Is Sister Wives legal as Christine breaks away from polygamous family?

Sister Spouses is back on attention in 2022 and fans are getting to see the exit of Christine Brown from the polygamous family. The sister spouses and Kody need to sit six meters separated due to Coronavirus rules as Christine makes it known at her home. Kody and Christine had been in a "unpleasant spot" for quite a while, and eventually, Christine chose to leave the marriage.

The show has been broadcasting on tender loving care beginning around 2010 and fans have followed the family as they've developed and gone through many high points and low points. Kody's fourth spouse, Robyn said that she was "in shock" at the fresh insight about Christine leaving. Other than the declaration on the 2022 series, fans are contemplating whether Sister Spouses is legitimate.
Robyn pulls a befuddled face wearing a purple flower shirt on Sister Spouses
Christine Tells the Remainder of the Family That She's Leaving | Sister Spouses
Sister Spouses has been circulating beginning around 2010
Tender loving care watchers have been following the existences of Kody Brown and his four sister spouses for north of 10 years.

Together, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have 18 kids.

The family is encountering a few significant changes in 2022 as Christine and Kody chose to end their marriage.

Nonetheless, they weren't legitimately hitched. Kody is simply legitimately hitched to one of his spouses, his fourth wife Robyn. He is in profound relationships with his other two spouses, Janelle and Meri.
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Is Sister Spouses lawful?
Many aficionados of the show are all around familiar with the Earthy colored family. In any case, some might be contemplating whether the polygamous family arrangement is legitimate.

The Sister Spouses show was initially recorded in Lehi, Utah.

Be that as it may, the family moved to Las Vegas and later to Flagstaff, Arizona.

In fact, Sister Spouses isn't legitimate. However, the polygamous family is perceived and acknowledged under their congregation, the Missional Joined Brethren bunch.

Is polygamy lawful in the US?
No, polygamy isn't lawful in the USA.

As per Cornell Graduate school: "In the US, polygamy was pronounced unlawful through the death of Edmunds Against Polygamy Demonstration of 1882."
The motivation behind why Kody and his sister spouses can carry on with a polygamous way of life is on the grounds that he is simply legitimately hitched to Robyn.

He is hitched to his different spouses, profoundly, so the family is in this way not overstepping the law.

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