Meet The Cast Of Merry Switchmas: Rachel Aladdin, Rebekah Aladdin, Thea Camara and more


Merry Switchmas released last December. ( Source : youtube )

Merry Switchmas's cast include Rachel Aladdin, Rebekah Aladdin, Thea Camara and more. 

It is the directorial  debut of Christopher A. Nolen that has a powerful set of cast and has been rated high by the IMDB ratings. It is loved both by the critics and the audience. 

As the holiday season is around the corner, the previous years' festival delights still do not seem to fade away. Therefore, people are revisiting the shows and are eager to learn about their favorite characters. A similar case has happened to Merry Switchmas.

There are a number of people who are back for their pleasure, and the rest have got introduced to it for the first time., yet the pleasure seems to be the same. 

The plot of the show revolves around Christmas dinner, where two identical sisters play identity flip to learn more about their family and themselves. Directed beautifully with the right characters, this one will definitely lighten up your holidays.

Meet The Cast Of Merry Switchmas

The cast of the show seems to have gained the right hype with the appropriate family movie. Thanks to the perfect family movie that is not going to get old anytime soon. 

1. Rachel Aladdin

Rachel Aladdin plays Denise
Rachel Aladdin plays Denise ( Source : pinterest )

Rachel Aladdin essayed the role of Denise, the lead character with her identical twin. This is actually a major plus for her as a performer, for any director who wishes to take two identical people in their movie; it's her and her sister's name that comes to their mind.

She is an actor and model who was born in Pasadena, California and has always loved the performing arts. She played in musical theater as a child, and at the University of California, Los Angeles, she majored in world arts and cultures while in college. 

Rachel began her career as a model and actress after graduating from college. She was given her first leading part in Merry Switchmas, a 2021 BET Original Movie.

You can find her on her Instagram account, @rachelaladdin, where she has nearly 30k followers without a verification mark. Her latest post is a Halloween picture where she writes, "Happy Halloween! And an even happier birthday to my beautiful sister, who always brings the fun and makes me join in on the festivities."

2. Rebekah Aladdin

Rebekah Aladdin plays Denise's twin sister, Rachel
Rebekah Aladdin plays Denise's twin sister, Rachel ( Source : allure )

Rebekah is the twin sister of Rachel, and she portrayed the role of her identical twin in the movie as well. Further, both sisters got an equal appreciation for it. 

In 2011, Aladdin started her profession in beauty. This Los Angeles native switched gears after receiving a Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, to focus on developing her artistic skills professionally. Rebekah started her career in cosmetics on the sets of independent films and music videos, returning to her first passion, the entertainment business.

She is on Instagram as @rebekahaladdin, with over 25k followers. Just like Rachel, she is also not verified on it, and her latest post is a remembrance post for her father.

3. Thea Camara

Thea Camara plays Bailee
Thea Camara plays Bailee ( Source : m )

Thea Camara has been performing professionally for more than ten years. She began pursuing her long-held passion in 2008, and since then, she has conquered everything from one-liners to lengthy monologues, demonstrating the adaptability required in the entertainment industry.

She has transformed what was once only a fantasy into a full-fledged career, stepping into auditions and parts with vigor and class and eventually bringing the seven-year-old girl's dream back to life. Thea has appeared in a lot of movies and TV episodes that are available on Amazon, Netflix, AllBlk, and Tubi since 2008.

The actress played Bailee in Merry Switchmas, where she was accompanied by many amateur performers as well as veterans from the business. Further, you can meet her on her personal social media account @theacamara on IG, with over 7k followers. Her bio says, "My 3 Heart Beats: GOD, FAMILY, ACTING. I bring originality to the ART. Artress / Coach / Inspirer."

4. Christopher A. Greer

Christopher A. Greer played the role of Terrell in Merry Switchmas
Christopher A. Greer played the role of Terrell in Merry Switchmas ( Source : m )

A Chicago, Illinois native, Christopher A. Greer is an American actor, producer, and composer. He played the role of Terrell in Merry Switchmas in which he got mostly good reviews.

At the age of 7, he began playing the guitar. By the time he graduated from high school, he had acquired eight other instruments. He had exposure to Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and Classical music in high school due to his classical studies.

The actor is not available on Instagram. 

5. Joseph Harold

Joseph Harold is Jordan in Merry Switchmas
Joseph Harold is Jordan in Merry Switchmas ( Source : imdb )

As a person of color, Joseph has made it a priority to tell stories that reflect his experiences and make a statement about the significance of those experiences in relation to the rest of the world.

On Merry Switchmas, he was Jordan, and on Instagram, he is available as @josephbharold, where he calls himself a film producer. 

6. Valarie Pettiford

Valarie Pettiford is Colleen from the movie
Valarie Pettiford is Colleen from the movie ( Source : youtube )

The beautiful Valarie Pettiford plays the role of Colleen in the show, and she is one of the most known faces in it. 

Jazz singer, dancer, and theatrical actress Valarie Pettiford from the United States was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway play Fosse. She is additionally well-known for her portrayal of "Big Dee Dee" Thorne in the UPN sitcom Half & Half.

Meet the veteran on Instagram under the handle @valariepettiford. She has over 40k followers, and her latest post urges her fans to cast their votes and that everyone's opinion matters. 

Merry Switchmas Steaming Details - Where can You Watch The Show?

You can watch the drama film Merry Switchmas, starring Valarie Pettiford, Peter Parros, and Thea Camara, online right now. Watch it on your Roku device through The Roku Channel, Spectrum TV, Apple TV, Prime Video, or Vudu.

On Vudu, you can buy it for only $9.99. Further, you can subscribe to Prime video as well and enjoy all other shows with it at a very reasonable price. Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year, grants access to Prime Video. Prime Video is a standalone streaming service that costs $8.99 per month for non-Prime subscribers.

Similarly, for Apple TV, A free 3-month trial of Apple TV+ is offered when you purchase an Apple device.  After a seven-day trial, a monthly subscription costs just $6.99 a month. Apple One, which combines up to five additional Apple services under a single monthly membership, includes Apple TV+. Plans for Apple One begin at $16.95 per month.

Get to your convenient streaming platform and enjoy your Christmas with 'Merry Switchmas.'

Vudu offers a great range movies and shows for the cinema lovers at a reasonable price.
Vudu offers a great range movies and shows for the cinema lovers at a reasonable price. ( Source : downdetector )

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