MGK's bizarre AMAs claim questions US moon landing but he's still 'going to Mars'

MGK's bizarre AMAs claim questions US moon landing but he's still 'going to Mars'
Assault rifle Kelly addressed whether the US moon landing was genuine while gathering the honor for Most loved Rock Craftsman, during his acknowledgment discourse at the 2022 American Music Grants on Sunday night, November 20.

MGK delivered his 6th studio collection Standard Sellout in Walk 2022, which was his second coordinated effort with maker Travis Barker.

The collection was at first named Brought into the world with Horns, an expression the two of them got inked on their lower arms subsequently. Be that as it may, MGK chose to change the name last moment and the Flicker 182 drummer's response to the news was precious.

MGK took care of into the fear inspired notions that NASA faked the 1969 moon landing, such hypotheses have for quite some time been exposed. Nonetheless, some actually accept it was a trick so the US could beat Russia in the space race.

Megan Fox is missing from 2022 AMAs
The 32-year-old, who is locked in to Megan Fox, strolled honorary pathway alone wearing a purple Dolce and Gabbana suit shrouded in inches-long silver spikes made of gunmetal.

It was at the AMAs in 2020 when MGK and Fox made their honorary pathway debut yet no big surprise Fox chose to sit out of this service - it would have been a security risk for her to remain close to her man.

Fortunately nobody lost an eye because of his outfit, even Lionel Ritchie who had the delight of sitting close to him throughout the evening.

ABC's Inclusion Of The 2022 American Music Grants
2022 AMERICAN MUSIC Grants - The 2022 American Music Grants, facilitated by Wayne Brady, airs LIVE from Los Angeles SUNDAY, NOV. 20 (8:00 p.m. EST/PST), on ABC. (ABC by means of Getty Pictures) Automatic weapon KELLY, LIONEL RICHIE
MGK makes unusual case addressing assuming we went to the moon at AMAs
The Standard Sellout craftsman began his discourse by requesting of for the amplifier stands to be raised as he had to twist down to talk prior to raising it. The 6-foot-4 entertainer kidded: Thank you to the fans who got me here, and I love you. I simply need to say I'm appealing to for longer mic remains sometime later."
The "Perhaps" vocalist protected himself against exciting music pundits as he terminated back at individual performers saying: "There have been certain individuals in the stone local area who called me a vacationer, yet they're off-base,"

He proceeded: "I'm a rocket man. We weren't brought into the world on the moon however we took a gander at it and we were interested and afterward we went there… probably… and these two stone collections were me going to the moon. Be that as it may, I'm not investigating the universe yet, and I'm all types."

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MGK questions moon landing while declaring 'we're going to Mars'
Subsequent to scrutinizing the moon arrival, MGK caused to notice his purple suit which he noted in the discourse was "very awkward to pee in." Then, as he finished up the fantastic second the rocker's discourse got bleeped out.

Kelly said: "We're going to Mars, motherf******!" prior to throwing the mic stand and stomping off stage. MGK then, at that point, rehashed the expression in an Instagram post following the service.

The honors simply continue to come through for Kelly as he has likewise as of late gotten a Grammy designation. Upon the news, MGK keenly inscribed an Instagram post: "Call me what you need as long as it begins with 'Grammy selected.'"

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