Meet Raishel Jones From Mind Your Manners, Fashionista On The Show For Career Guidance


Raishel Jones is joining season 1 of Mind Your Manners ( Source : instagram )

Stay-at-home mother Raishel Jones is prepared to join the workforce as her two girls hit adulthood. You can watch her on the show Mind Your Manners. 

In Season 1 of Mind Your Manners, international etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho works with six clients who want to become better versions of themselves. She leads them on a voyage of self-identity that goes beyond simply teaching them excellent manners by demonstrating to them how to manage personal and professional issues with elegance and grace.

After spending so much time as a stay-at-home mother, Raishel decided to join Mind Your Manner because she needed some advice on how to move on with her work.

She works with Sara Jane to improve her resume and earn the self-assurance to apply for her ideal job despite being unsure of her qualifications. Let's discover some unknown facts about her through the article here. 

Quick Facts

Full NameRaishel Jones
ProfessionFashion Designer
Known ForMind Your Manners
Marital StatusMarried
DaughtersMadeline and Penelope

Raishel Jones has a great sense of fashion
Raishel Jones has a great sense of fashion ( Source : instagram )

Who Is Raishel Jones From Mind Your Manners?

Raishel Jones, a mother who stayed at home with her children, wanted to escape her repetitive routine and resume her career as a working woman. She thought she needed all the assistance possible because she had been away from the working world for approximately ten years.

Raishel sought Sara to smooth her transition in the hopes of modifying her lifestyle and receiving job guidance. The teacher taught her about using silverware during their first encounter over afternoon tea.

To find Raishel the ideal job, Sara and Raishel collaborated on enhancing the latter's resume. Later, Sara took Raishel to a Kung Fu master's lesson. Although initially perplexed by its logic, she quickly discovered that she enjoyed the activity and learned how much martial arts could boost one's self-confidence.

Raishel Jones is now a wardrobe stylist
Raishel Jones is now a wardrobe stylist ( Source : instagram )

Soon after, Sara brought Raishel to Dress for Success in Sydney, a group that tries to help ladies enter the workforce by providing them with the best interview apparel.

Sara had issues with Raishel's first outfit choice, but the etiquette teacher loved the second one, much to their relief. Then Leisa requested her to come back after a week to assist other women with getting ready.

Facts About Raishel Jones 

  1. Raishel's greatest passion is fashion. However, she had been out of the workforce for the previous ten years, participating in several fashion shows and winning 13 sashes.
  2. Raishel appears to be in her 30s. However, she has not shared her exact birth details. She has lived in Australia for more than ten years, and in May 2022, she was granted citizenship.
  3. When not making waves in the fashion business, Raishel enjoys spending time with her gorgeous family. Madeline and Penelope, her two lovely daughters, are the children of her and her husband, Matthew.
  4. Raishel is overjoyed that her daughters appear keen to follow in their mother's footsteps as fashionistas. The happy family also has a cute dog that they adore with all of their hearts.
  5. Regarding her height, based on her photos, Raishel appears to be averaging 5 feet 4 inches tall.
  6. She uses Instagram frequently. She may be found on Instagram at @sauv_blancsocialist. Her Instagram account is filled with gorgeous photos of her fantastic outfits, some of which also feature her family. She now has more than 700 followers as of the time of writing, and that number will only rise as her popularity grows due to Mind Your Manners.

Raishel's daughters shares love for fashion as their mother
Raishel's daughters shares love for fashion as their mother ( Source : instagram )

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