D. and worked as an adjunct professor in the philosophy department at Temple University. He primarily focused on Hegel and Complexity Theory while teaching courses like Philosophy of Art and Feminist Philosophy. Twitter is where you can find him online. If you really want to, you can also locate him on Instagram, although you should be aware that most of the photos are of cute cats, for which a friend of his has previously given him a pretty serious lecture.

Naomi Ekperigin Is Present On Instagram As @blacktresscomedy

Quite active on Instagram, Naomi Ekperigin has over 72k followers who keep up with her daily life events, personal life, and professional journey. As mentioned above, she is mostly posting about her life, family, and career endeavors on it. 

Her bio says, "Comedian/actor/writer. @couplestherapypod & #ILoveaLifetimeMovie. @mythicquest. S3, E2 of THE STANDUPS @netflixisajoke Come to my show on 10/21 at Largo."

Naomi Ekperigin posted a picture of her pets on her Instagram.
Naomi Ekperigin posted a picture of her pets on her Instagram. ( Source : instagram )

She is currently promoting the third season of the show on every platform possible. Putting out a picture with her costar, she writes, "First ever press day! And paired with @danielpudi, no less! Be honest: would you watch a show where we played cool high school teachers?"

Similarly, on Twitter, she retweeted a tweet that said, "I know they wear jeans in some photo shoots, but I promise they aren’t like you. they have very different realities and priorities."

All in all, Ekperigin is active on both Insta and Twitter.

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