Is My Policeman Based On A Real Story? EM Foster and Bob Buckingham Relationship In Detail


My Policeman is a movie by Bethan Roberts which is a novel's adaptation. ( Source : imdb )

The story of My Policeman has bases in real life but is the fictional account of M Foster and Bob Buckingham relationship.

For all the fans of movies like Brokeback Mountain and Call Me By Your Name, you should not miss out on My Policeman. The drama, starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, and David Dawson, revolves around Tom Burgess, a police officer who develops feelings for Marion, a schoolteacher living in Brighton.

The film explores a difficult love triangle between three friends and how it affects them in their later years. It is an emotional rollercoaster.

The movie already has a fan favorite, Harry Styles. With the singer taking on many parts this year, Harry Styles has been attempting to make a name for himself in the acting industry. 

Is My Policeman Based On A Real Story?

The movie, My Policeman is based on Bethan Roberts' 2012 book of the same name. A Room with a View author E.M. Forster, whose works also include Howard's End, was the real-life inspiration for the book.

One of the posters from My Policeman featuring Harry Style and Emma Corrin.
One of the posters from My Policeman featuring Harry Style and Emma Corrin. ( Source : penguin )

Even though My Policeman is not fully based on a true story, it has been inspired by some real-life events. In a February 2012 interview with The Guardian, Roberts revealed that certain actual occurrences served as the basis for My Policeman. Roberts said that author E.M. Forster, who authored books like "Howards End" and "A Room with a View," served as her influence.

"My Policeman" was inspired by his intense and eccentric 40-year connection with Bob Buckingham, a police officer, and his wife, May. At a party in 1930, Forster, who was 51 at the time, met police officer Bob Buckingham, who was 28 years old. The two rapidly grew close and started having a covert intimate relationship.

Forster had previously "enjoyed a brief dalliance" with policeman Harry Daley and had a "fling" with a bus driver named Arthur, according to Roberts, who also noted that this wasn't the first time Forster had a connection with a police officer.

Soon after meeting Forster, Buckingham started seeing a nurse named May Hockey. In 1932, the policeman married May, and Forster was present at the ceremony. After getting married, Buckingham kept up his contact with Forster; initially envious, he eventually warmed up to Buckingham's wife.

EM Foster and Bob Buckingham Relationship

Police officer Robert Buckingham worked with Harry Daley. E.M. Forster was a lifelong bachelor who was accessible to his intimate friends but not to the general public.

He became close friends with Bob Buckingham over time. E. M. Forster was introduced to Harry by J.R. Ackerley in the summer of 1926, and the two fell in love, although their relationship was rocky.

Harry was first exposed to the literary community by Ackerley and Forster, and homosexual artist Duncan Grant created his picture in 1931 while Harry was still wearing his uniform.

Harry Styles looks tidy and smart in uniform in one of the scenes from My Policeman.
Harry Styles looks tidy and smart in uniform in one of the scenes from My Policeman. ( Source : ign )

Harry, however, was too indiscreet for the openly homosexual Forster and the Bloomsbury Set, who also became friends with him. The pair finally split up in 1932 because Forster was concerned about Harry's lack of discretion and his associations with violent boys from the criminal underground.

Forster subsequently had a more fulfilling and lasting connection with Bob Buckingham, a discrete police officer. Harry and Bob shared a section home in Hammersmith's Paddenswick Road with a view of Ravenscourt Park for a number of years. Harry said that Bob and Forster, known as "Morgan," were a good match temperamentally despite his initial jealousy of the relationship.

From a working-class, low-income background, Bob Buckingham was born in King's Cross, London. At the age of 91, Forster passed away after a stroke at Bob Buckingham's house in Coventry on June 7, 1970.  Later, his ashes were sprinkled with those of Buckingham in the rose garden at the crematorium in Coventry, close to Warwick University.

