Jessica Losurdo From Love Island Australia Is A Gamer and So Much More


Jessica Losurdo has visited Mykonos, Greece ( Source : instagram )

Jessica Losurdo is a fantastic addition to our Love Island Australia cast since she is hysterically witty and has contagious laughter.

Jessica Losurdo as a young independent girl of our generation discusses the unfairness she has seen as a female gamer.

Nothing gets the heart racing like the start of a new season of Love Island, and the fourth episode of the Australian series is expected to be heavier and hotter than the others. 

It's advisable to become familiar with the cast and pick your favorites before the new season premieres at 6 pm on 9Now. Everything you need to know about the Love Island Australia contestants for 2022 is provided below.

Quick Facts About Jessica Losurdo

NameJessica Losurdo
Birth DateNovember 8, 1995
Age26 years old
Birth PlaceSydney, New South Wales
ProfessionBank Worker
Known ForLove Island Australia 2022

Conor goes in with Jessica
Conor goes in with Jessica( Source : com )

Meet Jessica Losurdo From Love Island Australia 2022

Jessica Losurdo on Love Island Australia Season 4 is a gamer.

As Jessica checked into the villa, she made quite an impression among other contestants as well as the fans of the show.

Jessica, who is from the Philippines and lives in Western Sydney with her family, is of Italian descent.

Love Island star Jessica experienced in online gaming
Love Island star Jessica experienced in online gaming ( Source : thebrag )

She is an avid gamer and prefers to spend her weekends playing video games in front of the TV rather than out dancing. Jessica is witty and feisty, telling it like it is and speaking her views without reservation.

She is also highly active on social media, where users can see her stunning appearance.

Has The Winner Of Love Island 2022 Already Been Revealed?

The interactions between contestants are now well underway as the fourth season of Love Island Australia 2022 has finally begun.

Fans are confident they know who will win the competition given that the public is familiar with the contenders looking for their ideal partner.

In contrast to previous seasons, viewers have already seen a distinct pairing procedure and the first individual being kicked off the island in episode 1 before being brought back in episode 2.

Fans are swarming to the betting site Sportsbet to place their wagers on the winner. Austen Bugeja and Layla John are the fan favorites, with odds of $2.75 apiece.

Love Island Australia 2022 contestant Jessica Losurdo is 26 years old and a gamer
Love Island Australia 2022 contestant Jessica Losurdo is 26 years old and a gamer ( Source : celebs )

Since they have a long voyage ahead of them and their brains could very well be turned, they partnered up in the first episode.

The second-most popular pair is Mitchell Eliot and Phoebe Spiller, but only time will tell if they remain together as Phoebe was recently seen being very thrilled about the arrival of two new boys in the most recent episode.

Or even if he'll decide to stay with her. Sportsbet has put Mitchell and Phoebe with odds of $3.00. Jessica Losurdo and Callum Hole are fan favorites with betting odds of $8.50 and $10.00, respectively.

5 Facts About Jessica Losurdo

  1. Jessica Losurdo was born in Sydney, Australia.
  2. She is a reality TV star who shot to fame after she participated in the reality show Love Island Australia (Season 4) which premieres on October 31, 2022, on 9Now.
  3. By profession, Jessica is a risk analyst and an avid gamer.
  4. She is a proud gamer and on weekends, is more likely to be in front of the TV playing video games, not in a nightclub.
  5. Jessica is popular on Instagram under the username @jessicalosurdo.

Jessica Losurdo's information has been released by 9Now
Jessica Losurdo's information has been released by 9Now ( Source : 9now )

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