Meet Rish Karam, 'Family Karma' Monica Vaswani's Mysterious Boyfriend


Rish Karam is a businessman and a restaurant owner and also the boyfriend of Monica Vaswani. ( Source : instagram )

Monica Vaswani's mysterious boyfriend, Rish Karam, is to appear on Bravo's Family Karma this season.

On June 2, the second season of the popular Bravo series "Family Karma" will debut, and it promises to be even more absurd than the first. In Miami, nine Indian American friends were juggling their personal and professional lives in Season 1 while dealing with the expectations of their traditional parents.

One of the primary stories in Season 1 of "Family Karma" was the romance between Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam. Rish, the neighborhood playboy, finally understood that he had developed an affection for Monica, his best friend since childhood.

Unfortunately for Rish, it was already too late by the time he realized it, and eventually told his closest buddy how he felt. However, the couple is together now, and the fans want to know more about Rish and his personal life.

How Old Is Rish Karam?

Rish Karam, a 27-year-old businessman and restaurateur hails from a sizable, conventional Indian family that values business above everything else.

Rish Karam looks sharp in a
Rish Karam looks sharp in a "white" hoodie and jeans. ( Source : instagram )

He owns the upscale Indian restaurant Moksha and is a Pandora franchisee, according to his Instagram bio. Since he has known Brian, Monica, and the rest of the gang since he was a little child, Rish is not unfamiliar with Monica's circle of friends. Anisha Ramakrishna humorously refers to Rish as "dollar store Drake" on the broadcast.

Monica felt offended, even though Rish didn't appear to care and laughed it off. Monica identified "Chanel Drake" as her new lover during their confessional.

Brian also gave Rish his blessing, so it seemed like he blended well into the gang. Brian thought the new boyfriend of his closest buddy was a terrific man.

What Does Rish Karam Do?

Rish Karam is an owner of a high-scale restaurant called Moksha. Rish doesn't post many pictures of Monica on social media, but it's obvious that they only have eyes for one another.

Rish Karam looks at the camera with his drink.
Rish Karam looks at the camera with his drink. ( Source : instagram )

Monica always makes the first comment when Rish publishes a picture of himself, it seems. Even a simple picture of him standing in front of palm palms made his new love "Swoon" with pink hearts.

You can tell that Monica and Rish's relationship is as genuine as it gets when she added the words "The most handsome" and the red heart emoji to one of Rish's melancholy photos. This season, their connection will be the focus of our attention.

5 Facts About Rish Karam

  1. Rish Karam is 27 years old.
  2. Karam is the owner of the Indian luxe restaurant Moksha and is also a franchisee of Pandora.
  3. Rish comes from a large traditional, and business-centric Indian family.
  4. Karam and Monica are childhood friends and are currently romantically involved.
  5. He will be starring in Family Karma along with his girlfriend.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Rish Karam?

Rish Karam is 27 years old.

Who is Monica Vaswani's Mysterious New Boyfriend?

Rish Karam is Monica Vaswani's Mysterious New Boyfriend.

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