Meet The Cast Of Hallmark's 'Our Italian Christmas Memories' Cast: Jesse Irving, Morgana Wyllie, Parveen Dosanjh and more


A new Hallmark movie called Our Italian Christmas Memories has recently released. ( Source : tvinsider )

Our Italian Christmas Memories, which airs on Hallmark Movie & Mysteries, is a component of the yearly Miracles of Christmas celebration. Our Italian Christmas Memories, a touching holiday film, will soon be available on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The motion picture is a part of the network's annual Miracles of Christmas programming event and stars Sarah Power and Beau Bridges in the major roles.

This festive season Hallmark channel has a range of Christmas movies we can choose from. Each movie offers the same comfortable holiday feeling that we look for in a Christmas movie. Likewise, Our Italian Christmas Memories is also one of the gems among many others on the Hallmark channel. Here we will be talking about the movie and cast in detail and what the movie has to offer to us. 

Meet The Cast Of Hallmark's 'Our Italian Christmas Memories'

Without a talented lineup of the cast, the movie would not do as well as we expect it to. So it is no doubt that Our Italian Christmas Memories has assembled the most talented cast of all time. The cast of the movie is:

  • Sarah Power as Anna Coluccia.
  • Beau Bridges as Vincent Coluccia.
  • Craig March as Dominic Banks.
  • Jesse Irving as RJ Coluccia.
  • Markian Tarasiuk as Dr. Greg.
  • Chris Cope as David Reitman.
  • Parveen Dosanjh as Nathalie Wolford.
  • Morgana Wyllie as Ella Coluccia.

On June 29, 1985, Sarah Power was born in St. John's, Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador. She is an actress best recognized for her roles in Californication, Good Witch, and Killjoys (2015). (2007). In the film, she will play the part of Anna.

Markian Tarasiuk, Sarah Power and Beau Bridges pose for a picture for the movie.
Markian Tarasiuk, Sarah Power and Beau Bridges pose for a picture for the movie. ( Source : tvinsider )

Actor and filmmaker Beau Bridges are from the United States. He has won a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and three Emmys, and has been nominated twice for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Bridges have had 14 Emmy nominations and have won three of them. With two victories, he is the only actor to have won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Special twice. He plays the role of Vincent Coluccia in the movie.

Jesse Irving is a very talented actor and producer, known for Project Blue Book (2019), The Terror (2018), and Identity Theft Of A Cheerleader (2019). He will be playing the role of RJ Coluccia in the movie.

At Brock University, Craig March started to refine his acting, writing and directing skills. He finally earned a BA with a theater and drama in education concentration. He relocated to Vancouver, Canada, not long after, and has since put forth a lot of effort to establish himself as one of the most trustworthy character performers, landing more than 100 parts in both TV and cinema.

What Is The Plot Of Our Italian Christmas Memories?

The Colucci siblings, Anna (Power), RJ (Irving), and Ella (Wyllie), are reunited for the holidays, according to the Hallmark description.
Their responsibility is to look after their adored grandfather, Vincent (Bridges).

He hasn't been feeling well lately, though. They are surprised when they first encounter their granddad. He is in the early stages of dementia, which has advanced quickly.

Sarah Power from one of the scenes in Our Italian Christmas Memories.
Sarah Power from one of the scenes in Our Italian Christmas Memories. ( Source : celebratingthesoaps )

Anna considers that this would be an excellent chance to assist her grandfather to refresh his memory. She has made up her mind to uncover the secret of her grandmother's famous spaghetti sauce.

She makes many attempts to prepare the sauce. She is aware that it is wrong. Additionally, as Vincent's physician Greg (Tarasiuk) approaches, sparks start to fly.

Anna eventually begs her two siblings to assist her in her search. Despite their erratic connection, the three siblings develop stronger work habits and the ability to recover. They learn how to love and forgive while working out this recipe.

Who Directed Our Italian Christmas Memories?

Our Italian Christmas Memories is a movie produced by Neshama Entertainment and MarVista Entertainment. Arnie Zipursky, Dayna Zipursky, Lauren MacKinlay, Megan Ellstrom, Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew are the executive producers.

Francesca Visconti is the supervising producer, Stephen Harmaty and Boris Ivanov are the producers, and they all work together. Based on a narrative by Michael Varrati, the film is directed by Catherine Cyran from a screenplay by Joie Botkin, Pierluigi D. Cothran, and Samantha Herman.

The movie is very fun to watch with your loved ones this holiday. It is full of entertainment and the cliche plot will still have you hooked to it. 

Some FAQs

When was Our Italian Christmas Memories Released?

Our Italian Christmas Memories will release on November 12, 2022.

Who are the main cast of Our Italian Christmas Memories?

The main cast of Our Italian Christmas Memories are Sarah Power and Beau Bridges.
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