Martin Keown Family Background & Irish Roots Explored

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Does Martin Keown have Irish roots? If you want to learn about his family background, keep reading below.

Martin Raymond Keown is known as an English football pundit; however, as per the sources, he does have an Irish family background. Moreover, he is said to be born to Irish parents.

Martin Raymond Keown, also known as Martin Keown, is a former professional football player. Furthermore, he is also a well-known football analyst.

He also played as a defender from 1984 to 2005, particularly for Arsenal in the Premier League, where he made over 400 appearances and earned ten awards.

Moreover, he is a part-time scout, coach, and analyst for Arsenal, the BBC, and BT Sport. In 2012, he came out of retirement and made one FA Cup appearance for Wembley of the Combined Counties League Premier Division.

Nevertheless, this essay focuses on his family background rather than his professional career.

Does Martin Keown have Irish roots?

Despite having an identity as an English player, Martin Keown is said to have Irish roots. Moreover, as per the Irish Times, Keown was born to an Irish mother and a northern Irish father. His father was from County Fermanagh.

Keown with his two sons; Callum and Niall.
Keown with his two sons; Callum and Niall. ( Source : thetimes )

He was born in Fermanagh to a Galway mother and had a typical Irish immigrant upbringing. He used to travel across the Irish Sea frequently. Keown, who stands out as a proud Englishman thanks to his performances for Arsenal and England, is somewhat of a secret Irishman.

Keown's heart, face, and history are unmistakably Irish, even though his accent is as southern as Tony Blair's. He said, "I've been told I probably have more Irish ancestry than half the Irish team. I'm still determining. I was raised in a neighborhood that was primarily Irish. Every Sunday morning, I was required to listen to the chieftains while eating my cooked breakfast."

Martin Keown Family Background

Moving on to Martin's family background, he was born to his parents in Oxford, England. Further, he was born on July 24, 1966. He is 56 years old right now. 

He comes from an Irish family, even though he was born in England. His parents are his mother, Angela Keown, and his father, Raymond Keown. Furthermore, the maternal side of his family belongs to Galway, in the western part of Ireland. In contrast, the paternal side of his family belongs to County Fermanagh, which is in the northern part of Ireland. Similarly, since he has many connections in Galway, he is also passionate about the Galway Races.

According to the sources, he still has family in the city, and his grandfather's house was just across the street from the venue. He praised the festive atmosphere of the week in a statement to RTE Sport. Similarly, he said that Ireland would be his first pick for a holiday because he has many Irish family members.

Martin Keown Wife

Nicola Keown, Martin Keown's devoted wife, is his wife. Additionally, the couple has been wed for more than three decades at this point. According to the reports, they were married in December 1989, which is close to 1990.

Martin and his wife Nicole currently reside in and around Oxford. St. Edmund's and St. Frideswide's Church on Iffley Road hosted their wedding ceremony. The Oxford Mail reported that the couple dated for seven years before finally exchanging wedding vows.

Martin Keown's wife, Nicola Keown, attended and graduated from St. Edmund Campions School, which is also the place where the two of them first met and started dating.

Martin and his wife Nicola
Martin and his wife Nicola ( Source : i )

Callum Keown was born in 1992, and Niall Keown was born on April 5, 1995, during Martin and Nicola's marriage. Martin and Nicola Keown's sons, Niall, now 27, and Callum, now 30, have participated in various athletic endeavors.

Furthermore, Callum prefers to maintain a low profile daily, whereas Niall, the youngest, has already established himself in football.

His oldest son underwent a significant procedure when he was seven years old. Former England soccer player Martin Keown was having a difficult time at home with his family when he was removed from the field during an Arsenal vs Blackburn Premiership game at Highbury in 1999.


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