Laguna Beach Jessica Smith Married Her Husband Michael In 2009, Where Are They Now?

Jessica Smith is now 35 years old. ( Source : ocregister )

Our very own Laguna Beach fame Jessica Smith is now happily married to her husband, Michael Evans. Many of you might be aware of this as it happened more than a decade ago, but there are many other things about her personal we have missed since then. 

In 2006, just after her exit from the show, Jessica Smith from Laguna Beach visited a school. Basically, there was a question-and-answer period for the entire hour or so. For the past two seasons of Laguna, the main point of contention has been whether or not it was real. Everything, she claimed, is true, with the exception of a few of the actual events.

The only thing that wasn't real was that the producers would direct them as to where to go and what precise topic to bring up in conversation. She claimed that the first season was the most authentic, the second was a little more theatrical, and the third season was entirely acting.

When MTV visited their high school, hundreds of kids turned out for the Laguna Beach auditions. The show got off to a strong start when the producers learned Kristen and LC were having relationships with Stephen. Thus, each of those individuals was picked.

Since Kristen was still around for season two, some of her pals, who just happened to be well-looking, were cast.

The Laguna Beach girl.
The Laguna Beach girl.( Source : instagram )

Laguna Beach Jessica Smith Is Married To Husband Michael Evans

Jessica Smith dated her Laguna Beach costar, Dieter Schmitz. 

Schmitz, a local general manager for Lore Group who assists with hotel design, resides in Washington, D.C. Former co-stars Colletti, Phillips, and Loren Polster served as groomsmen during his 2016 wedding to wife Isabell.

The former reality star and his wife have a son named Nico, who was born in September 2018. The couple made their pregnancy announcement in October 2022.

In 2009, Jessica married her now-husband, Michael Evans. The beautiful pair have been together for over 12 years now and are blessed with three children as well. They are named Michael, Colton, and Brooke.

Jessica Smith with her husband and son.
Jessica Smith with her husband and son. ( Source : lagunahills )

On July 18th last year, Jessica Smith wished her husband for his birthday. She wrote, "Happy Birthday to the best human on the entire planet!!!! We love you so much!!!." She is much active on the platform and has constantly been connecting with her and from Laguna Beach days. In the same post, a well-wisher writes, "I have been watching the Laguna beach reaction videos with Whitney Port and had to look you up! You have such a beautiful life and family."

Similarly, she adds another picture on the first day of this year with her wonderful family; she writes, "2021 was nothing but the best with all these cuties by my side!" People have loved this phase of her life, and they genuinely hope the best for her and her family.

Where Is Laguna Beach Jessica Smith Now?

Former best friend of Cavallari resides in Texas with her husband and four kids. She manages a lifestyle website and an Amazon store. She has quit the Hollywood entertainment business and now leads a quiet life in Texas. Her tweet indicates that she no longer resides in California. She wrote on social media that Texas was her family's new home. She is wed to Michael Evans, and the two of them have four kids together. She changed her name to Jessica Smith Evans after getting married.

Smith departed the reality television world in Season Two after completing her education at Laguna Beach High School. She departed the program in 2005 and hasn't worked on any other TV ventures since. She has only appeared in the reality TV program Laguna Beach, according to IMDb.

On September 15, 1987, she was conceived in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. In the first and second seasons of the television show Laguna Beach, she lived in Laguna Beach. In the sitcom, she was Kristen's closest friend, and the two were frequently seen together.

Jessica Smith family
Jessica Smith family ( Source : lagunahills )

After high school, she enrolled at Saddleback Community College. In 2007, she was detained for a DUI after allegedly hitting another vehicle on a Californian highway. Her alleged $100,000 bail was required for her release.

She claimed that because she only speaks to Jason, who always engages in binge drinking and drug usage, no one speaks to LC any longer. Since she implied that Kristen was abusive, she didn't talk to Kristen as frequently as she formerly did.

After enrolling for a semester at a community college, Jessica left since she wasn't succeeding due to distractions brought on by her reputation. She dated a man who, in the end, was only interested in her as a bet to see if he could win over "the Laguna girl."

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