Lifetime's Well Suited for Christmas Cast, Release Date and Time


Lifetime’s newest Christmas movie is Well Suited for Christmas ( Source : al )

Lifetime's Well Suited for Christmas includes casts that include Franco Lo Presti and Mercedes de la Zerda in the lead roles.

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, Lifetime broadcast the premiere of the movie Well Suited for Christmas. The main cast of the movie is a fashion designer whose life changes unexpectedly after she enters a design competition.

Lifetime's "Well Suited for Christmas," directed by Michelle Ouellet, is a romantic drama that is a part of the network's "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" lineup.

It centers on Rachel Rocca, a fashion designer who is selected to make and design a suitable tuxedo for one of the city's most eligible bachelors, Brett Stone, for an upcoming Christmas charity gala.

Rachel unravels his polished public persona as she starts to thread the tuxedo and learns the true purpose of his Christmas charity.

Lifetime's Well Suited For Christmas Cast

Mercedes de la Zerda and Franco Lo Presti are the main cast of Lifetime's Well Suited For Christmas.

The romantic movie Well Suited For Christmas features a number of motifs and themes that are common to many films and television programs, such as Christmas charity and a developing relationship between a boss and an employee.

This is one of the main explanations for why some of you perceive the narrative to be somewhat recognizable and believable. One of the relevant instances has to be "Love on the Sidelines."

Like "Well Suited for Christmas," "Love on the Sidelines" centers on the developing romance between Laurel, a fashion designer, and Danny, her boss, a quarterback who is battling an injury.

Although the holiday motif is absent, Rachel and Laurel share many similarities. The main cast of this film is as follows:

Mercedes de la Zerda As Rachel Rocca

The birthday of Mercedes de la Zerda was observed in Courtenay, British Columbia
The birthday of Mercedes de la Zerda was observed in Courtenay, British Columbia ( Source : instagram )

In Lifetime's Well Suited for Christmas, Mercedes de la Zerda portrays Rachel Rocca, the show's lead character. She portrays her character's vivacity and passion with incredible ease and looks fantastic in the teaser.

In addition to Well Suited for Christmas, Mercedes de la Zerda is well-known for movies like War for the Planet of the Apes, Christmas Encore, and Alpha, to name a few.

Actress Mercedes de la Zerda is from Canada. Her mother is half Swedish, and half Guatemalan, and her father are Bolivian.

Franco Lo Presti As Brett Stone

Actor Franco Lo Presti essays the character of Brett Stone in the movie
Actor Franco Lo Presti essays the character of Brett Stone in the movie ( Source : youtube )

Franco the actor Brett Stone is portrayed by Lo Presti in the film. For the dashing bachelor Brett, Rachel must create a tuxedo and finds herself falling for him in the process.

In the movie's trailer, Lo Presti appears amazing and perfectly captures the charm and charisma of his character. Lo Presti has acted in a number of films, including 14 Love Letters, From the Vine, and Snowbound for Christmas.

Lara Amersey As Dhruvi Patel

Lara Amersey dons the role of Dhruvi Patel in Well Suited for Christmas
Lara Amersey dons the role of Dhruvi Patel in Well Suited for Christmas ( Source : imdb )

Dhruvi Patel is played by Lara Amersey in Well Suited for Christmas. She has not yet provided any information regarding her role.

Among many others, Amersey's other acting credits include My Mother's Killer Boyfriend, Love's Sweet Recipe, and Deadly Mom Retreat. 

She is an actress from Canada. Lara was born in 1984, and in 1991, she moved to Toronto, Ontario, with her family. Lara entered the film business in 2003, and a Stridex commercial gave her her big break.

She then made numerous other commercial appearances, including ones for 7Up, Coca-Cola, and American Express.

The film also includes a number of other performers in significant supporting or smaller roles, such as:

  • Stephanie Herrera as Marci Rocca
  • Xavier Sotelo as Tomas Rocca
  • Pierre Simpson as Atticus Winters
  • Alireza Shojaei as Marc Nielson
  • Gabriel Hudson as DeMario Truitt

Where To Watch Well Suited For Christmas? Release Date And Time

Lifetime will debut Well Suited for Christmas today at 8/7c. With Philo and DIRECTV Stream, stream all of the newest holiday hits.

Well Suited for Christmas is not, however, based on a true story. The pleasant and romantic story is written by W. Stewart, who is renowned for penning captivating rom-com screenplays. 

She was able to write such a fun screenplay for the Lifetime movie due to her inventiveness, skill as a writer, and industry expertise.

Well Suited for Christmas’ on Lifetime Throws a Tuxedo Contest for Foster Kids
Well Suited for Christmas’ on Lifetime Throws a Tuxedo Contest for Foster Kids ( Source : decider )

In the movie's trailer, Rachel enters a competition where she must create a tuxedo for a dashing young man. This gives us a glimpse into Rachel's adventurous existence.

Fans may anticipate that De la Zerda and Lo Presti will give remarkable performances in the film because they have such a great on-screen relationship.

The overall tone of the teaser suggests a delightful holiday film akin to Lifetime's Merry Swissmas, which debuted on the network on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

Where To watch?

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Well Suited For Christmas Filming Locations

The whole production of "Well Suited for Christmas" was shot in Ontario, notably in Ottawa. It appears that the love film's primary photography started in late March 2022 and ended in April of that same year.

The most populous and second-largest in terms of the total area in Canada, Ontario is found in the country's central region. Without further ado, allow us to walk you through each unique location that appears in the Lifetime film.

Ottawa, Ontario

The key scenes for "Well Suited for Christmas" were all filmed in and around Ottawa, Canada's capital.

In particular, it appears that they used one of the properties in and the areas around the Fifth and Bank apartment building for shooting some key scenes for the movie.

The filming unit appears to have traveled across the city and set up camp in various locations, including Fifth Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Driveway.

New Lifetime holiday film Well Suited for Christmas
New Lifetime holiday film Well Suited for Christmas ( Source : insider )

A fire started overnight in the nearby building where some of the cast and crew were staying during the filming schedule. Fortunately, none of them suffered any injuries as the fire department extinguished the fire.

Ottawa, which is in the southern part of Ontario, has long been a popular filming location for various types of projects.

In addition to "Well Suited for Christmas," several other films and television programs have included the city, such as "Mr. Nobody," "The Sum of All Fears," "House at the End of the Street," and "You Can't Do That on Television."

Some FAQs

When does Well Suited For Christmas air?

Well Suited For Christmas aired on Lifetime channel on November 6, 2022.

What is the release date of Well Suited For Christmas?

The release date of Well Suited For Christmas is November, 6, 2022.

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