Plot Of The Movie The Policeman

The movie is set in the year 1957 for the film, which is set in Brighton, an English coastal resort south of London. Since the same "sex" relationship is forbidden, anyone who identifies as "gay" may be locked up and imprisoned. The brother of Marion's best friend, a police officer called Tom who is secretly "gay", is the ideal spouse material.  

He is, nevertheless, involved in a relationship with Patrick, a curator at a nearby museum. Tom is compelled by the hostile political climate to choose a socially acceptable make-believe marriage and wed Marion while abandoning the actual love of his life towards the end. 

Harry Styles and David Dawson share an intimate scene in My Policeman.
Harry Styles and David Dawson share an intimate scene in My Policeman. ( Source : ew )

When Patrick reappears in the scene forty years later and Tom's double existence is revealed, an avalanche of repercussions is unleashed. The tale is told from the views of Tom's companions on both sides. Roberts acknowledged that she was not formally associated with the movie adaptation in December 2021. 

The movie has a versatile cast and a great plot. The movie is also very engaging and keeps its viewers on edge the entire time. There is never a dull moment in the movie.  

If you are a fan of movies such as Brokeback Mountain and Call Me By Your Name, this movie will definitely live up to your expectations. The plot is also a plus point for the movie and with an engaging storyline and great storytelling, the movie will be one of the biggest projects of this year.

The Cast Of The Policeman

The Policeman has already made its round in the media. Fans cannot wait to watch the movie. Without a great lineup of the cast, this movie would not be great as it is. The cast of The Policeman includes:

  • Harry styles as Tom Burgess
  • Linus Roache as old Tom Burgess
  • Emma Corin as Marion Taylor
  • Gina McKee as old Marion Taylor
  • David Dawson as Patrick Hazlewood
  • Rupert Everett as old Patrick Hazlewood
  • Kadiff Kirwan as Nigel

Harry Style As Tom Burgess

Harry Styles will be playing the role of Tom Burgess in My Policeman.
Harry Styles will be playing the role of Tom Burgess in My Policeman. ( Source : npr )

Tom's companions each present a different interpretation of the events. Young Tom is a straightforward working-class man who, as a police officer, chooses to obey the law above his feelings. As a result, he weds Marion, a woman, while secretly having an affair with Patrick, another male.

Harry Styles of One Direction, well known for the song Don't Worry Darling, portrays Tom, the eponymous policeman, in the movie My Policeman. 

Emma Corrin As Young Marion Taylor

Emma Corrin will be playing the role of Marion Taylor in My Policeman.
Emma Corrin will be playing the role of Marion Taylor in My Policeman. ( Source : radiox )

Emma Corrin portrays Marion, Tom's wife, in My Policeman. After being married to Tom, she becomes embroiled in a complicated love triangle that not only endangers their union but also casts light on her husband's and his hidden lover's troubled political predicament.

In Netflix's The Crown, Emma Corrin won a Golden Globe for her outstanding portrayal of Princess Diana. She also stars as the lead in Lady Chatterley's Lover and will portray the Gen Z amateur sleuth Darby in the forthcoming miniseries Retreat from independent directors Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij.

David Dawson As Young Patrick Hazlewood

Patrick and Tom first cross paths when visiting the museum where he serves as the curator. What starts out as a casual encounter subsequently develops into a tangled connection that changes Tom, Marion, and Patrick's lives.

One of them does ultimately escape, but the results are considerably more disastrous than they had first thought. David Dawson has played the roles of Robert in Peaky Blinders season 1, Toby Kent in Luther, and Alfred in The Last Kingdom.

Rupert Everett As Older Patrick Hazlewood

Older Patrick becomes bedridden after suffering a crippling stroke, and Marion is tasked with taking care of him. Although his closeted relationship with Tom is over, they still have certain unresolved issues and weaknesses that they must face before calling it quits. Old Patrick's voice actor, Rupert Everett, has a long list of performing accomplishments.

Some FAQs

Is My Policeman based on a true story?

My Policeman is not entirely based on a true story but it is inspired by true events.

When is My Policeman Releasing?

My Policeman released on October 21, 2022.

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