Is Kenzie Ziegler Off the Market? Uncover the ‘Dance Moms’ Star’s Dating History

Tracking down adoration! Kenzie Ziegler has encountered a few public sentiments following her Dance Mothers days.

The previous reality star opened up to the world about sweetheart Tacoda Dubbs in August 2020. At that point, Kenzie shared a photograph of herself and the TikTok star nestled up while at the ocean side. From that point forward, they've shared lots of PDA-filled photographs on the web.

Everything Kenzie and Maddie Have Said Regarding Their 'Dance Mothers' Days
"The manner in which I met my sweetheart really, I slid into his DMs. It was extremely interesting," Kenzie shared during a December 2021 meeting with E! News. "I assume I just said 'hello.' I think it was an exceptionally relaxed slide in the DM. I'm not the sort of individual to slide into the DMs. … We were simply discussing, similar to, 'How are you doing Thanksgiving?'"

Preceding her relationship with Tacoda, the "Doughnuts" songstress dated Trapped in the Center alum Isaak Presley from August 2019 until tapping out in May 2020.

"He sat idle, I sat idle, we're simply both not [in a] great mental state at the present time," Kenzie told fans in an Instagram Live tending to their separation. "We just chose to be companions at this moment. It's really hard on the grounds that I love him a great deal. I trust it'll improve and that we're both going to be alright yet we can't be together at this moment."

In his own video, the Disney Station alum made sense of their separation, telling watchers "some of the time timing doesn't work out." He added: "I have only love for Kenz and all that she's finished. I have not one negative comment. I don't need you all to believe that."

Truth be told, when Kenzie and Tacoda opened up to the world, Isaak shared his help, demonstrating there was no ill will between the exes. "In reality delightful, I hope everything works out for them," he composed at that point.
In spite of the fact that Kenzie is in a public sentiment, the vocalist hasn't exactly spoken freely of her playmate. Nonetheless, she uncovered the best dating exhortation given to her by her more established sister, Maddie Ziegler.

"You've most certainly assisted me with understanding, in connections, that I can't allow folks to abuse me," Kenzie told her kin during a meeting with First class Everyday in May 2021. "Presently I don't do that by any means, yet you saw it firsthand, and you were so furious about it, and I completely shut you out. I was as, 'I don't have a clue.' Then I truly mulled over everything, and I was like, she's right. Each time you've been correct."

Look at our exhibition for all that you want to be familiar with Kenzie's dating history.

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Is Kenzie Ziegler Off the Market? Reveal the 'Dance Mothers' Star's Dating History
Isaak Presley
Gossipy tidbits about their relationship initially began twirling in August 2019 when the pair began posting together via virtual entertainment. A couple of months after the fact, Isaak transferred the "Sweetheart Tag" on YouTube, flaunting their relationship. In Walk 2020, the couple had to deny bamboozling tales with Kenzie stating, "These young ladies are attempting to say Isaak undermined me when HES WITH ME Ordinarily," on Instagram Stories. They remained together until May 2020 when both Kenzie and Isaak affirmed their separation via web-based entertainment.

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Is Kenzie Ziegler Off the Market? Reveal the 'Dance Mothers' Star's Dating History
Tacoda Dubbs/Instagram
Tacoda Dubbs
Kenzie and the TikTok star opened up to the world in August 2020 and have been continuing forward from that point onward.

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