Is Rashid Armand From 'Interview With The Vampire'? Is Rashid A Vampire or Human?


Jacob Anderson plays vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac in new Tv series Interview with the Vampire ( Source : screenbinge )

Based on the character traits, fans are convinced that Rashid is, in fact, Armand from Interview with the Vampire novel. 

The TV series features the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac, who lives in Dubai in the modern world. He shares his story about life and the afterlife with a journalist named Daniel Molloy. 

As the first Season of the series is coming to its end, fans of both the novel and the series have been trying to figure out a few things- especially the character Rashid, that does not appear in the novel.

Is Rashid Armand From 'Interview With The Vampire'?

Rashid is Louis's servant, attending to all of his needs. Unfortunately, this character does not exist in the novel, making some fans curious about his identity in the series. 

In the series, he is protective of Louis to the extent that some believe he could be a major novel character in disguise, writes Comicbook. Viewers speculate that he could be Armand, one of the main antagonists in the novel. 

Some Reddit users have speculated that since Armand sees Louis as a ticket to his way to the modern world that he has been unable to be part of, he is serving Louis while posing as Rashid.

Assad Zaman as Rashid (right) and Eric Bogosian as Danny Molloy (left) in Interview with the Vampire
Assad Zaman as Rashid (right) and Eric Bogosian as Danny Molloy (left) in Interview with the Vampire ( Source : comicbook )

But, some argue that based on Armand's character, he would never serve anyone. Besides, in the series, Rashid does not admit that he serves Louis as if he is his god. Moreover, when Daniel asked if Louis was his god, Rashid never answered and changed the question. 

On the other hand, there are arguments that Rashid could be the series's interpretation of David Talbot, a character who, in Rice's Vampire Chronicles, is actually a member of the Talamasca. It is a secret organization that researches and investigates the supernatural.

Since Rashid has deep knowledge about vampires, fans think he may be connected to the organization. Nonetheless, there is no confirmation about the possibility that Rashid is Armand. Fans may have to wait to see how the story unfolds and how the character will develop in the future. 

Is Rashid A Vampire or Human?

According to some viewers, Rashid is not a human. While it is unclear whether he is a Vampire, they say he is not human either. 

Likewise, one user mentioned that when Daniel visits Louis, all the ther servants wear masks because he is immunocompromised. However, Louis does not wear any masks because he cannot transmit the virus to Daniel since he is not human.  

And another character who does not wear masks is Rashid. So, this could be a clue that he is not human. Likewise, he always wears gloves and never stands near the sunlight, making people think he may be a vampire too.

Sam Reid as Lestat in Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire (2022)
Sam Reid as Lestat in Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire (2022) ( Source : imdb )

Another user speculated that he might be a Mummy- Ramses, an immortal mentioned in the Vampire Chronicles, but AMC does not have the rights to Ramses' book, so this possibility has been denied by many. 

With all the speculation and guesses, viewers are yet to learn the true identity of Rashid. However, there are guesses that there will be a twist in the story and a big reveal in the future seasons.

Some FAQs

Who is Rashid in Interview with the Vampire?

Assad Zaman plays Rashid in Interview with the vampire.

Is Rashid Armand from Interview with the Vampire?

While fans have speculated that Rashid may be Armand from the novel in the Interview with the Vampire series, there are no confirmation about it.

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