Jeff Hordley Living With Crohn's Disease: Here Is His Latest Health Update


Jeff Hordley is diagnosed with Crohn's Disease ( Source : co )

Jeff Hordley, a star of Emmerdale, manages his chronic health condition while juggling his obligations to the serial opera.

Despite having to fight Crohn's disease, the actor has been portraying the renowned Cain Dingle on the popular serial opera for 19 years. He previously talked openly about his issue and how altering his lifestyle has improved his health.

In 2003, Jeff married co-star Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona Goskirk. Due to Jeff's Crohn's condition, the couple has had to alter their lives during their 19-year marriage drastically.

In this article, we're delving deeper into Jeff's life and health struggle.

Quick Facts

Full NameJeff Hordley
Birth PlaceCrumpsall, England
Birth Date7 March 1970
Age52 years old
Years Active1997–present
Marital StatusMarried
WifeZoe Henry
Zodiac SignPisces

Jeff Hordley Is Diagnosed With Crohn's Disease

After battling Crohn's disease since the age of 26, Hordley, portraying Emmerdale bad guy Cain Dingle for more than 20 years, is a supporter of the condition. Inflammatory bowel illness includes Crohn's disease (IBD).

It results in the tissues in your digestive tract swelling (inflammation), which can cause abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, exhaustion, weight loss, and malnutrition. Although the symptoms typically begin in infancy or early adulthood, it affects people of all ages, according to the health agency.

Jeff Hordley has been battling Chrons' disease since the age of 26
Jeff Hordley has been battling Chrons' disease since the age of 26 ( Source : closeronline )

His symptoms got so bad that they started getting in the way of his schoolwork since he was too exhausted to go to class.

He is currently working tirelessly to increase awareness of Crohn's and colitis. Jeff had been experiencing stomachaches and diarrhea for six years when he received the news. His mother had unintentionally passed away in 1979 from the same illness.

Doctors comforted Jeff that surgical complications had brought her demise and that his disease could now be managed more effectively because of developments in medicine. 

Jeff Hordley Health Update 

Jeff thinks his homegrown food is responsible for his ability to control his symptoms. Jeff no longer needs to take medication because of the dietary adjustments he's made, but he does take certain alternatives instead, like probiotics to replenish the beneficial bacteria in his stomach and aloe vera juice to help with digestion.

He underwent surgery after receiving his diagnosis in order to remove the affected portion of the big bowel and allow his gut to recover. After being given medicine to help with damage prevention, Jeff was healthy for seven years.

He did, however, pass out at a theater in 2002, bleeding from his back passage. After dealing with the relapse, Jeff was able to return home, but, to stop it from happening again in the future, he gave up smoking, consumed less alcohol, and eliminated processed foods from his diet.

Jegg Hordley wife has been very supportive of him throughout his diagnosis
Jegg Hordley wife has been very supportive of him throughout his diagnosis ( Source : bbc )

He avoids foods like wheat, dairy, and sugar to manage his symptoms. In addition, he follows a regular running schedule and includes probiotics and aloe vera in his diet to aid in digestion.

The star also takes a supplement called Simba to support his immune system. He abstains entirely from coffee and anything that includes monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Since being married to actress Zoe Henry in 2003, the actor has been working hard to control his symptoms, which include diarrhea, stomach pain, extreme fatigue, and weight loss. 

Is Jeff Hordley Leaving Emmerdale? 

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle, has not yet announced his departure from Emmerdale. As things stand, Cain appears destined for a lengthy prison sentence because police are sure of his guilt.

It seems unlikely that Cain will be able to escape justice very soon, given that Cain carried the weapon with him and lured the other man to the barn where a shotgun killed Al. Following the violent killing of Al Chapman, Cain Dingle's future in Emmerdale is now uncertain.

Tuesday's episode (1 November 2022) revealed that Al (Michael) had been shot, and Al's lover Kerry Wyatt later saw Cain (Jeff Hordley) clutching the shotgun.

After being accused of killing Al, Cain has now been detained, leaving his wife Moira (Natalie J. Robb) to deal with the aftermath at home and justify his absence to their kids. To learn what awaits Jeff, you'll just have to keep watching Emmerdale.

Some FAQs

What condition does Jeff hordley have?

He is diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

How long has Jeff hordley been married?

Jeff Hordley and Zoe got married in 2003.

Does Jeff Hordley have children?

He is the father of two children.

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